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  1. A part of me wants to be excited for this, but another part of me has been burned by concepts I was down with too many times, so naturally, I'm gonna be a bit skeptical. This one goes into my "wait for the reviews" list.
  2. They say the best way to experience One Piece is to experience the manga due to the fact that the anime has some pacing issues that don't exist in the manga, but any filler arcs that are still worth a watch, at least? Or at the very least, any manga arcs the anime expanded in a good way?

    1. Ferno


      The G8 arc was a filler arc that was so good that it may as well have been canon. Also in recent memory the Zou arc of the anime was very well done.

    2. Adamabba


      It's not until Thriller Bark which is about 320 episodes in that the anime gets really bad with pacing, either way yea the manga is still better. I'd definitely recommend at least watching Water 7 in the anime tho

    3. Ferno


      I feel like it was also around the time of Thriller Bark that the anime moved away from the consistency of having simplistic-yet-functional animation in each episode, to every other episode or two having 10/10 animation in certain scenes, leaving other scenes or entire episodes to look noticibly lacking by comparison as an unintended side effect.

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I typically advocate the anime for the added atmosphere and VAs (sub only tho I'm sorry ferno I tried but I can't handle the dub forgive me) but I recently rewatched the first dozen arcs of the series, and basically:

      - The pacing and progression of the start is waaay different than the Manga, and while I thought it was great the first time I watched it, it also gave off the impression that Coby was far more important to the story than he really was, which kinda sets it up wrong. I liked the slow burn effect of the backstories for Luffy and Zoro, but honestly it can go either way imo. Pacing is just as fast, so really you can't go wrong with either

      - Orangetown is good in the anime. Fights slow down a bit, but overall it's just as fast as the Manga, and where the series starts to find its footing

      - Syrup village has great storytelling for the time, and Ussop is Ussop so of course the anime is the way to go, but fights start to drag out here; could have been handled better, but a solid adaption that's probably worth watching over the manga

      - Baratie starts off great, but as soon as the crew starts fighting, the pacing drops off a cliff. Honestly this is the start of all the series' problems, from dragging out fights, adding unnecessary commentary, reusing animation, butchering the pacing, and reducing the impact of basically everything that happens. Honestly once you reach the fighting, immediately skip to the end of the arc, and just read the action, even if it's through the scanlations sites. Anythings better than this one.

      - Arlong Park is where the anime thoroughly peaks, though, imo. I almost feel like Baratie was so poor because of Toei preparing for this arc, because hot dang. Animation gets an upgrade in quality, pacing is thoroughly perfect until the last few fights, and the way every episode begins and ends feels expertly crafted compared to the rest of the show, almost tailor made for the TV show model. There's nothing cut, nothing butchered, nothing lost in translation, and everything added through the show is just... So good. Watch this in the anime, by all means. It's worth it. Well, by the standards of the show, at least.

      - lougetown is great, no problems there

      - Warship island is an anime only filler arc, and personally, I loved it about as much as the rest of the stories when I first watched it. After going through the entire series, it's a biiiit long in the tooth with too little going on in comparison, but it is more adventures with luffy and the crew, which is more than can be said for

      - The buggy and Coby filler episodes somewhere around here. They are alright I guess, but when you just want to see more of the straw hats, they feel pretty pointless, and work a lot better as the cover stories in the Manga. Skip imo, unless you're fond of either two

      - Reverse mountain is okay. No pacing problems

      - Whisky peak is okay

      - Little garden is slightly poor with the Climax pacing but worth it for the two new character VAs 

      - Drum island has all kind of pacing problems, as this is where the show really abuses the flashbacks every other episode... But it's wierd because I did like that about it at first. Maybe the pacing was lost on me after I already know what happened, I dunno. Could be worth watching, could not, I can't tell.

      - Aaaaand then there's alabasta. If you haven't given up on the anime by this point, it'll be the make or break point where A) you love the voice actors, ost, and animation enough to tread through the longer arcs without much issue, or B) you get burnt out and Switch to the Manga, or lose all interest in the first place from the burnout itself

      The getting through the arc is crazy satisfying once it's done, and you'll love it regardless of format by that point, but the format choice could make or break whether you can make it through in the first place. If you want to play it safe and enjoy it regardless, read the Manga, but if you feel it's worth it, the anime is just as great in a lot of ways. It just suffers from a lot of the same problems with the previous arcs, but over the span of 100+ episodes rather than 30 or so.

      That's it, though. Never made it past Alabasta again yet, and I dunno if it'd be worth it when I know exactly how it goes. Pacing is important, yo


      G8 is great, though. If you ever read past Skypeia in the Manga, Switch over to the arc immediately after. It really adds to the series, imo

  3. Oh, no! I, the dark lord have sent you a Discord friend request. What shall you do?

  4. SurrealBrain

    Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon II Remakes Coming in 2019

    I did hear Panzer Dragoon: Orta had the original as an unlockable, but I don't think the sequel ever had that much, so I definitely look forward to this, especially if they're as expensive as people say. I do hope the remakes are solid enough, at least.
  5. SurrealBrain

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)

    The trophy girls probably won't be removed if Tawna remained in N. Sane. We might see a toned down redesign, but probably not an all out removal.
  6. SurrealBrain

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)

    I do kinda sorta look forward to this. It looks good, I like that they're using the N. Sane engine, and I hope it works well, and I hope the Switch version all fits on a cartridge (which, considering all of N. Sane could, there's no excuse not to be the same here). But since Activision is still publishing? I'm wondering if there will be a catch to this. I can't help but feel I should wait and see how this turns out. If there's no catch, I might buy it day 1. But I'm gonna play the wait and see game, and see how that goes.
  7. Every time I think Fallout 76 can't look any more unappealing, Bethesda finds a way to do just that. Like, holy moly, what is even going on there right now?

    1. Bloxxerboy


      I’ve seen just how shitty it is, but somehow my friends still enjoy it. Maybe I should give it a chance, but I’m not so sure.

  8. I look at the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood rerelease...yeah, I don't care how much better it might be compared to the old Funimation Blu-Rays, you cannot convince me it's so much better to be worth jacking up the price that high. But what do you expect out of Aniplex USA?

  9. I wouldn't bank on it anytime soon. Not gonna say it'll never happen again, but given Chronicles' reputation has been on a downturn and the legal issues the game caused...might take a while before anyone even attempts it again. In fact, it might be a while before anyone within Sega expresses so much as an interest in the idea, let alone puts it into action.
  10. It seems the general consensus is that it's solid. I know I want it. Sounds like something you'd play not to challenge yourself, but something to relax with after a game that put you to the test. Nothing wrong with that at all, I don't think.
  11. SurrealBrain

    bubsy: paws on fire - OH GOD, HE REALLY IS BACK

    The last one did look like it was made on a low budget as well; most likely, the people buying it out of curiosity, cluelessness, nostalgia and/or memes contributed.
  12. Well, I was already at the point with Smash Ultimate where they could have literally stopped revealing characters before the direct, and I would have been happy with the roster, so the new additions come off more as a bonus to me.

    1. Blacklightning


      I feel like they could have stood to reveal characters a little out of sequence here. K.Rool or the Belmonts would have been a much better note to go out on than a Pokemon, an echo and a fucking pot plant.

    2. Strickerx5


      Dark Pit was all we really needed anyway

    3. SurrealBrain


      @Blacklightning True, true, I do agree with that now that I think about it. I'm still pretty happy with the roster all around, but I do admit you have a point there.

    4. Ryannumber1gamer



      Well, everyone does need two armpits, I suppose.

    5. Strickerx5


      You're right

      and i need two angels

      i would've liked two hedgehogs

      but the main guy on the top floor was like "lol u see the shit that's happening right now? y'all don't deserve all that"

  13. SurrealBrain

    bubsy: paws on fire - OH GOD, HE REALLY IS BACK

    Welp. We got another Bubsy game. Bubsy's return is why I say other developers no longer have an excuse to keep their series dormant forever; if Bubsy of all series can come back, then so can another dormant series.
  14. So am I, but I'm not holding my breath. Worse comes to worst, there's always the bargain bin, and since it will have the entirety of Spyro 1 on there, I can get the PS1 versions of Spyro 2 and 3 if I want complete physical copies. It's not that I'm never gonna buy this, but the matter has made me decide it's best to wait for the bargain bin for this one.
  15. Honestly, barring the disc versions of Spyro 2 and 3 consisting of everything from the PS1 versions at the barest minumum, it looks like the disc will be bargain bin material for me. I gotta agree, these companies trying to force something a lot people aren't ready for yet. On the plus side, it's $40 that can go into replacing some DVDs that need to be replaced badly.

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