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  1. I'm streaming sonic 06 today! Follow 5hinkou on twitter or join the facebook group Shinkou Show to be notified when I start

  2. Shameless self prooooooomotion but here's my new series of videos: FUN n SHIT!

  3. hardlight are focusing more on dash because it's designed to encourage you to spend more money, I feel kinda bad for doing it myself in fact. Ran out of things to do on this game so I've quit this and simpsons tapped out until further notice, at least I can say I never buyed 'dohnuts'.
  4. Lol! Sorry didn't mean to ignore that post just didn't see it. Just call what I posted an educated guess based on their bad PR lately I've read/watched about them, word of mouth and experiences myself playing their games
  5. This whole AAA mindset you speak about is just a variation of the same mindset with any and all buissness, it's just finally hit the videogames market. Long story short, the bigger a company gets and/or the higher their achievements become, strangly they actually become more closed minded and insist on only taking calculated risks. For us this means get rich quick gimmicks like DLC and sequels for as long as they can get away with (lego game tie ins, cod and sports games every year I'm looking at you!). Innovation will always be seen as the enemy, because you're trying new things which the chances or succeeding to connect your audience with are more unknown. There's a REASON why there are waay more platformer and especially fps games then everything else, because they are the proven best sellers in all the history of gaming and therefore the safest. Wow.. ok that turned to a mini rant anyway x.x but I tried to keep it brief
  6. So I reached about 3million+ on my highscore now, I would brag about this if again, like I said earleir, I hadn't put money into this game which sped up the whole process countless times over. It's amazing how fast you can be pretty much done with a game once you remove the grinding BS. Starting to lose interest... probably delete soon >3>
  7. Gee I dunno... because they might have seen it as more trouble to create then it's worth? Companies are a bit daft to say the least sometimes tbh, in this games case for example Namco based how successful SFxT was on wether or not to go ahead with the TxSF project... and yeah... that didn't exactly go well did it? Not that it was a bad idea though, it was just Capcom being the dumbass Capcom they've been lately. Oh and if you need proof, here
  8. And I just realized your avyie is Tessa from Red Earth. Its nice that someone else knows about that obscure fighting game other than me. Though its hard to recongize her without her hat and being in Pocket Fighter.

  9. Being a late #ps3 adopter I think I might try and finsih off #littlebigplanet1 today, anyone want to help speed up the collecting? D:

  10. Capcoms kind of a mess right now tbh, I can't give much info for games on the horizon, but I can tell you tekken x streetfighter is cancelled at this point. It's probably the secret reason they let nintendo use megaman for smash, royalty paying rights etc. Even one of their most overated games marvel 3 won't be making the money it used to anymore since their contract with Marvel is over. You can't download the game anymore or even the dlc if you already have the game! Give it a few years and maybe even physical copies of the game will go up in price who knows?
  11. Anyone else having issues connecting? I can't get my daily wheel spin or buying things with rings to work anymore, but the daily collecting puzzle pieces thing works... hmm... =/ Also I've found a camera glitch even on a sonic phone game! Make your character slam down at the end of a set of homing attacks. You'll drop faster than normal but it also causes the camera to stay in the high up position, NOT fun when you're at the start of a bunch of obstacles to dodge. Also I forgot to mention this earlier, with the whole me being a dumbbot spending money on this game. Once you finish all the challenges + full boost meter your score multiplyer goes up to x40 just fyi.
  12. Kinda repeating myself from another thread here, but last time I checked there was about what... 8 different versions of the sonic storyline!? (4 cartoons, 2 comics, 2d games and the 3D games) it's one of the most inconsistent storylines out there I can think of only made worse by the fact that some storylines say they're on another planet, while on others they say they co-exist with us on earth?! At this point imo unless you lay down ground rules of which storyline source(s) you're talking about it's pretty much impossible to make sense of the franchises Lore in conversation. Even if they did give the series a true reboot, it would be quiet a task to make sense of everything now, maybe if they hired someone with experience in making order out of storyline choas like... hmm... Udon for example?
  13. I had this problem for a LONG time, meant I coudln't use my account. Whatever the problem was it got fixed I guess since I'm here now xD
  14. A balenced review will be able to see a game from more than one perspective, which is how it should be. It's your duty as a reviewer to do more then just state your own opinion, ESPECIALLY if you have a big following and your reviews are trusted. I also personally believe that if you're going to rate things wth numbers a game overall should NEVER get 10/10, maybe in a category like sound for example but not for the overall experience. And that's without even mentioning the can of worms where a company will bribe them...
  15. ok forget the parody video about how game publishers are obsessed with boobs, this is my fave video recently :D

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