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  1. That's incredibly disappointing. I would've loved to see what IDW could've done with Infinite, I really feel with more competent writing he could have a lot of potential.
  2. Not a fan of Zavok at all and I don't get why they want to push him so hard. They did it with Zazz for awhile too. I honestly would've liked Infinite or even the placeholder egg robots more as a choice than Zavok.
  3. Personally, I'm not really liking the idea of a remake. It mostly comes down to me being tired of the franchise's constant retreading and nostalgia pandering and my lack of faith in Sonic Team to really do it justice regardless of what they try to do with it (recreate it near exactly or with new gameplay/direction). I also think them fucking it up would have a major effect on the fanbase more than a regular new disappointing Sonic game.
  4. Nothing good really. It definitely puts me off thinking they can put something out that's good without a major shakeup to the team and/or their core idea of what Modern Sonic should be if they even have a clear direction. That said, I would like to know more about the circumstances around the development of Forces, in no way does it feel like a game that got a substantial about of development time. I have to wonder if a prototype just didn't work out, team members left or were put on other stuff, if they panicked and tired to make a not-Generations game after the string of failures that came out for Sonic in general between Lost World and it, ran into problems with the NX, or something similar. I have to think there is more going on than simple dev incompetence.
  5. Hard to have any real positive outlook after Forces turned out how it did after 4 years of waiting and at this point I have no clue where they go next. I doubt they have much of an idea of what to do next either. Their return to Boost was a flop and sidescrolling gameplay in the 3D games has only gotten worse and worse with each time it's used since it's return in Unleashed. Adventure is the most requested style, but I doubt they have the talent, funds, and money to give it a real shot. Not only that, it feels like the team is burnt out or just floating along. There's no real passion in their games anymore. Mania was full of it. You could tell the people working on it wanted to deliver something special and worked their asses off to provide it. I don't see that from Sonic Team, I can't feel or see that in their recent games. The team needs people who want to do everything in their power to try and deliver a game like Mania or Unleashed that looks and feels chock full of passion and effort, but I doubt that will happen. I really don't know what they do next, but I'd lean towards it being another lackluster title, maybe a movie-tie in (which will sink my expectations further, but whatever at that point) in 2019. I don't have high hopes.
  6. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/sega-explains-sonic-and-knuckles-new-look/1100-6418328/
  7. I always assumed his worry about Mania was due to Sonic 4's poorer fan reception. Both are fully 2D Sonic sidescroller throwbacks (or supposed to be) and with 4 turning out how it did, it's not so great fan reception, and it's final episode getting cancelled, he could've had doubts about going back to that even with the massive quality jump he knew Mania had.
  8. With Team Sonic and Team Dark already established, I assume a Team Evil will be the Eggpawn, Metal Sonic, and Eggman himself. Presumably the rest would follow Heroes and have Team Rose and Team Chaotix, but then you'd have some big omissions with Silver and Blaze. Honestly, I could see them drop Cream and Big for Silver and Blaze in Amy's team, I think the popularity and general want of those two would outweigh the support for Cream and Big. I wonder if the Babylon Rogues could be a wildcard maybe in place of Team Chaotix, Sonic Riders is pretty much dead right now and I don't know if it will ever be coming back. There is also that new character on the box art, I'm not sure if he's a racing role or just overlooking the event, but that would shake up predictions a bit.
  9. I'm pretty sure the "Dark Age" of Sonic was the Saturn era.
  10. Ian's in Burbank currently which is where SoA offices are. I'd be more surprised if he isn't the guest Aaron hinted at last stream.
  11. To me it feels like the FFs probably aren't going to be included initially. Like, that they would like to establish the new book, new cast, new setting, etc., and then begin to consider requesting them coming back at some point.
  12. I expect a reveal of the creative staff along with a cover, other art, and the general premise of the series. I'm assuming there will be a Q&A of sorts, so I do think fans there should able to get some important answers out of the panel.
  13. That seems to be from a licensing book cover from last month. http://issuu.com/lemapublisihng/docs/ltw_june_2017?e=13786853/48654847
  14. Nothing has been said to what exactly they will be doing with the IDW book. We gotta wait and see.
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