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  1. what do you do when you feel like...hurting yourself?

  2. I agree with this 100%. Boom is nothing but a spinoff series to begin with. It's not like it replaced the main series, so some people really need to chill. RoL was different, yes, but at least it tried to be different and adventurous. Also, I felt that Lost World wasn't so bad. I mean, yeah, Sonic ran a bit slower, but it was still a decent game in my opinion. I really don't see the need to get worked up about certain games. If you don't like something, then don't watch/play/read it or whatever. It's just that simple. But no, people feel the need to criticize everything always. So Sega and Sonic Team are having some trouble, but at least they're trying. You gotta take the bad with the good sometimes. No matter what though, I'll still be a Sonic fan & ignore all the negativity.
  3. what's even the point anymore...

    1. Klinsy


      (Something wrong?)

  4. what's even the point anymore...

  5. But can't you Z? He's obviously preparing for the sequel series: The Lara-Su Chronicles: Z!
  6. almost a week since StevenBomb ended, and already there's a fandom war...

  7. Gao Mikado and Drum Bunker Draon vs Dan Kuso & Drago. Who would win?

  8. Gao Mikado and Drum Bunker Draon vs Dan Kuso & Drago. Who would win?

  9. So ssmb survived another genesis wave, huh? Now, it's the start of SSMB nu252!

    1. FriendBot


      Do I have energy blades now?!


      Nope....Just a bunch of old memories and going Super. LAME!

    2. The Chairman Of The Board
    3. PatMac


      Oh but we'll forget those memories in a few issues...

    4. Forte-Metallix


      I grew a beard.

      This new reality is infinitely better.

    5. comic321


      Better touch a handheld device & regain our 2nd set of memories! lol

  10. I can't wait for this freaking show to air already! I need Boom cartoon now!
  11. This game is gonna be amazing! Plus, since it's a different universe, It's cool that the gang are meeting each other for the first time all in one game. Better than how the old games took one game to introduce a new character (2-Tails, CD-Amy/Metal Sonic, 3-Knuckles).
  12. The Wii U version looks amazing! The 3ds looks like a Rush-Rivals Hybrid...I'll buy both, but I 'm buying the wii u version first. Besides, I think the console version story are the canon events to the show. First, I gotta buy a wii u though...I'll buy the 3ds version next year.
  13. After it's first season run, Sonic Boom better be released on dvd, or there will. be. CHAOS!!!

    1. Nepenthe



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