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  1. "Sorry to hear everyone you care about is gone, Trunks..." said Amitie. As for Telsa...there's something she just doesn't like about her at all. Not even a little bit. Nonetheless, she welcomes Trunks with open arms. "You can stay with us if you like! Don't worry about those two; we're pretty nice for the most part!"
  2. "We have new people here!" said Amitie. And she was happy to see Frieza gone. She walks up to Star. "Hey, Star! Name's Amitie! Nice to meet you!" she said with a smile on her face. Lupin wonders how a battle between him and Frieza would have gone; would have been interesting, at least. He's won against people who outclass him in terms of pure power, but then, few had the means to destroy a planet.
  3. "Hina! Ivorn!" yelled Amitie, scared for her friends, and worried about their safety. But then, Frieza made his threat...even if she doesn't know what the heck a saiyan even is....and Amitie was even more scared. But for her friends, and her planets...she has to stop him!
  4. "I knew I recognized you!" said Lupin. And suddenly, he got all grumpy at Frieza. "Are you okay, Lupin?" asked Amitie. But then she refocused. "What do you want, Frieza?! Why would we wanna be part of your empire?!" "Frieza?!" asked Raffina. "What kind of a name is that?!"
  5. "I think I know who that is..." said Lupin. Don't forget, Funimation's English dubs of Lupin works had quite a few Dragon Ball Z dub actors involved... "Huh? You met this guy?" asked Amitie. "Not personally...but when you got some voice actor connections and a penchant for breaking the fourth wall..." said Lupin. Amitie was confused by that. It still hasn't sunk in for her yet.
  6. "Guess I better go look around for a bit." said Arle. "Think you'll do okay here?" "You betcha, Arle!" said Amitie. "'re staying, right?" "Of course! I'll be right behind you!" said Arle. Arle Nadja (Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo) - Support Element: Magic Battle Class: Sorcerer Category: n/a Having been adventuring since the age of 4, Arle Nadja had met many friends and foes throughout her adventures, more notable ones including Rulue, Schezo Wegey, and especially Satan, the Dark Prince. She's a bit of a hardhead at times, and she can be snarky. She also doesn't like manners like washing her hands. But despite that, her heart's in the right place, and as long as you don't get on her bad side, you'll do fine. But she is not a softie at all; she'll casually break off doors like it's nothing, and she can be easy to irritate at times, and she's not above making fun of her foes. All in all, a tough one, but at the same time, a reliable friend as long as she doesn't have anything important to deal with. ---- So Amitie, Sig, Raffina, Lupin and Arle start looking at igloos. This is gonna be tough to pick, that's for sure. But before they can, they learn of a crash that just occurred. They head to the crash site, to see what occurred.
  7. "It looks real cold...but I don't feel much of anything? What's up with that?!" said Raffina. "Whetever. I'm gonna find my own building to live in, and I'm gonna make it beautiful!" Raffina (Puyo Puyo) - Main Character Element: Magic Battle Class: Brawler A rich, snobby girl with a thing for mocking people, she sees herself as above everyone...or at least, it looks that way on the surface; she's actually insecure about her magic abilities, since they're weaker than average. She has a magic pouch that helps amplify that magic, however. However, while she might seem to say hateful things to Amitie, and be dismissive of her...she actually does care about her; she just only admitted it because she thought she was gonna die. She's still embarrassed of having admitted it. She also wishes to spend more time with the Skylanders...just that she'll probably mock them and act all high and mighty with them. All in all, a snobbish girl, but one that actually does have a heart underneath all that jerkishness...even if she prefers not to show it.
  8. " there a place I can put my bugs in?" asked Sig. "Some of them can't take this cold. "Oh, no worries, Sig! I'm sure they'll be fine if you just pick one of these buildings!" said Amitie. "Oh, but I wanted to ask...mind if I share one with you?" Sig could only smile. "Sure. I'd like it if you could." Sig (Puyo Puyo) - Main Character Element: Magic Battle Class: Sorcerer Category: N/A A young, spacey boy who loves bugs. His left arm and left eye turned red one day, but nobody's exactly sure how. Few know of his true origins; even he himself doesn't know about them. But what matters is the present. He can get stuff wrong and miss metaphors, though he means well. He's in a steady relationship with his girlfriend, Amitie, and in fact, came to the academy solely to check up on her. He's grown fond of the Skylanders, and goes on many adventures with them. But please, do not hurt Amitie if you know what's good for you; he's gone to great lengths for her, and won't back down if you hurt her. Don't hurt, or kill bugs in front of him either...or even let him know it was you who did it. It won't end well. All in all, he's spacey, yet also protective, but his heart's in the right place, and you might not find much difficulty in making friends with him.
  9. "I must go now." said Goemon. "Where ya going?" asked Lupin. "To train, and learn new things of this world. Do not worry; you will see me again." said Goemon. "Especially if it involves...certain individuals." "Well, if ya feel that way." said Lupin. "Might as well get a scope of where we are, too." said Jigen. "You too, Jigen?!" said Lupin. "Yeah. Writer thinks he has too many characters." said Jigen. "And frankly, I feel like it might be for the best anyways. We'll see ya around, don't worry." "Well, if you feel that way..." said Lupin. "Me? I'll stay right here! I'm still finding exciting challenges! Just don't forget to write, okay?!" said Lupin. "Right...gotta set up shop somewhere around here." Lupin the 3rd - Main Character Element: Non-elemental Battle Class: Bazooker Category: SuperCharger Grandson of the infamous phantom thief, Arsène Lupin, he's stolen many things from all around the world, from jewelry, to priceless artifacts, and all sorts of things! But don't take this to mean he doesn't have a heart, for during his heists, he's saved many people, and has even told Clarisse, princess of the country of Cagliostro, that she'd be better off living her life without him. He joined the Skylanders initially for no other reasons than for the challenge of it. And he got that challenge...but also made many friends along the way. He even sees Amitie as a little sister or sorts, having given her at least one noogie and looking out for her. All in all, he has a heart, but this does not mean he's a softie by any means; people like Pycal, Mamo, the Count of Cagliostro, General Headhunter, and countless other villains have learned this the very, very hard way.
  10. "Looks like this is our new home!" said Amitie. "It looks cold...hey, I'm not freezing!" "Well, might as well make myself at home!" she said with a smile. Amitie (Puyo Puyo) - Main Character Element: Magic Battle Class: Sorcerer Category: N/A A young, bright girl who dreams of becoming an amazing sorceress some day. She's not really the smartest one of the bunch, but her heart's in the right place, and she's one of the friendliest people you'll meet. She joined the Skylanders to help people out...a decision she only became more convinced was right upon being forced into Monokuma's Killing Game. She's also in a fairly steady relationship with her boyfriend, Sig, and has made many friends in the academy. Now she's in the Club Penguin area, where she and the Skylanders will be operating going forward. Don't mess with her just because she's friendly, though; she will help her friends to the best of her ability, and she won't back down. She's been learning some new magic, both in her pursuit of her dreams and out of a desire to help her friends. All in all, a very friendly face, but one you would do well not to mess with.
  11. "Are you okay, robot?!" said Amitie, not understanding that even that question may have caused issues. "Oh can I help this poor robot...?" said Amitie again, worried, and not even noticing that the Skylanders are at their new home.
  12. "I don't wanna clean..." said Raffina. "But if we have to..." "It sounds like it's real messy..." said Amitie. "Great..." said Lupin.
  13. "Hi!" said Amitie, waving at the robot. "Name's Amitie! Are you okay? Are you lost?" "What's up?" said Sig. "My name's Sig...I think."
  14. "I wouldn't think so..." said Amitie, still confused as to what just happened. "I get this feeling we shrugged it off before." said Lupin.
  15. "Is everyone alright...?" asked Amitie, worried for her friends, yet unsure of what happened. "I got a killer headache, but I'm fine!" said Lupin. "Why wouldn't I be okay?!" said Raffina...her head hurting still. "...I think Aku had too much of that funny drink." said Sig. "But I'm okay." "There is a reason we mustn't drink too much." said Goemon. "Even I've fallen victim to it." "You're tellin' me..." said Jigen. "Damn, this headache!"