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  1. Oh memories. This was actually prior to Xash's hacking of the forums, when I managed to stumble upon a hacking resource community with someone willing to grant me admin powers after I think I was perma'd for some reason, either way it was stupidity in my youth. I still find this hilarious though, since Day went through the effort of either making a new account or changing his accounts username to "I was playing DefJam you twat." Let's see here, I think my most used username on SZF was Shadow the Fox, and then I think I changed to some variations of that (Shadikku the Fox being one, pretty sure,) then Blinding Tears. I was pretty close with Infinity/Finu (still keep in touch with her on Facebook, same but less frequently with Day and Stormy, at least before she deleted her Facebook,) and my best friend is dating "La Bandita" (can't for the life of me remember what her actual username was,) in the quoted screenshot. I pretty much remember all of you, albeit some much more vaguely then others, but yeah, OH, and Jaicei, I kept in touch with her a lot until 2009ish when we just dropped off each others radars. Ironically I'm working towards getting my graphics design degree with a sub-specialty in web design, which involves learning all about password hashes and salting and all that good ol script security stuff.
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