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  1. Makoto nods. "Yeah. We all wanna see if you're okay." He then turns to Tails. "Thank you so much for keeping her safe." "No problem. Glad everything worked out in the end." Tails grins. Komaru smiles at Tails. "Thank you, Dr. Tails?" "Dr. Tails?" The fox questions, never recieving such a nickname before.
  2. Back in the EPF HQ, Homura let out a small scowl. Madoka puts her hand on Homura's shoulder. "Homura...? What's wrong?" "I can't help but think someone, somewhere is trying to make me into some sort of children's plaything..." Homura groans. However, Madoka's eyes light up. "You mean a toy of you? I would love to have one!" Homura turns to Madoka, embarssased. "W-Wha... really?"
  3. Kaede and Komaru manage to make it to the room. "Is... Is she okay?" Kaede asks, concerned about Sayaka's well-being. Tails turns to the bed. "Yeah. She's recovering. Don't worry." Komaru wipes her forehead. "That's a relief. I don't want to see her die." "...A-And I'm not just saying that because I'm a 'Sayaker'!" She panics, defending herself.
  4. "Hina, calm down!" Makoto urges his friend, using all of his might to hold the swimmer back. Although his arms are trembling on account that Hina is stronger than him. "There's more important things to be concerned about!"
  5. "You don't have to see it." Tails says. "Just believe in what others see." His ears perk up as he notices the incoming footsteps. He gives a small chuckle. "Speak of the devil..."
  6. Tails simply turns to Sayaka. "...And you think I didn't hurt anyone, either? Can you imagine what kind of damage I caused with my weapons?" He says before giving a sick chuckle. "I made a psychopath for pete's sake who has killed god knows how many." "Sonic's policy is to save anyone he can. And I follow that. So this includes you too. Especially since you put your life on the line for others."
  7. "Hey, hey, hey! Don't say 'bout yourself!" Tails scolds before turning to the readings. "The island's safe. You are our primary concern, now." Tails squints his eyes. "Heart rate's steady, that's good..."
  8. Meanwhile Tails is working in the medbay, finishing up on tweaking Sayaka's life support. Patting the main unit softly, he turns to the bed where Sayaka lays, pink splatters scattered throughout. "Hey..." He asks. "You... doin' alright?"
  9. Kaede lets out a small giggle and winks. "Don't worry! I'll keep it a secret between us." She smiles. Shuichi, walking behind them could only nervously blush at the idea of Kaede being at a wedding...
  10. Kaede sheepishly puts her hand behind her head. "Oh, it's nothing! Don't worry about it! I'm just... happy I can play for someone, you know?" She laughs gently.
  11. "I... did rescue a few penguins..." Kaede starts to say before being taken aback by the sudden subject change. "O-Oh! Yeah, sure! I'd love to!" She then replies. She is happy someone wants her to play the piano for them... but still, she is a little confused.
  12. "I wasn't on any missions, though." Kaede answers. "I was simply on search and rescue." She then simply leads Mog down the stairs, towards Sonic.
  13. Kaede notices the newcomer. "Sonic? Yeah, he's... right here." She points to Sonic, who was nearby the screen, thanking Cyrus and Chihiro for their help.
  14. "Do... Do we take him to the medbay?" Komaru asks Hina. Suddenly, the elevator opens, revealing Sayaka, Madoka, Homura, Kaede and Shuichi. Sayaka takes a deep breath of relief. "Finally. The machines have gone back to normal." "Yeah. We had to spend our time searching the island for people in trouble." Madoka adds, rubbing her eyes, tired.
  15. Tails' announcement brings relief to the Skylanders. Cyrus sighs in relief. "Looks like our work here is done." He smiles. "I suppose we should take our leave, right, Chihiro?" @Ghostrick Dorklord