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  1. all the recent call of duty games have been pretty terrible endings
  2. My name is from when I joined the SSZ forums in late 2009. at the time I was new to forums and I saw lots of members with their own unique names for their fan characters, so I thought to create my own. I decided that I would make a character based of tails, but with lightning powers. There was already someone called Fox Lightning (the owner of SSZ) so I couldn't call myself that, so after awhile of thing I came up with Thunderbolt Prower, which I went with for a couple days before I went and changed it to Thunderbolt the Fox, which has stuck with me since. However my xbox live gamertag I had to put as Rakurai Kitsune, which means Thunderbolt the Fox in Japanese, since the english version was too long.
  3. whatever it is, if it is going to exist, I hope it'll be good. A new Sonic movie that is a good one could really help sonic's popularity
  4. I watched the newest episode last night, not gonna say much about it since it may spoil it for anyone who hasn't yet, but it's probably the best of this season so far
  5. I'm In Alaska, that's still too far away with my crappy job
  6. Now I am so jealous of Australia, I something like this sounds like heaven to me.
  7. Hi welcome to SSMB, I'm new to so don't come to me for help cause I have no idea what I'm doing
  8. It about time we had a new sonic cartoon, I hope this will be a great one
  9. When is this coming out? I really want to see it
  10. I'm a huge fan of giant robots of all kinds, especially transformers, I remember watching it on tv quite often while I ate cereal while sitting on the living room floor. The "bayformers" as you called it reignited my interest in the series, especially since before then it's popularity had been declined and definitely needed that boost.
  11. Hi Thunderbolt. =) You want to be a part of something me and a few friends are doing?

    1. Iggy


      inb4 threesome

      I'm so, so sorry. I couldn't resist. ;_;

  12. I don't know if anyone else has the problem before, but I never actually got the email verification even after a day of signing up. (not in spam or trash either) I had to change the email account on the board to my secondary, and the switch it back to my primary before I got sent a email switch message letting me confrim that I switched e-mails, which is what allowed me to verify my account. I hope this isn't a common problem, it does make signing up quite annoying
  13. Spirited Away was by far one of my most favorite films of his.
  14. Nakonga - Technoboy vs tuneboy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lp9WR_YMeM
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