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  1. Monkey D. Luffy, when he punched the Celestial dragon in the face that set the tone for what was to come afterward in the One Piece series. Hands down the best moment where I yelled "YES!!!!" when he did that.
  2. If this were back in the day, I would've actually said Sonic 2. I HATED the Chemical Plant Zone with a passion after Emerald Hill, and because of the fact that I could never really get past that level, I didn't really enjoy the game all that much. My outlook on the game has definitely changed A LOT since then though. While I still don't like Chemical Plant Zone, I do like several levels that are after that one. If I had to pick any more recent video game, I guess it would be Time Crisis 4 (even though that game came out over 10 years ago...) I really enjoy playing the first stage of the game, but then I just don't seem to have as much enjoyment after it's done. Maybe it's because I already dumped so many quarters into it at the arcade I play it at.
  3. I might get this, but I'm a bit disappointed at the same time. We'll see when the time comes if I'll actually spend the money on this collection. Either way, the nostalgia factor is quite heavy on this announcement.
  4. Yep, Sonic X is still one of my all time favorite anime series because it was this series that got me into this particular music from this Folk group. I now pretty much have every CD that this group has ever made, and they are my most played music group too on my Last FM. Have you heard of any of the other songs Off Course has made? Here's one I like, but it's hard to really link any songs since they usually get taken down for copyright issues:
  5. Happy Birthday

  6. Happy birthday, boss!

  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  9. It makes older videos look REALLY bad, that's my big gripe with it.
  10. Off topic, but has anyone noticed that the Youtube player is suddenly A LOT bigger now compared to before?? I really, REALLY don't like that change.
  11. It's funny, because T-Mobile is really shaking up everything and yet Verizon and AT&T haven't done squat to make ANYTHING sound appealing for their own companies. But the thing is, they probably think that since they have so many customers, they have nothing to worry about. I've also heard that AT&T & Verizon are even throttling people that are on the grandfathered unlimited data plan, so nothing is truly unlimited with either carrier. Sprint should seriously just die though, they have crappy service, it's more expensive than T-Mobile, and on top of that, they are HEAVILY losing customers. I'm SHOCKED they can even afford to talk about a potential merger.
  12. I just really hope that a T-Mobile and Sprint merger doesn't happen, but that's all I've been hearing lately when it comes to the company as a whole. On the upside though, if a merger did happen, they said they would probably keep the T-Mobile brand and dump Sprint altogether. I say good riddance, cause Sprint is HORRIBLE.
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