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  1. It's reference to this X-men comic cover but the slain/captured mutants are fan favorite MvC characters that didn't make it, including Classic Megaman who's apparently still alive.
  2. I know it’s the same VA but that doesn’t factor into a balanced fight. There are better Tara voiced match ups also like Ashi(Samurai Jack) vs Rachel(Ninja Gaiden).
  3. I don’t get this next match up, Twilight has next to no combat feats and the only time she was relatively on par with even TT ‘03 Raven was a one-off circumstantial power-up that can’t be used in a DB anyway.
  4. A "Ultimate" collection with only 47 games? Try 52 on a Super 16-bit cart!
  5. Hopefully they did. Even without assists, her Soul Fist/Astral Vision shenanigans from 3 would make her a Touhou-esque nightmare.
  6. Also remember that AFAWK Rose is the only being capable of healing cracked Gems, it was the only way she could mount a resistance against Homeworld with such limited numbers. To Homeworld a cracked gem soldier is essentially already dead. What makes this reprehensible for the Crystal Gems to shatter someone is that it's unnecessarily cruel, merely poofing and bubbling a enemy would serve the same purpose of removing them from the fight without inflicting permanent damage. Unless Diamonds can't be poofed/bubbled for whatever reason there was no need to destroy Pink Diamond.
  7. You can select the retro soundtrack in the options menu.
  8. I'm curious how Komala's ability will affect battle. Is it permanently asleep and require sleep talk to use moves or is it just immune to all status changes? Can it be forced awake from skill swap?
  9. The transformations are akin to the one's in MMZX, you gain the visual traits of the boss but maintain Beck's normal size/proportions. So nothing as interesting as the hammer form in the concept art.
  10. After two hours of forcing the square peg (Ray) into the round holes (every level of this game) this beautiful moment happened.
  11. I was in high school by then so the fans I knew were able to see the through the misguided direction as forced "hip, youth appeal" marketing.
  12. 06 and RoL were games that had a lot of hype from the first announcement (a beautiful return to Adventure era game play with stunning graphics on a new generation of hardware, and a new platformer by the people who made classic Crash, Jak, and Uncharted). On paper these sound like great ideas so when they bombed the backlash was massive and infamous. ShTH had the "benefit" of being a still-born game concept. I still remember flipping through EGM in April '05, getting greeted to to a full page image of Shadow holding a handgun in a grimy city. I had a brief chuckle being well aware of the magazine's yearly April Fools gimmick, then having the horrifying realization that due to how magazines are published this was actually the May issue and everything in the pages was legit. There was almost no faith in the concept from most fans so when it launched as a glitchy mess of outdated angst and in-cohesive gameplay it wasn't a surprise.
  13. I'm totally choosing Moon with Rowlet because I'm an insomniac, owls are adorable fluff balls, and I love bats(duh) and characters with ethereal voids as parts of their body.
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