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  1. Knowing that Marza is involved is a fantastic thing, honestly. Not only does this mean we can see them in their prime when it comes to animating Sonic, but it could raise awareness in regards to their talents that might result in them having more internationally released films down the line.

    Japan can't hog all that Sonic-y, Lupin-y goodness all to themselves, like come on. 

    Maybe it could result in an eventual Smurfs: The Lost Village-esque reboot with them at the helm, you'll never know.

    Might as well through my thoughts on the trailer. Despite me still having my reservations with the premise, which is still a honestly pretty bad concept, this new trailer really gives me a lot more hope for the movie. Sonic has a more defined personality, being that of an overly excitable, curious child but with the same amount of attitude we expect from him. It's an interesting take on the character which we haven't seen in a while, honestly. And the new design, which... wow, is absolutely fantastic and no doubt one of my favorite looks on Sonic yet just embodies that excitable mentality as well.

    The humor is more on-point as well, because if you HAVE to force Sonic on this buddy road trip comedy, it has to be funny all around and not just when Eggman is involved. This trailer shows that off much better than the original.

    So yeah, my hopes have gone considerably high for this one. Still not even close to what I believe is the ideal Sonic movie, but this does seem to be at the very least, a decently fun time at the theater. And I can only hope box office numbers and the overall reception this movie leaves both before and after release could encourage Paramount to have a bit more ambition going forward.

  2. 1 minute ago, kuriatsu said:

    I do know of where I can potentially get a prototype skylanders disc, but I'm not too confident about that...I think it was already purchased...:(

    Aw well, at least we got the Cutting Room Floor.

  3. 44 minutes ago, kuriatsu said:

    Thank you failinhearts :)

    (ninth doctor was a good doctor :) )

    Yeah I document prototypes I personally am able to find, and I compare them to the retail product.

    I haven't found any sonic ones, and I don't think I will, but that'd be awesome if I did :)

    My most recent project is playstation all stars.

    Thank you menace2society :)


    Huh? Wha? I didn't say anything.

  4. 9 minutes ago, kuriatsu said:


    My username is kuriatsu.

    I've been playing sonic games for........ohhh.............22-23 years or so now.

    My most recently played sonic game was sonic mania, I love the old school games more than the newer games but, I don't think the newer ones are BAD.....so much as.....not good most of the time....(I'm looking at you sonic 2006......)

    Hobbies other than playing sonic games occasionally and other games sometimes, would be glitch hunting and documenting prototype videogames :)



    Welcome to SSMB! Enjoy your stay!

    Prototype documentor, huh? That's really cool!

  5. I still think this movie's story, cinematography and overall concept is far from what I would want a Sonic movie would be...

    ...But at least I can look at this movie without feeling sick to my stomach if this redesign is real. I really, really like what I'm seeing. It feels like the redesign takes from elements of both Classic, Modern and Boom to create a look that's still Sonic, still distinct but most importantly, still appealing.

    So if this is true, I really have to commend the crew for even bothering to fix Sonic, because I'm personally satisfied with this design. Hopefully this leads to sequels that fix the other problems this movie will inevitably have.

    Being too optimistic for the future? Well, someone's gotta be. Best I can hope is that this is the next step to a Smurfs: The Lost Village-esque sequel or reboot.

  6. The week for celebrating the SSMB Heroes Academy RP's third anniversary has come and gone! From heartfelt tributes, to game nights to art collabs, this truly was a very special week for me! And I'm here to compile, and reveal what came out from it, here!

    First off, posters celebrating the RP's past, present and future, honoring each season and their stories made by our lovely community!


    The season that started it all, and kicked off The Vortech Saga! The Skylanders assembled for the first time as they hunted for the mythical Foundation Elements to prove the power of fiction can help anyone conquer anything!


    Season 2! The Skylanders met the mysterious Kaede Akamatsu, discovered her past and realized the power of fans, and how any character can rise above any role that chainrd them up!


    Season 3! The Skylanders get caught in the grasp of the charismatic yet devious L.O.G as they're forced to juggle between their duties and overcoming his crazy challenges! Together they will learn that it's one thing to rise above evil, but another thing to rise above your own mistakes...


    And lastly, the upcoming Season 4, the ambitious chapter marking the beginning of the end of The Vortech Saga! Danger approaches as the secret yet dangerous Warmongers, led by the enigmatic Infinite bring the multiverse to its knees... sending the multiverse into a state of warfare and calamity. Can the Skylanders fight them, or be engulfed by the endless flames of hate?


    And lastly, an art collab organized by user @Nina Cortex Spookhexeon to allow the artists of the RP to combine their creative talents to create one last tribute with characters drawn by me, @Spin Attaxx, @Emperor Robrainiac and @DanJ86!

    ...Wait, who is the yellow Sentinel? We never see her before? Well, after over a year of development, the next new Sentinel is about to make her grand appearance!


    Introducing Maria Robotnik, the Sentinel with a unique and powerful ability: Chaos! She has the power to create artificial Chaos Emeralds using her own body, and manipulate the Chaos Force in familiar and new ways! How did she came to be? Why is she here? That's a secret we'd have to find out...

    Thank you to everyone who has participated in the RP! From my co-creator @Crow the BOOLET, my staff members @Spin Attaxxand @Ryannumber1Scarer who helped keep it going, and of course our participants:

    None of this could be possible without you, so thank you for keeping us going for 3 years!

    @Nina Cortex Spookhexeon, @DanJ86, @NegaMetallix, @Polkadi~☆, @Emperor Robrainiac, @Playmaker0122, @Bloxxerboy, @MightyRay, @Terriful, @TripleSlash, @tntchan3, @Cylvanis, @Cheawn, @SurrealBrain, @Dee Dude, @Lucid Dream, @Terriful, @WhoWhatMan and @Uraraka

  7. 5 hours ago, jdubbam said:

    recently signed-up member here

    name's justin. i'm a semi-longtime sonic fan who got back into the games around two years ago, as well as a fan of sega in general. i've actually known about this place for a long time beforehand, but with all of the happenings that have surrounded the franchise and whatnot over the past three years, i figured that now would be a better time than ever to get in on the fun here. i may not post that much, but i'm hoping to enjoy my time here


    Welcome to SSMB! Enjoy your stay!

    It's alright if you don't post much! Your presence is appreciated regardless!

  8. 6 minutes ago, Rouge_Witchy said:

    Hi I'm Rouge_Witchy and I'm a classic son fan and long time reader of the archie comics run of sonic

    I Recently joined today because I had been pondering getting back into sonic comics(i had not read them since the archie run was halted)and this seemed like the best place to get some opinions on the idw run(reddit can be rather suspect...especially when people downvote you for no reason at all)

    not sure what else to say other than i also frequented the old sonic forums on sega's website during the sonic boom days


    Welcome to SSMB! Enjoy your stay! I'm not a comic reader myself, but I bet there's people here who would love to discuss it with you!

  9. 6 minutes ago, Ivo-goji said:

    I am the Eggman, but you can call me Ivo.  An old Sonic fan from the halcyon days of netraptor.org and hippotank in search of a new place to achor his airship.  Some people here might be old acquaintances from elsewhere, and those who are new to me I hope will enjoy my conversation.


    Welcome to SSMB! Enjoy your stay, and all hail the Eggman Empire!

  10. 24 minutes ago, Tails The Foxy said:

    Hello Im Tails The Foxy! 

    Im a huge Sonic The Hedgehog Fan! Its been my main Fandom for so long, I would love to make new friends as well! Im very excited to be here! :)


    Welcome to SSMB! Enjoy your stay!

    I'd be happy to be your friend!

  11. LOG's plan is underway as he sways Tsumugi to his cause... but what is his cause, exactly?



    “Here we are! My humble abode slash, studio slash, hideout slash, company headquarters!” LOG introduces as he and Tsumugi walk through a purple vortex, now that she’s freed from her pod prison.

    Tsumugi gets a good look at her surroundings: An endless purple void populated with nothing but cardboard boxes.

    There’s boxes in the air, boxes as buildings, boxes in the sea… also made of boxes. It’s a sight more surreal than any Killing Game she could possibly think of.

    “Why is this… your house?” Tsumugi asks, still baffled by this new concept of dimension travel, writers, and floating, talking television screens.

    “Oh, it’s simple, honey! Simple, indeed! Nobody ever lives here, and nobody visits here anymore. The only other creature in this place is that orange fuzzball over there.”

    Directing Tsumugi’s attention upwards, she notices a box that flies by which opens up to reveal an orange, fuzzy sphere with eyes. Looking at Tsumugi, this orange creature opens its mouth happily, revealing its bucktooth smile.

    “But enough about him! We should talk about what I do here!” LOG chirps. “Let’s talk, producer to producer, eh?”

    “Definitely, so… you mentioned your failure at rebooting a game? Was there anything else you did in your career afterwards?” Tsumugi asks the enigmatic TV.

    “Oh, ho! Skipping to the resume! I didn’t even offer you refreshments, yet!” LOG laughs.

    “…They’d probably be made of boxes anyway.” Tsumugi whispers to herself.

    “Well, lessee! I decided to move on from gaming after that… mishap which let me tell you! That’s gonna be a cult classic in 15 years just you wait! But I moved on to the film and TV biz!” LOG explains.

    “TV, huh? Alright, I’m listening.” Tsumugi says. “And how did they do?”

    “O-Oh! Uhh… they were marvelous! Top of their time slot! People from around the multiverse turn on the TV to see it!” LOG stutters. “Got Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes, Silver Globes, Bronze Globes, Globes stolen from school desks, the works!”

    “And yet your studio is in an empty world of boxes with no crew?” Tsumugi asks.

    “I’m a one man band! Yup, yup!” LOG confidently says. “But my next project is so big… it needs a TWO man band!”

    “Riiight…” Tsumugi mutters in doubt. She’s growing more and more weary about this creature’s reputation in the entertainment world. However she chooses to swallow her pride. After all, LOG did save her after all.

    “And that project is?”

    “Check it!”

    LOG tosses a newspaper from thin air, having it land in front of Tsumugi’s face.


    “Read that tippy top headline up there!”

    Peeling the newspaper away, Tsumugi analyzes the article.



    “…Superheroes of the multiverse? Skylanders? Isn’t it that one cash grab game about buying toys?”

    “Maybe in your world, but you gotta catch on, girl! Everything is real somewhere, and now people from AAAAALLLLL over are joining them!” LOG says.

    Tsumugi looks closer at the article. “I dunno… this feels wrong.”

    “What?! How in the nutty bolts is this wrong lookin’? This is awesome! Imagine filming the antics and goings on about heroes and villains from all corners of fiction, duking it out for supremecy! I smell Globes of which mankind has never heard of before!”

    Tsumugi grinds her teeth. “I dunno, these characters really shouldn’t be together. Crossovers are one thing, but…”

    She puts that thought aside, still trying to articulate the words as to what’s throwing her off.

    LOG observes Tsumugi’s doubt, noticing she’s getting less and less swayed with whatever prospect LOG’s proposing. His speakers make the sound of a clicking tongue as he whispers to himself.

    “You ain’t backing out…”

    He resumes his more cheerful demeanor as he flies in to look at the newspaper with her. “Alright, alright! I see this is still gonna need some getting used to. But I know something you might liiiiiike~”

    Turning the page, the article shifts to the image of a blue hedgehog and an all too familiar boy shaking hands.

    The green hoodie, the brown hair, the obnoxious yet adorable spike atop it, these details are something Tsumugi could never NOT recognize. Not after years of perfecting his cosplay.

    “…M-Makoto Naegi?”

    “Yeeees! Makoto Naegi! I probably should’ve mentioned a long time ago, Danganronpa’s real, Smoogs! And he’s behind this operation! Betcha wanna make a show about him now, huh?”

    Tsumugi, driven by a sudden force of enthusiasm she thought she once lost closes the newspaper and stares at LOG.

    “Where do we start?!”

    “Not where… but when?”


  12. 1 hour ago, OnyxCrimsonBlur said:

    *Nervous Wave*

    Well I've been a Sonic fan for quite a long time. It started in 1993 when I got a SEGA Genesis for Christmas and Sonic 2 was the very first game I ever played. Six was the age I was introduced to the Sonic fandom and video games in general, so from that point on I have kept Sonic close to me. Bad day? Sonic. Good day? Sonic. Morale Boost? Sonic. I believe you get the picture. Sonic has been in my life for 26 years and I don't see it going away any time soon.

    When SA2 came around I immediately gravitated towards Shadow because of my penchant for antiheroes. Of course, some aspects of his personality have been ... *tweaked* but some of it has stayed the same. just enjoyed the character development so much.

    Anyway, I enjoy Marvel Comics mostly Wolverine and Gambit. Wolverine because he, as well, is an antihero. I think his healing factor has gotten quite a bit overzealous over the years, but I love his attitude. I was really sad when Disney bought out Marvel ... Yeesh.

    I enjoy anime now. DBZ, Hellsing, Stiens Gate, Full Metal Alchemist, My Hero Academia to name a few. 

    I love to draw, been drawing quite a long time. Deviant Art (Mind the name, I was going through a phase of name change and I can't get core to fix it)

    You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter

    Other video game franchises I like include Gears of War, Warframe, Fallout, Assassin's Creed, the X-Men fighting games, Super Smash Bros., and I play SEGA Heroes on my phone.

    I play games for fun on Twitch

    And, well, that's all I can really say for now.

    ... Bye


    Welcome to SSMB! Enjoy your stay!

    Glad to hear how much of a part Sonic played in your life! Awesome!

  13. 12 minutes ago, prettyinplague said:

    Hello there! My name is Sky. Fun fact of the day is I think I remember this site from when I was a wee little kid. Now I'm an adult and I'm here again. How strange. Anyway I'm just a general geek, nothing special, I'm here because I love Sonic of course! Oh and... I also have an obsession with Kpop so if anyone else is a fan of Kpop feel free to chat! I'm also very eclectic and my art sort of reflects that. Also I'm kinda shy haha so... hi! 


    Welcome back to SSMB! Enjoy your stay!

    No need to be shy! I'm sure we can all get along! Hope all the changes aren't too overwhelming after your last visit!

  14. The next chapter is finally here, introducing the Lord of Games himself, originally portrayed by @Crow the BOOLET!

    CHAPTER 3: Enter L.O.G


    Floating around in the pod, Tsumugi continues to experiment with her powers. Generating a brick with her hands, she tosses it around, watching it slowly descend to her hands before lifting it up.

    Her fear and confusion morphed into boredom and uncertainty. She still doesn’t know where this place is, who brought her here, and how the hell she even got these powers.

    She could make out a throne room but it’s not like she knew who it belonged to. Whoever he is, he must sure be a busy man to leave her alone for so long.

    Occasionally she would put her ear against the pod’s surface to hear murmuring. Talks about plans, setting up, their boss on some sort of investigation, it’s faint but something about her developing powers allowed her to make out some sort of English words.

    …Maybe she would’ve been more attentive if one voice wasn’t distracting her from how familiar it sounds.

    “…Is that Monokuma? No, it can’t be. Danganronpa’s fictional... right?”

    Tsumugi rubs her head. This mental fragmentation isn’t going away any time soon.

    Suddenly, Tsumugi could feel goosebumps run up her spine. An unfamiliar sound, almost like the sound of a ghost passing through a wall, like in the horror anime she watched as a child.

    “Who’s there?!”

    Her face suddenly presses against the glass dome of the pod in an attempt to intimidate the intruder.


    Tsumugi slowly inches away from the glass. Maybe a false ala-

    “WELL, WELL!”

    In a flash, what appears to be a TV screen appears in front of Tsumugi, startling her.


    Recovering from the shock, Tsumugi looks down to see that this isn’t just some TV Screen, but it’s displaying… a game of pong? The paddles appear to make up eyes as they move in a natural manner to pupils.

    Below, she could see an elegant robe, almost like this is royalty of some sort.

    “A living… TV. Riiiight, this has to be another test. Only my boss could do something this crazy. Yeah, yeah, that’s it.”

    “So this is what Vortech’s been up to, huh? Pffft, he’s always been so boring. Why bring HER back to life?”

    “A-Alright, cut the crap, guys. I know this is you, Mr. Kodaka. Another one of your wacky auditions. You can take out the disguise now!” Tsumugi says with wavering denial.

    “Mr. Kodaka? Oh, honey. I didn’t know you knew who your writer was! Did Vortech give you the ol’ existential runaround?” The TV playfully floated around, it seemed full of energy and enthusiasm… but Tsumugi could feel something chilling behind that demeanor. Almost like a façade.

    “Who the hell is Vortech?”

    “…Guess not! Well, he’s not important. Just some lame-o sore loser who hates making things interesting with his posse of other lame-o sore losers!”

    The TV leans forward, observing Tsumugi. “And it looks like he wants to use you for something. That’s why he brought you back to life…”

    “Wait, I actually died?!” Tsumugi gasps.

    “Oh yeah. Biiiiig rock.” The TV screen changes to show a poorly rendered stick figure being crushed by a pong ball. “SQUISH!”

    “Just a pool of Pepto-Bismol and flesh. Ain’t pretty.”

    “And what does he want me to do?” Tsumugi asks.

    “Girl, I know everything about you. You’re a disguisin’ machine! No doubt you’d be perfect for his stupid little evil plan to make things boring for characters like us!” The TV proceeds to go on a tangent. “I mean, who’d want to destroy writers? Our job is to entertain! That’s the point of a character, yeah?”

    “T-That’s right.” Tsumugi says. “That’s what… I wanted to do.  Entertain people.” She twiddles her thumbs.

    “They wanted Danganronpa, and I wanted to give them what they want. But they threw me away, instead.”

    The TV looks at her, stays silent for a moment before turning away. “Oh, I hear that. One of my earliest gigs was bringing back a classic game franchise. But how was I supposed to know that they didn’t want cars?! Try something a little different, man.”

    He turns around. “Hey, I may not be this… Kodaka you’re talkin’ about. But it looks we had the same problem. Tell ya what. I’m trying to make my own show, and I need a crew. How’s about you ditch this pidge and come with me? Have that second chance to show someone what we’re made of?”

    Tsumugi stares in bewilderment. “And… who are we entertaining?”

    “Well, basically gods. People who created us. I’ll fill you in on the way to my place, if you want.” The TV says.

    “And your name is?” Tsumugi asks.

    “I never thought you’d ask. Name’s the Lord of Games, but please! Call me L.O.G.” The TV finally states.

    “L.O.G… Waiiiit a minute, you came here because you know I’d join your crew, huh?” Tsumugi asks.

    “Well, they never said I was subtle.” L.O.G sighs. “But do you want out, or not?”

    “Sure. I don’t understand what the hell a lot of what you said means, but if it means getting one more chance… I’ll do anything.” Tsumugi nods.

    “Perfect! Now step back, daddy’s got some work to do!” Out of nowhere, L.O.G gets out a blowtorch.


  15. 4 minutes ago, ChaosKaiser said:

    Yeep! Sayaka friggin' Miki (main and underrated character from my favourite anime! Yeeeeeee!!) just welcomed me in a Sonic forum using a Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who gif? I already feel at home. Thank you so much!

    Hope my stay brings joy to others too! 😊


    I... I think I just found my soulmate, guys.

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