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  1. Sig's stomach start growling. He and Amitie had a cupcake earlier, but that wasn't enough. "You know, I'm kinda getting hungry myself..." Amitie admitted. So she gies with Sig to get some food. And wow, look at all the good food here! Jigen wasn't kidding when he said they had some good stuff. But what to eat, what to eat...? Amitie decided to try going for a good healthy dinner. Sig seems more...spontaneous with what he picks. Yup, this is still the same ol' Sig I know and love, Amitie thought.
  2. "Wha-hey!" Zenigata now finds himself dancing with Mog. "Whoa, whoa, now just, wait a minute, I-woah!" Amitie and Sig notice Zenigata dancing. His dancing is...unique, that much is certain.
  3. "Outta my way, I got a criminal to catch!" Zenigata said. Amitie and Sig proceed to dance anyway...but staying very, very close to each other, due to how tense the music got.
  4. "Um...what's going on...?" Amitie asked. "I dunno..." Sig said. They're both unsure of what will happen.
  5. Zenigata enters the academy looking for Lupin. He notices there's a dance happening. "That rat bastard's probably out stealin' something. Well, not on my watch." Zenigata uttered to himself. So he walks into the dance. Wow, a lot of people here. He looks around, and spots Lupin, who is still dancing with Kat.. "There you are." So Zenigata is on his way to Lupin.
  6. "Kids bickering?" Jigen said. He could just butt in and say "they're both idiots" and be done with it. "Nah, let 'em argue until they turn blue." He just carries on to having a cup of fruit punch, followed by coffee. "This party has some good stuff, I'll give it that."
  7. You doing okay, Kiah?

    1. Kiah


      I'm fine thanks. Just been a bit busier than usual among other things...thanks for asking! Hope you are doing okay as well :) 

  8. "I don't know what that is, but I'll take your word for it. Coffee's good, too." Jigen admitted. "Hey, Jigen. Making friends?" Amitie asked, she and Sig stopping for a bit to check up on him. Jigen just shrugs. He's not willing to admit it, but he doesn't really feel like outright denying it outright, either. "Beats me." "That was a really good saxophone you played. You think you can play more?" Amitie sounds excited at the prospect. But Jigen scoffs at the idea of it. "If I ever have to play that friggin' saxophone again, I'm gonna friggin' scream!" "Why's that?" Sig is curious.
  9. "Whatever." Jigen said. "I'm gonna go get a drink. Looks like they ain't got no scotch. Fruit punch sounds good, though."
  10. "I think I learned enough about the 'art of love' to know it just ain't worth it." Jigen said. "Besides, I'd rather stay single and not have to worry about any woman betraying me." Yeah, it's kind of a sore subject for him.
  11. Little did anyone know, there was a certain cop on his way... Inspector Zenigata somehow found a way back to Forest Crossing, and he's as determined as ever to arrest that Lupin! He's on his way to the academy now on his motorcycle (well, a motorcyle, at least). "It's Valentine's day, and you've got a date with the law! This time, I'm sure to get your sorry ass in prison!" However, he apparently either forgot or didn't realize there was a Valentine's dance going on...which could hinder him!
  12. "What's everyone so friggin' surprised for? It's just a friggin' kiss. Normal stuff." Jigen said before continuing to eat his delicious beef dinner. "This stuff's good, by the way. Who cooked this?"
  13. Arle walked in...seeing Amitie and Sig dancing and happy. "Well, I'm glad things are working out, buuut..." Arle looks around at the faces of many people who are looking at them. "What are they looking at them like that for?" "They kissed during the dance." Lupin said. "And what a show it was! Too bad you missed it." Arle looked even more surprised. "Really?! Well, I gotta say, those two have been full of surprises today."
  14. Has anyone been able to verify this? It'd be nice to know, at least.
  15. Ryan says he tested it on another laptop, and it's the same result despite being on a different device. Now, maybe it is simply Avast being overprotective, but could you at least check to be sure?