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  1. Lupin and the Puyo trio enter the vicinity of the school. It looks quite peaceful, and fairly normal aside from the ghost gear. "Well, I guess we'll start here." Said Lupin. "Can't be older than this age group." They enter the school, where they start looking for the classroom, looking in each door to see which one it is.
  2. "Glad to see this place is in one piece...unlike what Monokuma showed us." Amitie said. "And it has a really nice name, too!" "I...think you said that." Said Lupin. "But it looks pretty peaceful...what, did Monokuma show you a town that was in ruins?" "Yes. Monokumo said he took it over." Said Sig. "It was awful and it made Amitie cry..." He was upset just remembering that. He wants to make Monokuma pay for that. "Of course it made her cry!" Raffina said. "It was a wrecked town she was shown!" She slipped out. "...Alright! Now let's find Danny's friends! There's that Sam girl we met back at the dance! Let's find her!" Amitie said. "...Who?" Asked Raffina. She wasn't at the dance, remember?
  3. Raffina was grumpy. About that. But she decided to go look for Amitie and company; by now, she's probably ready to go to this "Danny's world" or whatever it is. So she found the group. "So I guess Monkey Idiot is joining, too, huh? What's with that lame bag of his?!" "It's everything we're gonna need for this trip, snobby." Said Lupin. After some discussion, they find a portal, and walk up to it. "You sure you're ready for this?" Asked Lupin. "It could be rather different from what we encountered before." "You betcha!" Said Amitie. "Um...okay." Said Sig. "Why not?" Said Raffina. "They could have unique brands of beauty products!...maybe." So they all prepare to walk into the portal.
  4. Raffina is still contemplating what she can do. She knows Amitie could use help. But what would Danny want when she doesn't even know the guy? She's really only considering it for Amitie's sake. But she's gonna claim she'll do it to shop for herself. She bumps into Sarge, who looks horrible! "Eww, why are you on the floor like that?!"
  5. Amitie and Sig find Lupin. "You wanna try going to Danny's world this time, Lupin?" Asked Amitie. "Oh, you bet! In fact, I still have that bag all ready to go!" Said Lupin. "So when are we going?" "Soon, I hope." Said Sig. "Though Amitie told me Raffunny might be coming along...?" "You mean Snobby?" Asked Lupin. "Ah well. The more the merrier."
  6. Raffina is wandering on her own. Contemplating what she should do for Amitie. She won't dare admit it. She believes it makes her look weak...but she cares for Amitie. And while she tries to hide it, she is actually a bit heartbroken to hear just some of the horrors Amitie was forced to go through. And yet Amitie refuses to leave, believing that staying is the right thing to do. Raffina doesn't really get that mentality, but she kinda wants to stop Monokuma without even meeting him. If it was anybody else telling her they hated Monokuma, it's doubtful Raffina would even care. But Amitie hating the spoke far more volumes about just how horrible he must be, given up until then, she didn't think Amitie knew what the word "hate" even meant. So she makes it a point to look after her. Sig seems to be doing his absolute best, and her new friends have done their best as well. But Raffina feels that to have another person she personally knows will help immensely. She will help Amitie find something for Danny...if it's something that even can be found. But if not, she can at least help her get the means to manage it.
  7. Amitie and Sog reunite with one another. "What are you doing, Amitie...?" Asked Sig. "Making plans to go to Danny's world. You wanna come along?" Amitie said. "Sure, but...don't we need another thing?" Asked Sig.
  8. "Thanks, Anya. Maybe Jigen will enjoy this. Probably Goemon, if nobody else." Lupin prepares to go to the hideout to put the pizzas in their fridge to save them for later. Now isn't really dinner time, but the thought is much appreciated.
  9. Lupin approached Anya, seeing the Pizza. "Hey, Anya. You having some pizza with Sarge there?"
  10. Meanwhile, Sig is wandering about on his own to go get a snack. He's worried about a lot of stuff, and thinks about it all. He first arrived at the academy to go check up on Amitie. To this day, he hasn't regretted that, and has tried helping her to the best of his ability. He and Amitie have been really close friends. Sure, Amitie has admitted she found him a bit weird at times, but she accepted that weirdness. She accepted Sig's love for bugs, even if she herself wasn't the biggest fan of them. She even accepted his weird red arm, even saying it was great, and doesn't seem to mind that he has different colored eyes. And she spent a lot of time with him and got to know him real well. Amitie has even helped him many times, or at least tried to, sometimes not doing a very good job at it...but she means well, and he doesn't hold the failed attempts against her. At some point, he eventually fell in love with her. But he initially thought she wouldn't think the same of him. So imagine his surprise when it turned out that yes, she did feel the same way, and she became his girlfriend. Not to mention he made a lot of new friends. Kaede and Sayaka are pretty nice, Sonic's not bad, and he had to admit, even the Twitterpillar seems nice. Heck, Kaede managed to help him find a place to fix Amitie's hat, and so far, the hat has turned out more durable than before. No damage yet. And Lupin, despite his background as a thief, gets props for looking after Amitie. He is full of himself, yes, but it seems once you get on his good side, the worst you can expect is that maybe he'll joke about a quirk of yours...but still have your back when it counts. Jigen and Goemon also seem cool, though Jigen was a bit distant at first. Guy outright admitted he only really helped face rockstar Ember to save Lupin from her hypnosis; saving everyone else, including Sig and Amitie, was just a side-effect at best. Goemon seems like the most moral of the group. Sure, he's not afraid to break the rules when needed. But Goemon is one good fighter with that sword of his. But that's not to say he hasn't made enemies, or at least met people he doesn't really like. Monokuma is the worst out of anyone he's met in his life; yes, Ecolo tried burying all worlds in Puyo once, but Monokuma was...a whole other level of sadistic. Junko was also a horrible person, Monokuma or not, and he'd love to see her gone. And even among his allies, Terri was one who killed his bugs due to his recklessness. Sig loves those bugs, and was about to cry when he saw them dead. Terri also nearly killed his friends, and it took Sonic and friends' intervention for his rampage to stop. And while the bugs have been revived, Sig has never forgiven Terri for killing them, and still resents him for it. Sig tries to be nice to him, but at this point, it's more out of common courtesy than actually wanting to. And then there's Homura. She seems pretty mean, and mocks Sayaka all the time. Though Amitie seems convinced there is good in her...which admittedly, Sig has no issues with, since it proves to him that Amitie is still there. But regardless, Sig's not really liking Homura very much. In other news, Arle has been keeping touch with Amitie and Sig in the form of letters and emails. She said she had some important business of some sort, but she still wishes to help Amitie and Sig any way she can during these important matters. But letters can only do so much. He hopes Arle can come back soon. She's also been a real good friend of his. Sadly, Raffunny had to come. She's another one Sig knew a long time, but unlike Amitie, who he loves dearly, he isn't really that fond of Raffunny. She's nowhere near as bad as Junko, but she is mean and loud and demanding, but he tries to be nice to her. What's funny is, she offered to help them out on making nice things, so who knows? Life at the academy has been one big rollercoaster of happy and sad moments. And he hopes things will turn out for the best eventually. But for now, he needs to focus on one person he hurt; Danny. Sig isn't sure if Danny is mad at him, but he gave the ghost boy accusing looks. He would not be surprised if he was among those Danny felt betrayed by after what happened. And that was something else that ate at Sig. Sig would like to do something to make it up to the ghost hero. He and Amitie have plans to do just that, but will he be able to go through with them today? Only time will tell. But for now, Sig is looking for bugs to give a new home to. Some of his bugs might seem scared at first, but once he's had them for a bit, they seem real happy to be in his room. Sig doesn't normally bring harm to bugs. He'll even let one go if he so much as thinks he's gonna hurt the poor thing. There's even a ladybug that crawls on his head that he loves that's been with him a long time, though the ladybug hasn't popped up as much. The ladybug isn't sure what to make of Sig's relationship with Amitie, but Sig seems happy, and the ladybug likes to see Sig happy. Just a lot to think about, really. His attention span isn't really that great, but it truly is a lot to think about. So Sig just continues to find bugs that seem lost or scared while Amitie is making plans.
  11. Lupin and Jigen decided to smoke their cigarettes together. Haven't had one in a good long while. As they're doing this, they start to talk. "Hey, Lupin?" "What's up?" Lupin asked. "Not gonna lie. I'm kinda growing to like these guys." Said Jigen. "Even if some of them have...some friggin' serious issues." "Even after Sarge gave you a black eye?" Lupin jokingly asked. Jigen shrugged. "What can I say? We're all going through some friggin' hard times." He puts out his cigarette and asks another question. "How long you think it'll be before that friggin' bear is gone for good." "I think it could be a good long while, buddy." admitted Lupin. "But you know me. I never back down from a challenge. I've thought about leaving in my earlier days. But I leave now, I'd be admitting defeat. And that would wouldn't be very good for the Lupin family name, now would it?" Jigen just shrugged. Lupin never was one to back down, at least not unless there was no option left. If there was even one option remaining, Lupin might take his chances with it. "Alright." Said Jigen. He's just running with it at this point.
  12. Amitie is now making some plans, but is still clearly troubled. Raffina can see this. But she asks this. "Amitie, what are you doing?" "Me and Sig were planning on going to Danny's world before we had to go into a TV. I still kinda wanna do that..." "Okay, what are we going to this Danny's world for?" Raffina asked. "I kinda wanna do something nice for him...he's really upset with us. Not that he doesn't have good reasons for it." Said Amitie. Raffina looked at Amitie. Yup, this was the same goody-two shoes alright. And though she won't admit it, Raffina wouldn't have it any other way. But she had another question. "What are those reasons?" Asked Raffina. "He got accused of bad stuff he didn't do by people he thought were friends...and even Sig gave him suspicious looks. If we can get to Danny's world this time, I wanna know what to do to make it up to him. And if he wants to, Sig is coming along." Raffina doesn't really know Danny, but he sounds like he has issues. Ah well. But she won't be asking too many questions.
  13. Amitie explained it. "It was Monokuma that did it. He kills people for fun, and I hate him!" Sig spoke up. "We gotta stop Monokumo. We already lost good people to him." Raffina said this. "And if he's someone Amitie of all people hates, then it's serious. For as long as I've known her, she never hated anybody!" Raffina was quite serious herself.
  14. Raffina hadn't even entered her room before Sonic ran off. Guess the shock from hearing a brown haired kid was hear made him run to go see what it was about. And here she was, wanting to hurt the Blues for not believing Amitie and Sig. She wasn't even there, and she could tell they were serious. She seemed smug when Aku showed them Chuck's final moments...but she was more concerned about Amitie and Sig. They look rather distressed from the must have been real hard.
  15. Amitie and Sig were at a loss; they had no proof that Chuck was gone. But it appears Aku, the "Ultimate Therapist," showed some images there from his hand. It works...maybe.