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  1. has nothing in his mind

  2. Just got my Lightning Returns:Final Fantasy XIII copy.What a great time I'm having :)

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfR8JjtQ1n8 Anyone seen this guy's channel?It has one of the best qualities of the soundtrack for now
  4. Actually the Gametrailers.com review sound and is pretty good.The reviewer actually explains everything,not like IGN:"New means bad.5.8!!"
  5. It seems the reviewer can't get used to the new controls ,so that's why he thinks they're bad and so that the game doesn't feel like Generations it's bad.
  6. I have one question!Will the characters be fully voiced with new stuff to say or rehashed again from previous Sonic games?
  7. I kind of enjoy almost every song,but Sylvania Castle Act 1 is just so forgettable,even Act 2 and 3 are hundred times better than it!
  8. Here it is http://www.gamespot....sode-2-6350932/ EDIT .It looks amazing
  9. If there is one I want more characters ,not only 20 and more tracks ,not only 20 and 5 per 4 franchises and that's it!That kind of games needs lot and lots of extras.Look at UFC 3.It has 150 roster.Now I don't want that much from this game ,but surely it needs more than 20!
  10. Is this hinting for a big Tropical level ?
  11. It runs perfect on my PC!Have waited to play it since the release in 2010 ,because i don't have MP for my Xbox
  12. 1.Fruit Hill Zone-Lot's of fruits which can be used as springs,dash rings,item boxes,grinds or other gimmicks.There is a big garden with fruits and the sunset is seen at the back with umbrellas flying from the light wind 2.Ruined Village Zone-Maybe the first encounter with Metal Sonic could be there also the first fight with him.Sonic and Tails could get on top of not ruined houses or get through ruined houses with fire 3.Desert Mountain Zone-This is mostly uphills where Sonic is in desert-like mountain when on the top the level environment changes to snow/winter like with different music and snowboard and when more downhill the environment changes back to desert then the act with the boss could be huge yeti like Eggman robot. 4.Stone Bridge Zone-Sonic runs on a big trap bridge when Metal Sonic appears and throws stones and break the bridge and Sonic and Tails falls in the deep where there is a hidden cave/Eggman base with his experiments about Metal Sonic.Sonic finds a way to defeat Metal Sonic and gets outside the base and he encounters a boss with Eggman.When Sonic wins Eggman falls into the big trap and everything seems ok when a big castlelike factory rises from the ground and the final zone appears. 5 Final Zone-Sonic enters the final base where he fights Metal Sonic three times where he has different shapes every time (mostly gimmicks for Sonic to fight with)In the end Sonic and Tails gets to the big altar where Eggman and Metal Sonic reveal their big plan and the Final battle begins which Tails fight with Metal Sonic and Sonic with Eggman ,then phase two begins and the two heroes switch places ,but then Eggman flees (for Episode 3) and Sonic is left with Metal Sonic.In the end Sonic destroys Metal for good and the two with Tails leave the place
  13. I still need to get all the online achievements and the one with Time Eater and then I'll get the Platinum!
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