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  1. Shadow is one of the most explored and in depth Sonic characters in the franchise. It's interesting to note his interactions as one of the aspects of his character with other character he has close ties to, and would learn to be welcomed and respected by most of them for his utter determination and sense of justice for others despite his dark and troubled past. Which interaction is your favorite and what sort of interactions do you hope future sonic titles explore?
  2. A Nerd/Jack type of friendship. Knuckles is the slow on the uptake jock and Tails is the all knowing nerd which both like one another as they are close as friends of Sonic can be.
  3. Sonic's pretty broken if you think about, his super speed applies to other fields of combat since he has the reflexes and agility to manipulate his body to perform abilities that make him proficient in any area of combat by just accelerating his arm and leg in super speed, like the flash. Sword Skills, Melee Skills, maybe even Fire Arm Skills since he can probably perceive hyper coordination naturally. Chaos Ability wise, he might be as strong as Shadow in molding Chaos Matter, but skillfully I think Chaos Manipulation requires more than just physical power but perfect mental control, Sonic's a spastic and restless creature with no patience in using distinctive powers powered by mental and emotional control, all of his abilities require high speed acceleration and hyper activity. Shadow so happens to be the most proficient character of Chaos Control because his personality is disiciplined and strict, while Sonic is the opposite.
  4. This is how I see Sonic as a pastiche of if he were a combination of characters, but would he be a thought without these particular characters that came before him?
  5. Heres my problem, how can Knuckles exist with Shadow serving as Sonic;s rival nowadays, that's what the old games emphasized or at least the other media, then came SA2, and Shadow has been more billed as Sonic;s rival while Knuckles is now just a friend to Sonic.
  6. Okay new topic, anyone think Shadow should explore his relationship with Rouge more, I mean they are the consistent anti hero parallel to Sonic and Tails. I think some development would be more efficient in future titles with them having bigger roles in the story instead of Omega and Shadow.
  7. The bolded never happened in the games, so it's a non factor. Shadow can use his unleashed power in the game series without being weakend until proven otherwise.
  8. I;d like to go by feats and actual powerset first, without hyperbole basically. Shadow IMO is stronger than sonic due to more abilities shown outside of powerups and cannon skills.
  9. Without PIS, which hedgehog is stronger in general.
  10. What development? Shadow has no credible attachments to the human race. His game never cleared up whether he's forgiven them. Did Shadow state in the last ending of his game he'd put the past away. This his promise to Maria null?
  11. welcome to SSMB!

  12. I like Shadow as a character, Sonic's rival and all that. Sure he has his bad moments but I'll be honest and say he can be really kickass at times. As for the game, I haven't played it. Ever since I've played Sonic Next-Gen a couple of years ago (and traded the game in just last year since I've realized how bad the game was), I've noticed that Shadow has aligned himself as a GUN agent - the same military organization who killed Maria, the most important person to Shadow. After that, I've been getting the impression of Shadow being a part of GUN, and to be honest, I'm not feeling it. Now I know Shadow wants to keep his promise to Maria and what not, and I understand that, but I sort of like Shadow when he's does things on his own. So, what do you think? Is Shadow better off working with GUN or as a loner?
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