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  1. What disappointed THE MOSTabout the game is that, graphically and technically speaking, it looks exactly like the previous games. The models of the characters are the same, old, stiff, rigid figures as always, while other games from other franchises constantly improve and evolve. Look at Super Mario Odyssey. Mario and co. are flexible, jiggling, alive, almost reaching Pixar-CGI levels. What is Sonic Forces excuse to not being like that? It's because the Avatar, which is a customable character, can't be included in high quality cutscenes so the only way is to use the in game-graphic for every cutscenes? Also, maybe I'm just nitpicking at this point, but this is the best they could come up when animating the hug between Sonic and Tails: I see that it's hard to make the two getting closer considering their big heads and their lack of shoulders but come on, they didn't even try.
  2. It was funny the first time, not the 100th. And I still stand to my opinion, this is not doing Sonic's characterization any favour. With that kiss Elise SAVED HIS LIFE. Mocking that kiss, from Sonic, sounds nothing more than ungratefulness.
  3. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who felt this way. Since I heard this exchange I was pulling my hair in anger. Seriously, they actually had the balls to turn a heartwarming moment into a cynical joke. Not to mention this: Disgusting. Oh, and they also had the balls to insert an homage to AOSTH, a show in which the relationship between Sonic and Tails was everything BUT cynical, and Sonic was everything BUT a perpetual annoyed bored to death sarcastic and cynical dude, with a constantly bored expression on his face and a constantly whiny voice (Roger Craig Smith is just unbearable to hear, I can't believe I liked his performance in Colors and Lost World). Seriously (and this is a serious question, not a retorical question): for those who still likes Sonic Boom, how can you stand this portrayal of Sonic? He's just annoying, unfunny, and uninspiring. If I have children, I would never allow them to choose THIS Sonic as their role model. (yes I know there are even worse cartoon character than Boom!Sonic, but it doesn't excuse how poor Sonic's characterization is, considering this is supposed to be a cartoon aimed to children)
  4. Yeah yeah I know I'm pretty much a former member by now (maybe the hyatus of the forum and the deletion of everything posted six months prior to the crash is why I lost interest). But let me tell you this. Recently, I discovered that Sonic is present in LEGO Dimensions and he's voiced by Roger Craig Smith. Well, I checked it out... ...and here's the proof (or at least a symptom) that Aaron Webber's way to handle the media is infecting Sonic as a character. Yes I KNOW that his reference to a princess is a mock of Sonic 2006 as a game, but Sonic, as a character, shouldn't know that he's a videogame character and he hosted in a glitched game. If "Aaron Webber's direction does not reflect what Sonic is in his future games) then how am I supposed to interpret Sonic's jab at princess Elise? By the tone of Roger Craig Smith's voice, it's clear that he's ashamed of that experience. This is not how Sonic act. "Sonic", here, is acting like he's ashamed of helping princess Elise to cheer up for a moment in her life, and he's ashamed that she kissed him (conveniently forgotting that she saved his life with that kiss. What an ungrateful prick) Oh wait, there's more! Later in the video, Sonic says his classic line in Sonic Adventure, only to comment that it sounded better in his head. Which, unless I'm mistaken, is a gentle way to say "what the hell was I thinking when I said that?" Again, Sonic, AS A CHARACTER, would have never been ashamed of his past. See, this is a symptom that Aaron Webber's memetic and overly sarcastic approach of Sonic isn't doing the personality of Sonic any favour. Am I overreacting? Yes, absolutely. But let's assume I'm a veteran Sonic fan whose favourite portrayal of Sonic is that of Black Knight. And let's assume I don't know anything about Aaron Webber and twitter. How do you think I reacted when I first hear Sonic spitting jabs at his past? I felt shocked and betrayed. With those two lines, Sonic looked and sounded like the friend who one stood up for you in school, but later he realized that it's waaay more funny to mock you along the other bullies instead of being your friend. Yes, I'm THAT mad.
  5. The birth of youtube commenters like Al Jerico.
  6. Simple, I'd not play this episode at all. There are many other ways to write a comedy without the risk of putting the characters in a bad light.
  7. Yes, I admit, Amy is a control freak who treats Sonic & co. like indisciplinated children. But Sonic & co. on the other hand do nothing but confirm that they are, in fact, indisciplinated children who prefer to trash the house of their caretaker (which is basically Amy's role in the gang) instead of politely prove that they are better than what Amy thinks they are.
  8. No guys, just no. You can't seriously think that this episode was okay and that the protagonists are friends. Because it's clear that they are NOT. This guys are just complete a**holes towards each other. You can't possibly defend Sonic and the gang for breaking into Amy's privacy and causing a mess into her house and blame Amy. What wrong did she do? Is she to blame because she wants her "friends" to join her in her activities? Is she to blame because she wrote a PRIVATE fanfiction in which the characters are EXACTLY like the real counterparts? Come on, in this episode Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Sticks were complete, utter, undefendable jerks who can't even come up with a proper amend for their disasters. Oh, and about a general problem with this poor excuse of a cartoon (yes, I said it), how can anybody ship Sonic and Amy together? When they interact, like in this episode, in Bro Down Showdon or in Fuzzy Puppy Buddies, Sonic is always mocking and/or disrespecting Amy's interests. And when it's implied that they are a couple, they always deny with an ashamed and/or angry tone. How in the world are those two even remotely shippable?
  9. I hope Roger doesn't mind if I borrow his latest video to back up what I'm about to say: what I'd really like to see in a second season is consistency. Consistency concerning the character profiles in the official Sonic Boom site (which, compared to what actually happens in the cartoon, are 80% LIES). If Sonic Boom has to be a comedy/sit-com, fine. But at least make the characters constantly likeable and coherent with themself (for example, if Knuckles is suddendly illiterate just to make a joke despite being capable to read in other episodes, I can't tell anymore what the traits of Knuckles are) Also, as Roger says, looking at Sonic with his eyes half-closed in a bored expression for most of his screentime is not pleasant, for the viewer and for Sonic himself. How can I root for this guy, or even worse, how am I supposed to care about the cartoon if Sonic himself doesn't bother to care?
  10. Better writers. Or at least, writers that don't insult the intelligence of their audience with the usage of memes to get a cheap laugh. "Sophisticated humor" my a$$.
  11. I noticed that there's a common misconception regarding "cool" and "edgy". I mean, those who like the Adventure games, they said many times that they like those games because of the factors that make Sonic a cool character and the story a compelling and accessible experience for everybody. However, their feelings and thoughts are often generalized as "WE WANT EDGE AND DARKNESS IN OUR SONIC AND COMEDY CAN GO TO HELL". My question is: why? Why the opinion of the Adventure fans are so hard to understand? And why are THEY so hard to understand? Just because an Adventure fan on youtube spends all of his time bullying the Boom fans, it doesn't mean that every Adventure fan is like him.
  12. The way you completely dismantled Short-Sleeved-Nook's happy, genuine and NOT OFFENSIVE WHATSOEVER post back in page 7, and the fact that the majority of you have the same negative opinion about Pontaff, makes me wonder why the Sonic Stadium and the Sonic Adventure 3 facebook page are still deadly enemies. Because, as I understood while reading this topic, you and them share the same opinion and some of the same "bully attitude" towards those pure innocent unlucky people who dare to like Colors, Generation and Lost World.
  13. Sorry guys if I bump this topic after so many months, but I seriously need help. I was replaying the game, I only have to beat the Battle Ring and the final boss, and thanks to sheer luck I found the Farmer Boots (the item that can make enemies drop beenies that increase stats) so I came back to Dreamy Dozing Sands to "harvest" a lot of beenies... then suddendly I got stuck in this place: I tried to press R to change shape, but the space is too tiny to allow that. I tried to move and repeat pressing R, but it's the same result. I tried to turn off then turn on (and yes, I SAVED THE GAME IN THAT SPOT. I collected a lot of beenies and I wanted to keep them, okay?) but I came back in the same stupid position. Am I really stuck forever?
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