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  2. Homura slowly takes the flower. "...Thanks." She says in response before spawning her shield. She stores it inside. However, she doesn't lose sight of Dan, who she eyes suspiciously and confusingly. Madoka, on the other hand is much more appreciative. "Ooooh! It's so pretty! Thank you!" She holds the flower. "It reminds me of the flowers me and... my... mom... grow together..." Homura rushes to Madoka's aid, lunging forward and putting her hands on her shoulders with great concern. Madoka responds by brushing Homura's hands off. "A-Anyway! Thanks!"
  3. Walking down the Plaza, Kyubey observes the Christmas decorations set up for him. He smiles at the festive nature of it all. It feels so... nostalgic. Heeeey! Merry Christmas, Kyubey! Come on, you think we'd skip on giving you a present? Amitie? Dib? Yeah... Eheh... I know it's uhh... Boxing Day and all but you know, I uhhh... Amitie tried to wrap the present. It didn't go well, I had to help out... then all the wrapping paper got ripped, the stores were closed and before we knew it... it was midnight when we finally got out of a 24 hour Sky-Mart. Still, though! Open it! Open it! Alright! I'm opening! Wonder what ya got! I think you'll like it... Oh, WOW! You guys! You know how rare this is?! H-How did you even find it? Hee hee! A magician never spoils her secrets! It was a total pain to find, though. I'll say that, at least. Man, I can't believe you got me a- Kyubey proceeds to angerly shake his head. He can't stop thinking about the memories of his best friends. No... those memories weren't his. Why is he dwelling on them? They're not his friends. Not really. He looks back on the decorations. It seems to him that they've lost some of their joy.
  4. Back at the Sky Eater... Tumbling into the main room, Monokuma and Kurokuma emerge from a portal that LOG created to get them out of the jam back in the program. "Ah, my career as a writer is never gonna take off, is it?" Monokuma laments. Waddling to their dad's aid, the Monokubs arrive. "FAT-HER IS HERE." Monodam replies, flying all the way to him. "Yeah, yeah. Father's here, alright." Monokuma says, getting up. "So, are we done stallin' or what?" Monosuke asks, adjusting his glasses. "We still gotta think of an ambush plan!" Monokuma grabs his two sons. "Oh, my eager, eager babies..." He then proceeds to punt them across the room with great force. The two cubs smack against the Sky Eater's windows. "I'M WORKING ON IT!" He yells. Dusting himself off, he grabs a notebook and proceeds to write down his strategy for his next plan. Operation: Giant Punishment He walks into a dark room, only illuminated by the lights of hundreds of Arkeyan Hybrids, mass produced for battle.
  5. The three finally arrive at the Ski Village. Madoka points ahead. "There!" She says. In front of Cole lies the Everyday Phoning Facility. Nothing about it screams "headquarters" to him. It's the least intimidating place possible. ...But perhaps that's what makes it so genius.
  6. "Two, you could say. Although it's hard to tell who's the higher-up." Homura explains. There's Izanami. She's certainly the more cold, reserved and calculating of the two. Although, she has been working in the shadows. Too much, perhaps. I'm unsure if she's been managing or planning her own plot behind the scenes. Then there's Monokuma, someone we encounter more often and is usually the one behind many ambitious LOSE plots. He's actually a robotic bear with the soul of an insane sadistic girl inside. Homura then goes silent, just allowing all of this to sink in for Cole.
  7. "Certainly. You can call them interdimensional terrorists or whatever." Homura begins to explain. "They call themselves LOSE. They'e a group of evildoers from other universes hellbent on multiversal domination. Their numbers are too much to count for me to describe them all." As she explains, both Madoka and Cole make their way to the Ski Village. Surely, Cole's in for a wild ride.
  8. Homura's eyebrow raises. "What?" It's clear that the more questions that are asked, the more annoyed she gets. Not even most newcomers ask this most questions this forcefully. Madoka, however is more than happy to answer. "What is it?" She asks.
  9. "We convene at an abandoned secret agency in the Ski Village." Homura replies. "Everytime a distress call occurs or a meeting happens, we go there." "Would... you like us to lead you there?" Madoka asks. The two seem willing to lead this newcomer to HQ. Madoka more than Homura, to be more precise.
  10. "I'm... not really the best at explaining so..." Madoka scratches her head. Luckily, Homura steps in to save the day. Hands on her hips, she decides to respond in the ex-goddess' place. "This multiverse naturally consists of multiple universes. Often times, evildoers cross dimensions and spread their evil. It's our jobs as the Skylanders to intervene and deliver justice. Usually through combat." She explains. "Thorough enough for you?" Homura concludes, flipping her hair.
  11. "Sure, sure. Whatever." Hiyoko says in response sarcastically. "Now if you beat Junko in your sleep, I'd be impressed!" The mentioning of her homeworld's post-apocalyptic state on causes Hiyoko's expression to darken. "Yeah... I wouldn't blame ya if you leave because of this." "Well..." Madoka puts her finger to her chin as she thinks. She tries to find the best way to word things until she lands on it. "Well, we find distress calls throughout the multiverse and we set things straight and save worlds!" She says to him.
  12. "Oh, my name's Madoka Kaname! That's Homura Akemi!" Madoka says, pointing at her raven-haired best friend. Homura simply nods in acknowledgement and nothing more. It's clear she wants nothing to do with him "Are you visiting for the Christmas festivities?" Madoka asks, wondering why he's here.
  13. "Heeeeey! You seem lost!" Madoka yells, waving her hands to get Cole's attention. She manages to catch up to him. Homura follows right behind her. "He certainly isn't a native." Homura says. She squints her eyes and looks around him. "Clearly computer generated, not hand-drawn... not mention he isn't a penguin."
  14. "Hm? What's going on?" Hiyoko asks as she waks towards the group. Managing to overhear the conversation, she puts the piece together. "Ah, you're leaving? Heard a lot of people are abandoning ship today... but for being lazy? That's a new level of lame!" She taunts. "Ahhh, Christmas! My favorite time of year! The glistening lights, the music, the festivities, it really makes me happy!" Madoka chirps as she walks near Cole's vicinity, all with a certain someone in tow. "Isn't it odd, though? After all, you were a goddess and... you're celebrating the birth of the son of another God?" Homura asks. This causes Madoka to flail her arms. "G-Gods can celebrate the birth of other gods too!" She exclaims. Her attention was then directed to Cole. "Hey! There's someone over there, Homura!"