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  1. We need a welcome back topic... after seemingly dying off and disappearing, I am back. Though no one probably cares. 


    ..seeing this one topic though, makes me hope I don't run into the same problem as before. Oh well, hi everyone!

    1. Hedgehugs


      I care despite not knowing you at all! 

      Welcome back, bro!

    2. Rey Skywalker-Ren
    3. TailsTellsTales


      I think I remember you somewhere.

    4. Haalyle


      I don't you, but welcome back! :D xD

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      You were one of the few people hyped for Rise of Lyric; that's all I need to know :U

      Welcome back!

    6. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Sup. Where ya been?

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