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  1. "So what will you do now, me? Will you run? Just pretend I'm not here?"
  2. The dust settles, as Shadow Junko emerges from the ashes, not saying a word. "..."
  3. Oktavia gives Junko one more smash, causing the Shadow Manipulator and her to explode. BOOM! Monokuma flies out, his arms flailing. But before he could land, something catches him... "..." "Can you believe it?! My ONE chance to get my old body back, to defeat the Skylanders forever and become a god... all down the drain! I'm filled with so much despair right now that... that..." "I can barely contain myself on how great this feels! It feels just like the first Killing Game over and over again! The whole tower of cards crashing down! Oh, Phantom! Despair with me!" Phantom gives no response as the two disappear back to Geonosis.
  4. Oktavia sneaks behind Junko as she's being attacked and grabs her by the head, smashing it onto the Shadow Manipulator repeatedly. Monokuma panics inside. "No! No! NO!"
  5. Shadow Junko makes it to the machine and raises her hands, ready to smash the Skylanders. "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UUUUUUP!" Sonic shoots a fireball at Junko's eye. "Light 'em up, fellas!"
  6. "You know what's behind this hunk of metal, Junko?" Tails teases. "Hope, and lots of it! Don't you wanna bring it down? Crush it? Make it your bitch? Step right up!" "One batch of hope, ripe for the picking!" That especially triggers Shadow Junko as she begins running to the machine in anger.
  7. Kamui floes to Junko, shaking its bottom at her. "Kiss my Persona's butt lady!" "Your idiocy only delays the inevitable!" Shadow Junko exclaims as she marches over to the others on the other side of the Shadow Manipulator. "I have faith in you all! You can do this!" Kaede puts her hand to her head, as she winces slightly in pain. Are you sure they can? What if they fail? Then what? "No, they won't fail." "...They shouldn't fail..."
  8. "With you guys here, I'm sure we won't fail! Everyone, let's all get to one side of the machine and lure Junko there. Then, we strike!"
  9. "Yeah, kinda like that, Hina. I noticed that when we attacked her eye, she also landed on the machine. This caused both to get damaged. Maybe if we lure her to the machine and THEN attack the eye, we'd defeat both?"
  10. "Well, I got an idea." Sonic turns to her. "I'm all ears, kiddo." "We need to take down that machine too, right? It looks like Junko is harmed by the machine, and it's harmed by her. If we can lure her to that thing enough, perhaps we can take out both the same way as what we did earlier?"
  11. As the fires extinguish, the Skylanders notice the cracked Shadow Manipulator. Kaede strokes her chin. "Hmm...."
  12. Sonic, Sayaka and Oktavia begin trying to douse the fire while Shadow Junko slowly stomps towards them, her massive body reaching for the three. Kamui latches onto her eye, scratching and not letting go, giving the Skylanders more time.
  13. Shadow Junko falls from Lupin's attack, landing on the Shadow Manipulator, causing it to crack. "You'll pay for that with your life!" She proceeds to breathe fire all over the battlefield.
  14. "Agh! Fuck! Stop it!" Shadow Junko winces as the attacks hit the eye, pushing her back. Sonic rolls into a ball and jumps into Kaede's piano. Kaede presses a key, causing a cannon to pop out, sending Sonic skyrocketing to the eye.
  15. Oktavia and Junko begin throwing punches at each other, leaving Kamui ample time to attack while she's distracted. Kamui doesm't waste any moment, throwing missles rapidly before it manages to something that causes Junko to stumble in pain. "Teddie! What did you hit?" Sonic asks. "I'm beary sure it's the right eye!"
  16. Tails scans the Shadow Junko with the DEUS. "I'm getting readings of a weak point, although the high thermal levels is making it hard to pinpoint what that is!"
  17. Shadow Junko laughs as she only grows thanks to Yusei's attack. "Delicious!" "I died once. Not a fan! And I sure won't die to you either!" Kaede plays on her piano, only for the musical notes to be absorbed.
  18. "I don't need to go Super to end you." Sonic cracks his knuckles. Sayaka summons Oktavia. "We have each other!" "We accept our flaws!" Teddie exclaims as he summons his Ultimate Persona, Kamui. "And we will fight for what's right!" Tails gets out a bazooka. "So much hope... time to crush it!" Shadow Junko lets out a mighty roar as the final battle begins.
  19. The flames become a glowing core, almost like a sun. Sonic's eyes widen at the sight. "No... not this again!" The core began growing arms and legs... then a body... then the ears, becoming a firey Monokuma. "Familiar sight, eh Sonic?! This time... there is no Makoto, there is no Hajime, there is no Chiaki... none of them to save you! Going Super is impossible! How can any of you possibly hope to stop me?!"
  20. The Disciples and Kaede look at Ryoko in shock. It's too late. "..." "Puhuhuhuhu..." "Nyuknyuknyuknyuk..." "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, if you won't willingly come forward, I'll kill YOU, and my Shadow-y self will merge with Monokuma instead!" "You forget the feeling of despair, lowly commoner! It's time you feel its cold embrace!" Shadow Junko is suddenly engulfed in flames.
  21. shadow%2520junko%25202_zpsjzox4oan.png&k

    "What's this? Is poor little Ryoko ignoring the real her? Puhuhuhuhu!"


    "One doesn't deny their Shadow and gets away with it!"



    1. Polkadi~♪


      But what if...


      She DOES?!

      *distant woman faints*

    2. MightyRay



      "One should also take their punishment on the chin... but you don't seem too eager to face the consequences do ya?"

  22. "My, my. You are stubborn, wouldn't you say? Can you at least accept the fact that I am you? I lurk inside. There's clearly no denying that, now is there?" "I am thou! Thou art I! You know where I'm going with this here, don't you?!"
  23. "You may not know it, but you're saying a whole croc-a-shit!" "Don't you fucking get it you dumb broad?! You and Monokuma are the exact fucking same! You see this red eye?! That's the sign of the Link Jokers! Their power is in you, ya know?! Use it to wipe these fucking Skylanders off the planet!!"
  24. "What? Don't you recognize yourself when you see her? Sure, our hair is different, but we're the same inside! The voice... the skills..." "...The size, if you know what I mean... puhuhuhuhu!" "Come now, peasant! Accept your place on the throne of despair! You know deep down, despair is what keeps you going in the end! We are Junkos! We know nothing BUT despair!" "The thought of being me... on the side of hope is sickening! You KNOW this isn't right!"
  25. The panels lift Monokuma to the side as he is placed into the machine's cockpit, waiting for the real fight to start. His voice can be heard from the machine itself. If any of you still have doubts... Well... Puhuhuhu! Let's hear it from the very depths of Ryoko herself! A dark human seperates from Ryoko as it turns to her. "Free... finally FREE!"
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