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  1. Bumpity bump, just one new thing for you today and it's this self portrait:
  2. Some more stuff or mine. Critique and comments are welcome.
  3. Formally known as 'Light the Hedgehog!' I might be in a discord sever or two still under that name. I'm back?

    1. TCB


      Light the Hedgehog 

      that name sounds vaguely familiar...?

    2. E-van


      I wanna say I've seen that name around here before but not 100% sure. Either way, welcome back.

  4. Well, well.. It has been awhile, right? I guess I do want to update you guys on my art, so how about I post a couple things. And if you want to see more of my art, check here! https://twitter.com/itsslickevan
  5. Last logged in 2017 huh...

  6. I never thought ever that there would be a topic about this but indeed I have had sleep paralysis. There have been a few points in my life where it's got really bad and happened multiple times a week and multiple times per day (like after waking and returning to sleep) It use to freak the heck out of me and the first time it happened I was sleeping in my mom's bed and she was using the computer near the bed (it was back awhile ago and she had a desktop on a desk) I had awoken, ready to tell her something but couldn't move. Then I was FREAKED out and when it had finally wore off I had said "Help!" She was confused and a bit scared and I tried to tell her what had happened. From that point on it was awhile since it happened again until I moved with my dad and for like a month straight it'd happen like 2-3 times a week. Thankfully it was never (and still never is) hallucinations. So it's been on and off and sometimes really often or only one night out of a few months span but now I kinda still get antsy but remember to just try to move my foot until it hits my other foot or my body finally wakes up. It's one weird and scary experience definitely, and after I looked it up awhile back I became more "comfortable" with it. I heard of something called lucid dreaming (controlling your dreams) when looking it up but I'm really scared even try it. It just feels like I'll die or something if I don't wake up out of sleep paralysis even though after researching it I know that's most likely not the case heh. Cool that this topic exist.
  7. Who else is excited for the Wrath of Nazo by Chakra-X?!
  8. and by far the best in this new stack of work: By the way!!! Are any of you here interested in having a request done for you? I'll take the first one to PM me but I'm having massive art block and need at least one request to try to get the ball rolling. It might take awhile to complete though as I took someones request right before this post. Have a good night ^^ EDIT: Spot taken. I might do request again later ^^
  9. A few times, however I wish I could do it more? I guess. Speaking of dreams though I haven't had many recently, a few in the past few days but they almost seemingly disappeared.
  10. I've been without paper for awhile but it's great having it again. I still have to practice my digital though.
  11. New art, my Sonic 25th Redesign collection! Tell me what you think
  12. I'm working on a Shadow comic, check out a snippet from it!: (Note the comic actually won't be colored)
  13. I really like this version of the forums.. Well the desktop version- the mobile version is still quite uncomfortable. Actually it's not that bad but I wish you could change it to the desktop version.

    1. Tara


      There should be a drop-down menu to change it to the "non-responsive" version of the skin, which will remain on desktop by default.  Is there not?

      Should look like this.



    2. SlickEvan


      That option is there, I wasn't aware that'd be desktop though. Thank you, I'll try it next time O'm on my phone.

  14. Some "new" stuff. I usually post lots of art on my Twitter so these aren't the newest.
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