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  1. "You okay, Sig?" asked Amitie. "Uh huh." said Sig. The couple use their spells to get rid of Heartless left and right. Jigen pulls out a machine gun, and starts mowing Heartless down with it like he's not even phased.
  2. "We're here to save you, Skeleton guy!" said Amitie ash she used a Lightning Bolt spell on a few more Heartlesses. Sig used his own spell. "Cyan." Which defeated a few more Heartless. Lupin only wishes he could use these bandages to his advantages, but one feel of his face tells him that's a bad idea. Fortunately, he still has his usual bag of tricks, and throws some fireworks at the Heartlesses.
  3. "We'll help you, Skeleton guy!" said Amitie. She wasn't freaked out by Jack's appearance; she's used to seeing living skeletons by now. "Ekrisis!" yelled Amitie, using her spell on the Heartless. "Let's get this show on the road!" said Lupin, shooting a few Heartless himself. Jigen also starts shooting. Goemon slices away many Heartless like they're paper. "Once again, I have cut worhtless objects."
  4. "I'm so sorry, Jessica..." said Amitie. "Hope we can find something different for you! But we got people to save!" "Uh huh." said Sig. "Even if you look like that Charny're still a good friend..." Amitie then tried to change the subject to something happier. She took a good look at Sig. She found him rather attractive. "...You look cute, by the way, Sig." said Amitie. Sig blushed at the comment. He looked at Amitie and said this; "...You're cute too, Amitie. Thank you..." Then it was Amitie's turn to blush! "Thanks..." "Come on! My beautiful face is ruined! Why do you get to look intact?!" said Lupin.
  5. "You okay, Jessica?!" asked Amitie, worried for her friend. "She's fine. Look at me, I got a friggin' badnaged face!" said Lupin. "Though I will say it looks pretty bad..."
  6. "You look pretty cool, Edgeworth!" said Amitie. "I don't have a good feeling about your appearance..." said Sig to Frisk. "I'm already reminded of the time I went to that Cagliostro country." said Jigen. "I even have the same damn teeth!"
  7. Amitie and Sig's outfits changed, too! Into more Haloweeny-type clothes, no less! "How did we change into these?" asked Amitie. "Hm...I dunno..." said Sig "The same way we got changed into these?" asked Lupin. Amitie looked. "What are you talking...woah!" said Amitie. Lupin now has a mummy mask, Goemon has a hat that's been fitted in a way to make him look intimidating. Jigen...has vampire teeth and no other changes to his appearance. "Lupin, what happened?!" asked Amitie. "The same thing that happened to your clothes; looks like our appearances changed to fit this lovely world we entered." said Lupin.
  8. Amitie gave Lily a hug. "I'm so sorry, Lily..." Sig didn't know what to say, but he tries. "'s like Amitie said. You got friends here now..." Lupin, Jigen and Goemon were shocked. Sure, they rob casinos because they're there, but it does not mean they destroy entire planets. Lupin and a kid named Michael even saved their Earth from being destroyed by a madman's jealous rage! "Very sorry to hear that, Lily." said Lupin.
  9. Amitie felt like crying. "I'm so sorry, had a hard life..." More and more, Amitie begins to realize just how lucky she is that Primp Town is still standing. She cried for Lily's world. "People here seem to have very hard lost everyone you loved..." "...sorry that happened..." Sig agreed. Lupin, Jigen and Goemon coud only put their heads down, with Lupin and Jigen having their hands on their chest as a show of respect. Goemon mourned the loss of Lily's planet.
  10. The Lupin and Puyo groups enter the ship. They get their seat belts on, and get ready to go. They're not sure if they'll escape Hook's ship, though...
  11. "Let's get outta here!" said Amitie, running as fast as she can, with Sig and the Lupin gang not far behind. They were still worried for Roxas, of course. But they gotta worry about themselves, too!
  12. "Not if we have anything to say about it!" said Amitie. "Roxas is a good person! He'll never work for horrible people like LOSE!" Sig nodded in agreement. Lupin, Jigen and Goemon simply look ready to wipe the look of the organization member's face.
  13. "That was really scary...Roxas! Are you okay?!" asked Amitie. "That robot was a pain in the ass..." said Lupin. "How's everyone holding up?"
  14. "It's working!" shouted Amitie, continuing to use spells on Data Axel. Jigen just keeps shooting at Data Axel. "That that, ya friggin' piece of crap!"
  15. "Roxas!!!" Amitis shouted. "Get away from him!" shouted Amitie, using another Blizzard spell on Data Axel. "Cyan!" Sig shouted, doing his bets to help Roxas. "You will pay for that!" shouted Goemon, running to Roxas's aid.