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  1. SEGA Genesis collection for PC XBOX ONE & PS4

    I hope it has some new games separate from Sonic's UGC. There are still some games I never got, so naturally, any new games here would be welcome. But only time will tell for sure. I'm gonna keep my eye on it, at any rate.
  2. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    I beat the main game in Ultra Moon. My verdict? As someome who never playednthe original Sun or Moon, I definitely recommend it to those who don't own them. I rather enjoyed the story, the characters, and the art style, as always, is quite nice. I do kinda like the graphics, though I admit, the main character's perpetual smile does look a little dopey. I will say the additions and changes to the story...well, I never experienced the original, but this version of the story felt natural to me. Nothing felt off, anyways. The Roto Loto, though, I have mixed feelings on. Do be prepared to wait a very long time if you want a specific item, and said item rarely pops up. And I can't sell Roto powers; a shame, since with the stuff I never, ever use, that might actually give them some kinda purpose, even if that purpose is "I get more money." It seems the more I use an item, the less likely I am to get it. That said, if you do own the original Sun & Moon, then it will be up to you if the update is worth it. And even then, if you decide to snag it, getting to most of the new stuff will require you to go through events that from what I heard, are mostly the same as the original with only minor changes or additions; the more significant additions and changes don't come into play until you're well into the main story. So you better be in the mood for a revisit. In other words, if you don't have the original Sun & Moon, I definitely recommend this one. Might actually be the ideal way to go for some. But if you do own the originals, that's a bit trickier, and all I can say is that it's up to you.
  3. TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    I really do wonder how this series will turn out in the end, but to list my immediate concerns; what I see of the art style reminds me in some ways of the Fast Forward season in the 2003 series. Still need to give that one a second chance (as a kid, I was blindy disliking it without letting it stand on its own), but to my understanding, even fans of the 2003 show weren't too keen on the Fast Forward season. Also, Splinter looks like he belongs in a Ren & Stimpy episode. I almost expect him to scream at the turtles in the most over-the-top manner possible; like, even the angriest version of Raphael would be left speechless by that temper. And then looking at the details; some changes sound interesting, but it really looks like they're changing stuff for the sake of changing it. I mean, if they want the show to have its own identity, that's fine, but I dunno if this is the way to go. So yeah, I have my concerns. I don't know if we can expect quality out of the show or not.
  4. Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    I'd expect Stormy Ascent to be in the ports as DLC, if they don't decide to just put it into the ports as an unlockable. The latter would be preferable to me, personally, since if it's right in the game, it means there's at least a few versions that preserve it in the event of an eventual server shutdown, though knowing Activision, they'll likely make it DLC like in the PS4 release. I'm actually thinking about double dipping for when the Switch version eventually releases so I can have it on the go. I don't need the Xbox One version personally, but who knows, maybe I'll get it as a present for a friend or family member who doesn't have anything other than an Xbone to play it on.
  5. Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Crash on Switch sounds like a great deal to me. It'll be nice to be able to play the games on the go. Plus, it means if my nephews ever get a Switch, they'll have access to the game. Oh, and it's on Xbox One, too. Probably won't get the Xbone version (at least not for myself), but those with an Xbox One but no PS4 or Switch have a great experience to look forward to, so I'm glad it exists. And I say this as someone who's argued for why it couldn't happen. But in this case, I'm actually glad to be wrong.
  6. Luigi's Mansion (3DS Remake)

    The original was one of my favorite games as a kid. Have yet to play the sequel, but it's in my backlog. Admittedly, the remake being on 3DS isn't too exciting for me, but it makes sense to have the whole duology on one system, especially since the 3DS is proving to still be reasonably profitable. I dunno if I'll get it, but I've been itching to replay the original. Hope the port is a solid one. Plus, it gives those who can't upgrade to the Switch just yet something to look forward to.
  7. Sega of Japan Visited Microsoft's Offices

    Well, there was Sonic Free Riders, an Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive...for good reason. Aside from that, I cannot think of a single time Sega was Microsoft exclusive. In fact, Sonic is more likely to find his games be Nintendo exclusives than MS or Sony exclusives.
  8. The Avatar and Signature Topic

    My current Amitie avatar was chosen for reasons. Admittedly, it represents an uncertain future for myself. I don't know where things will go from here. Kinda feel like I've been drifting about lately. This avatar stood for a while now, and it still fits, for better or worse.
  9. Ready Player One - Featuring Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series

    Never read the book, and the trailer for the film...didn't exactly wow me. I didn't personally find anything offensive about the trailer, but I couldn't really feel excitement for it, either. Steven Spielberg is directing. That could either mean the film will be good, it the film will be bad. Only time will tell for sure. But as it stands, it's just kinda there. I'm not offended, but I'm not exactly wowed, either. Maybe I'm just burnt out of these special effects extravaganzas. Maybe there's something else in there that actually kinda worries me. Who knows? Now, let me make it clear; if friends or family decide to see it and there's nothing else at that moment I can do, or every other movie looks even less interesting, seeing the movie isn't something I'll exactly be against. But it's nothing I'll exactly be for, either.
  10. The Return of Cosmo

    Could Cosmo return? I feel like the odds of that happening are very, very slim. And that fusion technique? Eh...not sure about it... But honestly, for Cosmo to come back, I feel like some red tape would have to be dealt with, and even then, considering Sonic X ended over a decade ago (and heck, even the comics ended nearly ten years ago), it'd have to be via another continuity altogether. And in the context of said other continuities like the games or the IDW comic, story-wise, she'd have to be treated as if she's a new character, since well, as far as those continuities are concerned, she pretty much would be. Now, I do think she could at least fit in IDW (unsure about the games), but again, red tape would have to be dealt with. Red tape I'm not even sure would even be worth the trouble of going through, myself.
  11. I'm not too familiar with Netflix shows, so forgive my ignorance, but...is it normal for a Netflix show to get three seasons in a single year?

    1. Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Netflix is kinda like the Steam of tv shows and movies, so yeah. That can happen.

  12. The Future of The Boost Formula

    I've been trying and trying and trying to think about where the Sonic series should go. The Adventure games, while fun, have many things that don't hold up. The boost games are fun, but I can only think of so many ways to keep that fresh. Ironically, I feel like the Lost World controls may actually lend themselves the best to new ideas. Not the mechanics of lost world, but I have come to feel like Lost World's controls on their own actually did away with some of the clunk of the Adventure games, and I can't help but think they're just a bit more versatile than the Boost formula. That said, the run button...may or may not need to go, but still. I feel like Lost World's control scheme can work in a non-Mario-like environment. Just needs better level design and less intrusive mechanics to really truly shine. The run button, I'm still undecided on because my mind is arguing with itself on that one. But that's just me. Now, I won't say they should abandon the boost entirely. Honestly, I'm wondering if they should try it one more time before ditching it entirely. But I am having a hard time thinking about what they can do to make the Boost fresh.
  13. What if the sonic franchise was put up for sale by sega?

    In order for them to even think about selling Sonic, they'd have to be in such deep trouble that not even their biggest cash cow(s) will save them from their struggles. And if that happened, well, that would mean Sega as a whole is unlikely to be much for the world anyways. As long as they're doing at least okay, I think they'll sell one of their other properties before selling Sonic is even in the cards.
  14. Should Knuckles become an antagonist again?

    Knuckles was never truly evil to start with. To make him a straight up bad guy would require rewriting his entire character in such a way that he doesn't even fit the most basic interpretation. Yeah, Knuckles was an antagonist, but given he was tricked into that by Eggman, even there, he at least thought he was doing the right thing.
  15. Favorite Tails Ship

    I remember shipping Tails and Cream when I was younger. Still have nothing against the ship, I admit, but these days, I could take it or leave it. Might still look at it to remind myself of simpler times, though. Besides that, Tails and Cosmo seem to be the only Tails ship I have any sort of serious fondness for. Just kinda liked that dynamic there. Beyond that? I'm kinda stumped on even what I might have thought.

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