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  1. But that was already done. We complained about green eyes.
  2. I'm replaying sonic adventure 1 after years of not playing it. My gamecube copy got stolen. I bought it again on psn. Ah, it feels good to replay that good game. After that, I dont know. I'll have to choose between replaying sonic unleashed (both version), colors (both version), rush, rush adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic heroes, sonic 1, sonic CD, secret rings, black knight, sonic generations and if I'm lucky, I might get to play LW. I might play 06 if I'm bored. I wish to get my hands on S3K, the only main sonic game that I havent played. I know, shame on me. I'm fan of all eras of sonic so I want to play it. My favorite classic is currently CD and I wanna see if 3K can change that. Can anyone tell me if it's on psn ? I heard it was only on xbox live but I'm not sure and I still didnt get the time to verify.
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  4. I'm new here and this is my first post. I choose adventure 1 and 2. I've been replaying all those four games during the holidays and I had more fun with sa 1/ 2. Sonic adventure 1 and 2 both have great music. They both have great stories. The sonic gameplay in those games was great. I even managed to enjoy the others gameplay style... except fishing... it can go die in a fire for all I care. I also like and enjoy colors and generations. Generations has some great levels that have nostalgic appeal to me and the boost gameplay is quite fun. The music is also pretty good. The story sucked though. I come back to this game from time to time. Colors, I enjoyed it for the most part. The gameplay was good. Most of the music was good. I liked tropical coast, planet wisp, aquarium park, reach for the stars ( orchestra and lyrics). Though, colors gets boring now. I dont go back to replay it much.
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