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  1. Well, if any old members would like to join the new forums, check out my sig.
  2. Sonikku returns! www.sonikkuforums.com

  3. Any past members of SZF check out my sig. Would be great to see old friends. :-)

  4. Sonic 3 & Knuckles (my favourite). I haven't played it in a very long time so I might dust off the old SEGA and give it a go.
  5. I can remember this. Funny shit. If any ex-members would like to get some sort of a reunion forum together we should (None of the assholes. Although I'm sure I would be considered one on many people's lists, but hey, it's my idea so suck it )
  6. welcome to SSMB!

  7. Since I've been mentioned so many times in this thread I thought I'd make an account and join in too. SZF was my first forum I joined. Was online every day until Sonikku and his "staff" begain ruining the experience. That was the whole reason myself and Valtiel spammed the shit out of it for the hell of it and eventually gained access to the ACP and really screwed things up. After that and after soniky or whoever the hell he was left too I shut it down and made a short living Zetaboards incarnation that's still online today but closed. Good times. Can remember a lot of usernames here. Sorry for kissing anyone off for being a cunt ah well! Pissing* ... Damn predictive text.
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