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  1. 1: Yeah, after 9 years he did something to support Sonic. 2: Actually, Sonic did most of it while Eggman was planning on destroying Sonic after he dealt with the Deadly 3: That wasn't the point of my comment BTW. Well, if going over-the-top with having an attitude isn't a problem than I don't know what is. Maybe because Sonic isn't going to be on his side forever? So he should learn that and not following him everywhere he goes? I didn't. Atleast I didn't meant to act like that.
  2. I don't know what's the point of bringing up 06 and Unleashed to defend the current Tails, as he's still just as useless as in ShTH and afterwards. Eggman actually got his "dumbass" betrayed by not one but six Monster of the Week in Lost World. I guess we're gonna forget every event involving Sonic being a stuck-up douchebag who blatantly taunts Eggman and cracks corny jokes. Alright. Also, they are cardboxes for one simple thing: They are just as awful and shit as in most Sonic games before Colors. I fail to see how the current games treats the Sonic characters with more respect while in that aspect it's not trying to be better than the likes of Heroes, ShTH and Sonic 06. Blatantly forcing Sonic's jerkish side in our face and giving him corny jokes doesn't makes him better and more entertaining than the generic void of a hero he was before in the games I mentioned here. I admit that SLW Sonic was way better than Colors Sonic and Gens Sonic though, since it wasn't all 'Sonic is a cocky showoff and nothing else'. Tails is just the same he was previously: A tool. He always relies on Sonic no matter what, and he is just there because Sega keep insisting about shoving him next to Sonic for the sake of "brother like friendship" and they have an "unbreakable bond". And he was awful in SLW, by far the worst attempt at giving him a character. The problem with Eggman is that almost everybody makes fun of him, which is understandable since it's not easy to respect a manchild with tantrum throwing problems. I mean where's is the childish but threataning doctor with the I.Q. of 300? He was better in the second half of SLW than most of the previous games though as he was written better in those parts.
  3. First: I dislike the current state of plot and characterization. My biggest complaints about the plot is that they don't even trying anymore. Storytelling is barely there, it's way too predictable, and it's way too childfriendly. While I don't mind simple stories but I can't stand how they stupify it down so only 5 years old children could find it entertaining. There's little to no events too, since 90% cutscenes are always about Sonic being a cocky jerk who is never funny, Tails being useless and just being there as a plot device and Eggman being an assclown. Not only that, but every character lacks personality, depth or anything else that would make them interesting None of them have anything important to say, none of them make anything that matters and all of them are boring voids. Also, I'm fucking mad how we only get to see three two-dimensional cardboxes doing and talking stuff like in a cartoon for little kids, instead of focusing on making them into characters. Second: Not in this way. I'm up for lighthearted games but this over-the-top lightness is recent Sonic games is the wrong direction. If they would hire writers who can make good and meaningful plots rather than hiring someone who have never-ever dealt with Sonic before than I would be happy that the story and it's presentation doesn't make me cringe.
  4. It's sucks that awesome games/mods always ends up in development hell while the crappy 'no effort put in it at all' ones getting released everytime. Anyway, this is some really beautiful and sad OST.
  5. Tikal. She's one of the kindest Sonic character, she's not loud which is a huge positive for me and I just love her personality. But there are plenty of other characters who I could try for several reasons.
  6. These concept arts look better than the show itself.
  7. I really hate this game as a whole, but atleast it's better than Shadow and Sonic 06 which doesn't say much sadly, and it kinda saved Sonic's reputation. So in one way I'm glad this game exists, my only complaints are the shitty gameplay(both day-time and night-time stages)and the boring story telling. Oh and Chip.
  8. Big definitly deserves his own game, after all he's a widely hated well-recieved character in the fanbase and his gameplay in SA was impressively tedious and dull.
  9. These kind of people are the reason why I have no faith in humanity.
  10. Sorry, I just get irritated easily when people argue over things like this. I don't mind it if they don't like it because I can understand it that the sudden color change is weird, but if they decide to bash Sonic's new design then bashing his blue arms is not the way to go.
  11. My problem is however that they act like that the blue arms looks god awful on Sonic. Honestly, there could have been worse decisions about his redesign.
  12. Sonic: I really dig his new design. I think it did little to no damage to his appearance and I like his shoes and those weird extra spikes. What I don't understand why the fuck people are such cry babies about his blue arms. It's allowed to Shadow and Silver to have fur on their arms but on Sonic it's looks hideous and is a shitty character design? God. Tails: He have little changes but it's looks great on him. I liked his design, but I prefer his re-design over the current one, it's matches him perfectly. Amy: Another design that I like. She looks like a cheeky action girl to me and fits her pretty good. Let's hope that she will be badass to match her badass appearance. Knuckles: I was pretty sure that I'm gonna hate his new look since the silhoutte has been revealed, but I must admit that I like his design. He's the least appealing to me because of his buffed up body which looks downright weird to me but it could be worse I guess. And I don't mind his gloves. The reactions that this game and the TV show gets are hilarious, it's represents the typical behavior of millions of manchildren who are raging on the internet about how their favorite franchise got killed because it's trying to do something new and different instead of milking the same shit over and over and over and over again.
  13. While I'm curious about the game, we still need to know more about it before we could go and form an opinion about it. IMO it looks fun and I'm excited too, but I REALLY hope that Big Red Button Entertainment will not screw this game up with any stupid ideas or gimmicks.
  14. I wish I could mute the fanbase so I could avoid these "why the fuck does sanic have blue arms" kind of questions. Anyway, I like it so far. The CGI looks actually good and I dig the new designs. And it made me laugh which is a big thing to say after the corny shit we got since Colors. I wonder if the story will be any good.
  15. This is honestly looks better than Lost World actually. Hope it will be better too.
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