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    Jesus, Sonic The Hedgehog, Skylanders, Danganronpa, Transformers, LEGO, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Persona, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Nintendo, PlayStation, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Movies, Music, Toys, Animation, probably a lot more that I can't think off the top of my head right now.
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    Hope's Peak Academy

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About Me

Wanna talk? Feel free to hit me up on Discord: Failinhearts#2087


What? You actually bothered to see me? Oh man, I never expected any visitors I-


Well, hello there! The name's Failinhearts! Before you ask, yes, I'm a guy. My cousin thought of this name for an MMO and she gave her account to 8-year-old me and the name just stuck ever since. I use it wherever I go. See a guy on DarkSpyro named Failinhearts? That's me. See a guy with the Nintendo Network ID named Failinhearts? That's me. See a guy on freaking Club Penguin named Failinhearts? Yes. That's me. Club Penguin was the MMO where this name came from.

I've became a Sonic fan ever since I was a little kid in 2004. I was introduced to the blue blur via Sonic X and later got my first game: Sonic Heroes! Sonic has shaped my interests ever since. Most of my interests are connected to my love for Sonic in some way, shape or form. Sonic even helped shape my personality. I can be kinda impatient and always doing things the fast way. Despite that, I also keep a hard focus on my academics. Gotta keep those grades you know!

I also love movies, other video games and music. My favorite types of music are game soundtracks and orchestral movie scores. Movie scores especially motivate me as they help me imagine writing scenarios as I'm an avid Roleplayer. I even manage an RP of my own on this very board!

Toys are another thing I love to collect. Especially things in the Toys-To-Life genre. I started my journey with Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and the addiction was sealed. I also collect toys from the Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions and amiibo brands.

If you like these things, or if you just want to have a chat with me, feel free to PM me! I'll be happy to talk with you!


Top 5 Characters



1: Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica/ Sonic The Hedgehog from... Sonic The Hedgehog.


2: Optimus Prime from Transformers. (G1)


3: Monokuma from Danganronpa


4: Kaede Akamatsu from Danganronpa


5: Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia

My hall of friends!

@DanJ86: Kind, playful and incredibly talented beyond all belief, Dan's a great friend who I know will always be supportive of me no matter what, willing to put a lot on the line for what he believes in!

@Bloxxerboy: Likes LEGO? Check. Writing characters? Check. Already a great friend, who we met in a way I never expected. Thanks for noticing my writing from the outside, dude!

@NegaMetallix: A supportive friend with a talent for writing characters, original and derivative, Metallix is a great friend to have by my side!

@Polkadi~♪: A buddy with great music skills! You're welcome with getting you into Persona, my dude.

@SurrealBrain: One of my earlier friends, Surreal here was always there during the many times I've gone through depression. Thank you so much, man.

@Osmium: Probably one of the smartest and relatable people I know here! You're a great pal!

@I'm Dan: This "shoobie" is a fun guy and it was great RPing with you while it lasted! Nevertheless, continue being great!

@Ice Prince Jin: Good choice of waifus there. Especially Sayaka! Stay cool, my friend!

@Ryannumber1gamer: A truly reliable friend who is a fellow RP staff member! Always dedicated to making the board a better place, nobody's a harder worker than him!

@Indigo Rush: A great person to talk to during dark times, he always knows what to say and keeps Jesus in his heart. God bless you, my friend.

@TheSilverFanBoy: You have a nice character to hang on to there, my friend! Silver is awesome and don't let anyone else say otherwise!

@Galabance: A user with some great drawing skills! I even named my Pit amiibo after him in his honor!

@Penny: This fun user also has a knack for writing it looks like. I still remember your tribute to the late Satoru Iwata. That was beautiful.

@Forte-Metallix: One of the few Skylander fans I know! You were fun to RP with and a lot of fun to talk to! Plus, you like robots. Robots are good.

@Crow the BOOLET: One of my closest friends on the board and someone I can always count on, Crow is my fellow creator of the RP and the person who introduced me to Danganronpa! We worked on many projects together, and I gotta say, we make a great duo!

@Spin Attaxx: An utterly great person with a fantastic sense of creativity! Spin is a true friend! Supportive, fun and full of ambition!

@Kiah: A supportive and kind mod who has been a great help in my times of need! 

@Detective Tenth Doctor: A swell man with a knack for writing and a good taste in Time Lords! Allons-y!

@GamerGirl54321: A nice person to talk to with interesting characters for the RP! Hope to see Calamity and Star one day soon!

@Champion Falling-Zebra: Pokemon lover, RP pal and a nice artist! You're a great person to hang with!

@Mightyray: A fellow Skylanders fan and amazing artist, Mighty is a really thoughtful friend and I'm glad to be her friend and fellow RPer! 

@Emperor Robrainiac: An artist brimming with imagination and creativity, Emperor's characters always bring me a smile on my face, and so does he!

@Dee Dude: A man with a fun, light-hearted sense of humor, with an equally great cartoony style to go along with it, Dee's a real swell friend to have around!

@Jovahexeon Megumin Academy: Not afraid to speak his mind, and very descriptive, Jova is one of those rare fellows with a real eye for detail! 

This thing is obviously a work in progress and more people can be added.


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