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  1. I have had Verizon for my Iphone 4 and 5c, 2011 to now. Upside is that they have been helpful- when my phone was missing for two months I was able to reactivate service quickly. I was scared that my phone was dead since it was reported stolen. Also I still have unlimited data, since I got my 5C the week frame where it was accidently being carried over from previous contracts On the downside the roaming charges are NUTS. $2 a minute when I was in the bahamas?? Otherwise i barely text anyone so I have the thousand a month and i have 400 minutes because conveniently the people I call most have verizon too so yay, mobile to mobile is free
  2. Wow, Where have I been... gotta catch up on these season 4 episodes! By the way I am not so unique, crazy obsessed with Rainbow Dash! haha
  3. Allicali is the nickname my boyfriend gave me and even though I'm not from california I love it. And my name is Allison so it makes half sense.
  4. 16 GB Iphone 5c, green but with a rainbow sparkly spotted case
  5. Taild has and will always be my favorite character in the series. Besides being cute fluffy and smart, I felt relatable in a weird way to him. I was always the tag-along type to my more leaderly friends... and still am! Also, Tails helped me learn to draw because I tried drawing him when I was very young, and now i can draw him pretty much perfectly. Yay Tails
  6. I consider all things that are officially Sonic the franchise, but the games being the heart and the TV shows, comics etc being seperate, but connected enteties
  7. Lumina and Void come to my mind as forgotten characters but not to me, I liked Sonic Shuffle Manic and Sonia from Sonic underground? Also Ray. He is so cute but i think he was seen to much of a tails clone so they did away with him. Aww
  8. I was obsessed!! with sonic through the ages of 8-14 (2001-2007) but it started to decline In 2008 because of severe depression which i lost interest in life in general and I'm not getting into further details. 2009 i met my first , now ex-boyfriend and that detered me from sonic further, But then I rebought Sonic Adventure on the xbox marketplace (i had it for dreamcast and gamecube) and I was hooked yet again and have caught up quite a bit yay
  9. It depends on the character, but I do think the three Sonic Advanced games pulled it off well- you could pick which character to play as (Well, you had to play as two in the third game and unlock them in the second but yeah) and even in Sonic adventure I loved playing as Tails but like 99% of the world, hated playing as Big. I think that Sonic's style of play should not be extremely deviates from or too linear- Knuckles getting pieces of the Master Emerald so many times, for example. Levels where you got o start to finish incorperating tails's ability to fly or Knuckles digging would be really great in my opinion.
  10. I always loved Big the Cat. I never thought he was dumb or pointless, just really chilled out and a nice guy who did not deserve hate, despite his fishing levels in Sonic Adventure... Shadow is too popular to me. I never liked him, he came off as generic, whiny, and practically a filler character to me to this day. And I've played SA2, Sonic Battle, sonic riders, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Heroes, as well as games where he played minor roles (Sonic Unleashed, Sonic generations) so I have got my fair ahare of time to learn that I dislike him. Also his voice. no matter who voiced shadow, I felt they were overdramatic.
  11. I got into Sonic when I was in the third grade, which was 2001. My friends always talked about Sonic and I got a dreamcast as well as Sonic advanced to fit in, and instantly fell in love And we would replay Sonic on the playground, I would be Tails and he is to this day my favorite character
  12. I signed up here just to get the word out to an audience of people I think would be interested, but I can't post on the Marketplace forum. But, my Ebay is inchyallykitty... message me on there ror discussions of international shipping. I also have Eggman with a Chao. I own two Cream figures, two Shadow figures, and unfortunately, bootleg Big and Cheese plushes. Message me for more info on there I know this will be locked quickly but hey, it is worth trying to reach out. ~links removed~
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