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  1. I loved the trailer! It was pretty fun. Also, Knuckles' design is growing on me. Not that I prefer it to the classic design, but it's looking better than in the preview.
  2. The first yes, the second is from Shadow (game).
  3. Actually, in that photo, what I dislike the most is Knuckles' face. It doesn't look Knuckles at all! Something like this:
  4. One thing I'm curious about the new design Knuckles has is: Will he be able to glide? I think it's quite logic to ask this.
  5. My favorite character ever! Happy birthday Knuckles! I hope to see you restored to your old glory days.
  6. S3&K all the way! In my opinion it's the best Sonic game ever (if you count it as one game ) It's really complete, from the characters, to the gameplay, to the bosses, the emeralds, super forms for the original three. Really great! I even consider S2 and S&K better than S3.
  7. I have to agree. Even though I loved the gameplay, Sonic Heroes was the first Sonic game where the story wasn't very good, or clear. Knuckles actually is very fun to play with, but they should have had a better explanation on why he is helping Sonic. Maybe the message saying "conquer the world" had a good enough influence, but it should have been done better.
  8. I agree! Sonic Rivals, for once, did that right. They like to beat one another, even if they don't hate each other anymore.
  9. welcome to SSMB!

  10. I know that the island also protects the emerald, I just like to think that between leaving the island and the emerald alone, or taking the emerald with him, I believe that the emerald is safer with him. Maybe Knuckles believes the same?
  11. I fully agree with you, except in the detail that the Master Emerald's greatest protection is Knuckles himself, and not the island. And f Knuckles takes the emerald with him, it can also help him, using it's powers if the situation requires it. But I can see your point clearly.
  12. If that is the case, I really hope this series don't get much success.
  13. One thing that sometimes we don't mention, is Knuckles ability to shrink the Master Emerald, like he did in SA2. Maybe the games could imply that he is helping saving the world, and at the same time, protecting the Master Emerald because he has it with him. And what better way to guard something that to be with it at all time?
  14. I have to say SA and SA2, specially because I played them over and over again. I also like Generations, but I wouldn't even consider it as one of my favorite Sonic games, while I would do that to SA and SA2. What I liked the less in SA were Big's levels. I always liked treasure hunting levels, but I liked them more in SA2, but I admit I also would have liked to play as Knuckles in a regular stage. Sonic Generations was good and all, but it felt more like a reminding us of all Sonic games, I mean, playing a City escape in Generations was good, bu it made me wanting to play the City escape from SA2. The same for levels such as Sky Sanctuary or the bosses like Perfect Chaos and Shadow. I'm also not a big fan of the current "boost and win" Sonic games, I'm too old school for that.
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