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  1. Does L.A. Noire Remastered really require any sort of download on PS4 and Xbox one, even if you own the disc? I know the physical Switch version does, but I saw some say even the PS4 and Xbone versions require it, though some seem to say otherwise. It's a game that has gone in and out of my attention.

    1. Blacklightning


      Rockstar cheaped out and bought lower capacity cartridges for Noire, which necessitated the day one patch. I can't imagine why they'd do the same thing for disc systems.

  2. Been hearing a lot of conflicting secondhand info on whether or not the delay means all three games will be on disc. If so, the game is officially back on my radar. If not, however, then it stays in the "wait for a price drop" section. Either way, however, I'm not getting my hopes up too high right at this moment. But I am at least intrigued.
  3. People have compared it to looking like a spruced up 3DS game...and I don't entirely disagree. Now, I'm not saying it looks bad, I kinda like the graphics, and I might still get the game, but I won't disagree with people who say the Switch is capable of better. Granted, this is Game Freak's first turn at bat for the Switch; I expect Gen 8 to look a little better, at least, what with more experience under their belt.
  4. SurrealBrain

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, I do feel like if this issue isn't the point where IDW Sonic grows its beard, then it's definitely leading to that point. ABT's art really shines in this issue, and it's gonna be real nice to see where it all goes from here. Looking forward to the coming issues! Glad to have been keeping up with the series so far. Caught up so well, all that's really left to do is wait for the next issue. I do wish they'd allow us to get subscriptions, though.
  5. I would have settled for giving the games separate discs if they couldn't fit them all into one, myself. Preferrable to...this. I just think it's stupid. I thought about pre-ordering, but after this? I'm kinda glad I didn't.
  6. Welp. Looks like I'll be waiting for either a price drop or a reissue with all the games. I was looking forward to this, but Activision decided to be Activision, so it looks like I'll be holding off. At least the original versions have physical releases.
  7. I figure the safest bet was to ask here; I know here in America, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 was only a digitial download on Switch, but it was given a separate physical release in Japan. Does the Japanese release have the English english versions of the games, right down to English voice acting in X7 and X8? It's not something I'm clear on.

    1. Blue Wisps

      Blue Wisps

      doesnt the switch have region lock for physical games?

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      From what I know, it offers an English option so the menus are in English even though it mixes Mega Man and Rockman names but the games are in Japanese. Purists would like it though since it has the original songs. Don't know if you can change them to the Mega Man versions of the games.

      I would have to go for the import option as well because Europe has it worse. If it isn't Monster Hunter, Street Fighter or Resident Evil, Capcom wouldn't do a physical release. The last physical Mega Man game was all the way from the DS era.

  8. That would require IDW to even be allowed to touch the Archie Sonic universe in any of its forms, and while I do hope that can happen someday...I'll be shocked if it's anytime soon. I'm of the belief that it'd have to be long after the whole thing has blown over, and honestly, it's only been little over a year since Archie lost the license. So while I'm not ruling it out entirely, I don't think I'm being entirely unrealistic when I say it could be a few years, if it even has a shot of happening at all.
  9. SurrealBrain

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Well, Digital Foundry talked about the differences between versions. Kinda interesting what they found, I admit. Didn't notice the Switch lag, but I compared the PS4 and Switch, and it is slight, but there. You probably won't notice, but it is there.
  10. SurrealBrain

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    I got myself the Switch port earlier today, and decided to give it a whirl. Now, the most obvious difference here is the graphics. I honestly prefer the PS4/Xbone/PC graphics, but I do understand why they had to be downgraded. In my opinion, it still looks pretty good, and when actually playing the game, you're probably not gonna think about it after a while, and think more about the fact that you died again. The loss of detail is a bit harder to notice in handheld mode, though I do find it's still sorta noticeable. Doesn't ruin the game at all, though. The framerate is fairly stable. Did notice some minor dips that didn't exist in the initial PS4 release, but it doesn't ruin the experience. It's still pretty smooth. Hitboxes seem the same...whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to you. It doesn't bother me, but I could see how some may have problems. Load times are definitely faster than on the initial PS4 release. Makes things snappier, which is good for a portable game. Thank goodness for the ability to skip the intro. It's a charming intro, don't get me wrong, but even I have to admit it was wearing out its welcome when it was unskippable. Remember when I complained that when the game was paused, the PS4 controller's touch pad allowed you to automatically leave the level...and due to the size of the thing, it was far too easy to push it by complete accident? Well, the minus button on the Joycons essentially serves the same function, and for me, at least, it's harder to push by mistake, thus fixing that problem right there. So overall, it's a pretty solid port of the game. If you played it on PS4 before, then I have to ask; do you want a portable version of the game? If you don't feel the need for it, then it might be best to stick with the PS4 version. But if you want your Crash fix on the go, this is a pretty good way to do it. Pretty much everything that made the N. Sane Trilogy what it is is here and accounted for, and that's all I wanted out of the port. And if you never played N. Sane before, and you were holding off until the Switch port to play it? Then I say you're in for a good time. Three games in one package, and it's a nice package at that.
  11. SurrealBrain

    What Dreamcast Games Should I Get?

    I wanna say this; avoid the Dreamcast version of the Toy Story 2 game, unless your Dreamcast is in perfect condition. If it isn't, then you'll be encountering crashes the further along you get in the game. I hear the PS1 version doesn't have that bug, so that's probably the way to go. I looked at the disc, and even held it under a light, and saw nothing that shpuld have caused it, and then it turned out I wasn't even alone. So yeah, avoid the Dreamcast version, and get the PS1 version instead.
  12. I doubt Mania should be the long term solution to the franchise's problems. I can see it carrying one more game, at least, maybe even make it a trilogy. In my personal opinion, however, making sequels to Mania would, at best, only be a temporary solution to the franchise's problems, and I feel like they'd have to find something else eventually. We don't want the Mania line to be like New Super Mario Bros. I'm not gonna say Forces did perfect; far from it, actually. And the series still has serious problems that need sorting out, some from the management position, some from other aspects, and more than anything, the series needs a clear direction. However, even I admit, I'm struggling to think of what direction they should go with the series. Granted, even Mario shakes things up every now and then, but I kinda feel like the series isn't in the best position to be shaking it up too much. I had a few ideas that, but I admit, I'm not entirely confident. Building off of Lost World's template and improving upon it, giving the N. Sane Trilogy treatment to Sonic Adventure to give the new team an idea of what to do with future games, but given this is Sega we're talking about, I dunno if either of them would work, and the latter may sound to some like it's not letting go of the past, which, I admit, is a reasonable argument. Still, IDW Sonic is doing well so far, and I look forward to where that goes. I don't think it says much good that I'm more optimistic for something that isn't even part of the main franchise, but hey, good to see the franchise doing well in at least one area. I do admit, this is all just me rambling, and who knows where it will all go from here? For all we know, they may step it up after Forces. Maybe they'll blow us away with something. But realistically, I feel like I shouldn't expect too much right now. It'd be nice, sure, but it'd also be nice to not have these worries in the first place. Only time will tell, but the future is...uncertain, and sadly, that's as optimistic as I can be right now.
  13. SurrealBrain

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well, I think I read enough of the first arc to make a judgement, and I'd say I got what I expected out of it. And what did I expect? Nothing super amazing, but good enough as a start. Ian Flynn's still got it, and the characters are spot-on. Loved the art in each issue, even if it might look a little odd in the trade. I also liked what I saw of Tangle. She's a goof, and I like my goofs. I'd like to see more of her. Definitely gonna follow this. I like what I read, and I only hope it gets better from here. I'm glad to hear it's been doing well so far. On an unrelated note; after what happened with Archie Sonic and Archie Mega Man, I decided not to take the trades for granted ever again, so I'm collecting as many of the individual issues as possible. Got a bookstore ordering the comics for me, so hopefully I won't miss a single one.
  14. SurrealBrain

    Konami properties might get new media from 4K Media

    4Kids sold their production unit to Konami, if I'm not mistaken, changed focus, and then went under. 4K Media is 4Kids' former production unit, and are basically all that's left of 4Kids in any form. If my info is correct, at least. As for these licenses they may be working on? Time will tell what happens. Contra doesn't seem like something 4Kids would touch, but this is a different owner in business, with most likely a different mindset. Bomberman might work. And Frogger. But my big concern is how well the employees are treated. This is Konami that's in charge of 4Kids' remains, after all, and we all know the horror stories, so I only hope Konami is treating them well.
  15. SurrealBrain

    Channel Awesome Was Not So Awesome

    I had already been losing a lot of my interest in Channel Awesome. I had heard at least enough to not subscribe to them. I would still watch the Nostalgia Critic occasionally, but it got put more to the wayside. It was less something to look forward to, and more something I would watch between the videos I was actually looking forward to. But hearing all this now, I dunno if I'll even give NC that much. This is awful what I'm hearing, and I can only hope this company goes under to give Mike and company a good kick in the pants. Doug and Rob? They really need to look at what's going on here, but I doubt they will. I don't even have the confidence to believe it's even in the realm of possibility.

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