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    Ruby Havoc got a reaction from Waveshocker Sigma in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    I'm willing to give Nakamura another chance so I hope the story turns out well.
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    Ruby Havoc got a reaction from BlueSky in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    I'm willing to give Nakamura another chance so I hope the story turns out well.
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    Ruby Havoc got a reaction from Auroxen in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    I'm willing to give Nakamura another chance so I hope the story turns out well.
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    Ruby Havoc got a reaction from NikoS in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    I'm willing to give Nakamura another chance so I hope the story turns out well.
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    Ruby Havoc got a reaction from RedFox99 in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    I'm willing to give Nakamura another chance so I hope the story turns out well.
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Mad Convoy in Sonic Forces Impressions   
    I'd say the overall reception is less negative and more divisive. Don't forget that there were plenty of positive receptions to the E3 demo as well (such as the one from Alex on Sonic Stadium, or the Polygon article). Fans seem to have different feelings about Forces too judging by social media and such-- like most Sonic games, there were some feeling positive, some feeling negative, and some feeling mixed. I'm on the mixed side, leaning positive but with criticisms and reservations.
    Divisive and mediocre are not good things for Sonic Forces to be. I will never claim otherwise. But I notice that some people who were already feeling negative are painting the majority of people giving impressions as also feeling as negatively as they are, when clearly that isn't the case. I also notice that some people who were already feeling negative are projecting their own viewpoints on the negative impressions, when that isn't necessarily the case. For example, many of the negative impressions mentioned liking Colors and Gens, meaning that they don't think the Boost gameplay style is shallow or not worthwhile, just Sonic Forces.
    Because I know that somebody is going accuse me of this, no, I'm not passive aggressively referring to any specific users here. I'm just referring to a trend that I've noticed amongst fans feeling negative about the game on this site and outside it. Nor am I ordering you to stop being negative or enjoy negative impressions-- its perfectly normal to be pessimistic and feel validated by negativity from professional critics. I'm just annoyed at people taking that feeling of validation and going way too far by claiming that their viewpoints represent the whole or that most critics agree that Sonic Forces is going to be terrible/shallow/etc for the exact same reasons that some pessimistic fans do. Its just as bad as claiming that the majority is feeling positive about Sonic Forces, something that I know is really annoying and a common bugbear here and elsewhere.
    With that in mind, I have a feeling that this isn't going to change when the game comes out. For reviews, I'm guessing you'll get a mix of 4s, 5s, 8s, and 9s-- or alternatively, a lot of 7s. Fans will be even more varied with pretty much every number rating on the spectrum appearing at least once. I mean, Sonic Forces is by nature divisive due to the weird path its taken to try to please everybody. Now, it might change depending on what Sonic Team does next-- in a more positive manner like how Unleashed got better appreciated once Colors and Gens. built off of its Day Stage gameplay, or alternatively how Sonic Adventure 1 came to be less liked due to damage caused by Sonic 06 which was based off of SA1. But for now, its divisive.
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    Ruby Havoc got a reaction from Haalyle in What defines the post Unleashed era to you?   
    Some very pretty looking, quality titles for a change.
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Solly in Final Fantasy 7 Remake "is this the real life..."   
    GAF thread about an interview on the game. Includes a few more details about the multi-release. Translation is currently in progress.
     More details later. Basically it's done because of data limitations and because they want to give the game the full remake treatment. 

    My only concern is this compromising the game's non-linearity, and stripping down things like the overworld. I can deal with everything being released separately, but hopefully we don't wait too long. 
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    Ruby Havoc got a reaction from Haalyle in Shadow the Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition Except not really this is just a topic about the game don't worry   
    I can't stand this game. From the horrid controls to the terrible plot to the drab aesthetic to it's buttrock-tastic ost, it's just all bad to me, man. I remember being excited for this game once upon a time ( though I was ten at the time and I got hyped by nearly anything that was related to Sonic) and thought it looked like the coolest thing ever. Yuck.
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Wraith in Shadow the Hedgehog: 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition Except not really this is just a topic about the game don't worry   
    Let’s go back to the year 2003. You’re Sonic Team. You just completed Sonic Heroes and you’re thinking: “Holy fucking shit these last few games have made a lot of money. Like, a LOT of money. We need to make more money. What do these games have in common?”

    “Uh…besides that.”

    “THAT’S IT. It’s been forever since we made a character spinoff. People adore this character! This’ll be perfect! It’s time to make a spinoff about Shadow.”  
    And hell, it’s not really a bad idea either. People like Shadow. He’s got the power set to warrant a game of his own. There are a lot of interesting places you could take the story and, as mentioned above, the money. Going off of quotes from the man himself, Iizuka seemed genuinely passionate about exploring the first two things, while everyone’s favorite publisher Sega were more interested in the latter. And so, Shadow the Hedgehog was born.
    Before the game was revealed, Sega published a poll asking fans which characters would be the most suited to be turned into a spinoff franchise. Characters included Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Eggman. Guess who won the poll with flying colors?

    That’s right, Knuckles wa-ppffft. yeah I can’t keep a straight face. Maybe next time, buddy.
    It was Shadow. Shadow did to that poll what Eggman in a bikini would do to your eyes. He destroyed it in a slightly arousing way.Fans were clearly eager to see what Sonic Team could do with a Shadow focused adventure.The game was revealed and defied everyone’s expectations…and not in a good way.
    The game was revealed to be a darker take on the franchise than ever before, with Shadow the Hedgehog toting realistic machine guns and firing them into crowds of realistic soldiers and aliens, riding motorbikes through destroyed cities, and a deceivingly cut trailer even implied he’d take on Sonic. The game promised to reveal “secrets about his past” while also being a blend of action platformer and shooting game never seen before. They were aiming to chase the current popularity of shooting games to draw in an older audience. 
    I wasn't a memeber here back then, but I was on the internet. Reactions were all over the goddamn place on this one. Obviously some were just glad to have a game focused on Shadow while others were turned off by the direction which clashed even harder with the rest of the franchise than Sonic Adventure 2 before it. And who could blame them? Sonic games, before now had mostly been about saving colorful animals from a cartoonishly evil scientist who used dangerous, but over the top sci fi weaponry to fight you. Now Shadow is gunning down human soldiers and aliens with actual guns. Like, actual ones. And also this thing. 

    The horror

    Player's choice. Yeah, okay.
    8 or 9 year old me was just happy to have another Sonic game, since at that point I loved everything released with Sonic’s face on it at the time and Shadow was cool enough to me for me to be excited. 
    Eventually, the game was released on November 15th, 2015. Critical responses were..
     “Chaotic, arbitrary, dull, and needlessly frustrating; this is video game design at its absolute worst. I’m afraid even Dr. Robotnik couldn’t have killed Sonic off so effectively as Sega has managed to do with this game.” – Game Informer, 2005.
    “If you're simply starved for a new Sonic video game, Shadow the Hedgehog's here. Considering the flood of quality releases this year, however, only the diehard are going to find any reason to venture into this world of generic angst.” – IGN, 2005
    "this darker take on the Sonic universe succeeds for the most part, giving the series a bit of an edge without going overboard on violence." – Nintendo Power, 2005
    "Don't worry, Shadow the Hedgehog isn't half as 'urban' or quite as 'gangsta' as it first seems” – Xbox Magazine, 2005. (this one's my favorite)
    “This game is actual, psychological torture.” – Me, 2015
    Mixed. Mixed is the word I would use. Mostly on the lower end of the scale though. Worth pointing out that Nintendo Power and some others thought it was alright at the time, despite how much of a joke it's seen as now. It actually wasn't panned that hard
     I remember being kind of burned by it even back then to be honest. The edge didn’t really bother me much then like it does now, but I remember everything about the gameplay feeling off. You’d constantly be put on missions that took forever to finish.  The story was just kind of confusing. The whole thing was just mostly disappointing. Good thing the next few Sonic games would deliver, right?

    Uh…yeah.There was a point where liking Sonic and liking Nintendo at the same time was borderline impossible, lemmie tell you. 
    We should probably talk about the actual game now. Here’s a detailed analysis by yours truly.

    -Guns work, surprisingly. Yes, I’m serious. They actually do their job decently enough and don't take away from the gameplay much. They’re simple to use and dispatch enemies quicker than any of Shadow’s own moves, since the Health bars enemies have now just kill any reason to use the homing attack and Shadow’s melee attacks just suck. The auto aim is kind of all over the place but ammo is so plentiful that just spraying into a crowd of enemies usually does the job without too much trouble. They solve problems that shouldn't exist to begin with, admittedly, but they don't harm anything.

    -Branching paths are a good idea in theory. The concept for Sonic seems simple enough and even sounds like fun on paper. How you choose to clear the level will send you to a different one. This is something I want them to try again if they get the chance.
    -The soundtrack is....alright, for the most part. Not up to the usual standard but not bad or anything. There's the occasional fucking atrocity like Almost Dead, but it's ok overall.

    - CGI continued to be Sonic Team's strong suit. so pretty.
    BAD THINGS ho boy

    -The graphics are bad. Not just aged like other older Sonic games, but straight up bad. Sonic Team usually doesn’t slack in this department either so this is extra disappointing. The colors are drab and bland, the game uses Heroes’s cartoony models which clashes heavily with most of the game both tonally and visually, and it reuses tons of assets to boot. It’s just ugly, man. 
    -Shadow controls like he’s on ice skates. I mean, he kind of is, but he shouldn’t control like it. That’s just not fun. Guy's unmanageable at top speed. 
    -The Vehicles are usually slower and control even worse than Shadow does, making them feel pointless. You’ll like running better. The hoverpad thing was neat, tho.
    - The story is bad,  and you know where, why and how it's bad. We all know.
    -The gameplay is also not really enhanced by the branching path system. A lot of the missions in the hero/dark paths are tedious “defeat all the enemies” or “find all the things” missions that made Treasure Hunting and the Chaotix campaign in Sonic Heroes the beloved gameplay experiences they are today. means that sometimes the option the player picks wont come down to what the player wants to do or what character they want to hang out with that level, but what mission will cause them the least grief. You can breeze to the goal in every level if you want, but that would guarantee you only a fraction of the game and by far the shittiest of the endings, so there’s that. Thanks Sonic Team. The game’s mechanics and level design probably would have suffered less if this was a more linear game with a few branching paths throughout, yeah? 

    -The multiplayer sucks, but y’know, Sonic game. That’s not new. SA2B multiplayer baby I miss you
    So, yeah, I think it's preeeetty fucking, bad but it's pretty hilarious at the same time. It had some neat ideas here and there also. It's one of those things that make me wonder what it would have been like if it didn't have all these weird attempts to chase trends slapped onto it and wasn't blatantly rushed out the door for cash. 
    Nobody can say it's forgettable.
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Athena Cykes in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    Lemme just...

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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Milo in Sonic Channel   
    Metal Sonic, King of the Reapers.

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    Ruby Havoc reacted to SonicWind in Gravity Rush 2   
    It's official-- Gravity Rush 2 is coming to PS4 in 2016 alongside a remaster of the original game releasing on December 10th in Japan.
    And I'm SO EXCITED. Now I really have a reason to finally purchase a PS4.
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to RubyEclipse in Sonic Deserves to Die?   
    It's all good for GT to have their own opinions, and respecting that maybe the guy who wrote the video didn't like Generations is important. (Even as strongly as I may disagree with that! )
    That said, telling people that they're delusional, as the wording in the video went, for liking Colors or Generations? That's no good.
    I don't always intend to call out gaming press on their hypocrisy, but when I do, I hope you'll all find it entertaining!
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Drawloverlala in Sonic Channel   
    very cool! at first i  though he was trying to give a high five to the seagull



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    Ruby Havoc reacted to azoo in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice   
    The reason people are reacting the way they are is because there's basically no reason for this to exist.
    The Boom games weren't critically acclaimed, weren't financially successful, and weren't well made. To think that we have to now put up with not one year, but TWO years of almost exclusively Boom stuff is just kinda.. well, it's pretty funny, actually. 
    The only reasonable answer why it's being done is because the TV show is a success. Which makes sense, but you think that their alley for doing TV tie-ins at this point would be something like mobile phone games. But whatever!
    I'll be over here enjoying everything not-Sonic until 2016, I guess. Whoopee!
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Komodin in What would make you being excited about Sonic 2016?   
    Eh, I can honestly live without having any more cheesy rock themes. My overall tolerance for them is nearly nonexistent nowadays, and I always thought that they were usually the worst parts of the past games music-wise.
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Meow in ARTWORK: Super Meow in Litterbox Land   
    super meow in litterbox land: the returnining 5: eat death and die -the sequel-.
    So I started doing concepts for a comic project that I've actually been working on (albeit slowly because I split my time between work, this, and making a music album right now  - mostly work takes my time up)

    And then I started to refine the concepts and add a few more:




    Then I did some sketches over a 3 hour live stream I did.



    And lastly I did start doing some thumbnails for pages.

    I also made a fake GBA box art for some random thing, its not actually a project:

    Oh and I made it into that Capcom Tribute Book that people submitted art too so I'm pretty pumped about that!! I wish I could show you all my drawing of that but I can't.
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    Gee whizz I hope this game is good!

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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Wraith in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    Please keep in mind that Sonic Team is the reason Sonic even still exists while Big Red Button as a team has never actually made a game before this one.
    I mean, I get that we hate Sonic Team right now, I really do, but...you know this isn't just some team of former Naughty Dog staff that decided to up and leave Naughty Dog, right? There are veterans from other companies and newcomers here too. They're essentially an entirely new team. A fresh face.  This idea that if something goes wrong it's probably Sonic Team's fault is....kind of annoying, really, since Big Red Button are the ones with their names stamped all over it. Sonic Team isn't even namedropped in any of the official stuff. 
    If something goes wrong with this game,wouldn't it make sense to hold the people who actually made the game and are bragging about how good the game is accountable? I know Sonic Team does a lot of stupid things but let's not be irrational. 
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Celestia in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    The team (or, at least, Iizuka himself) having some amount of power over the project probably doesn't mean much. At most they might be able to veto certain things. I don't know why you're being so defensive of the team who hasn't even released their first game yet.

    That means nothing on it's own. Nothing. Sure, it sounds good on paper, but it's not absolutely certain that this combination of people can work well together. It's arguably even more risky than an already existing dev team replacing a few members, because in this case a good deal of these people may not have worked together before! Having experience and being a part of a team that made something good in the past doesn't guarantee anything.
    What, do you think BRB were making a game that looks ~absolutely amazing~ and then Sonic Team stepped in and said "haha, no"?

    I actually like the look of this game, but prematurely blaming any issues people have with it now or after it's released on Sonic Team, with literally no basis for it, is ridiculous.
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Celestia in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    Yeah, I'm certainly not saying that ST isn't involved at all and they're definitely responsible for certain aspects of the game, I'm just saying that, well...I'm frustrated that there's already the attitude of "Everything that people criticize about the game is gonna be Sonic Team's fault and definitely has nothing to do with the people actually making the game." The general attitude towards them since Lost World (or even earlier) has completely baffled me. There's being critical of a game development team, and then there's making them out to be villains actively trying to sabotage everything.
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    Ruby Havoc reacted to - Eternal Paradox - in FREE SKETCHES! & Paradox's other artwork...   
    Double Post because reasons.
    I'd like some publicity. I want something to draw. And everybody likes free stuff.
    So... Today's your lucky day, SMMBers. Send me your requests and I'll draw 'em (unless it's adult, too gory or questionable content).
    You can PM me, or just leave a request in this topic. Request are currently over. I'll let you know when I start doing them again though.
    Current sketch progress

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    Ruby Havoc reacted to Spin Attaxx in Sonic Channel   
    I am not at all sorry for this.
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