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  1. What I'm trying to say is that it's a little weird that those two intros have the exact same camera angle and running style in two different Sonic games. I know it's not as strange is Mario being in Sonic The Hedgehog(1991), so maybe I overdid it with the whole "mind blow" thing, but it's still interesting to me. Oh yea, and if I have to remove it because it isn't a HUGE mind blow, I will. P.S. Sorry, I didn't look at the date of which it was last posted on. I kind of just ran into it on Google.
  2. Sorry, it took me a while to finally finish editing it.
  3. OK, I'm not sure if someone else has already mentioned this, (Because I haven't read the entire thread.) but I've got an mind blow interesting little thing for you guys. And here it is: (Sorry about the size of them) Is it me, or is their a pattern here in the intros?
  4. At the moment, I would have to say Sonic Adventure 2 is my favorite game. For it's fantastic gameplay, and the time and devotion required to get all 'A's in the missions. Other than that, Sonic Senerations is a pretty close second.
  5. Checked that, we actualy went in and got the video signal directly from the genesis to our TV, so that's ruled out. But thanks for the sugestion! Oh, yea, and about the model, the model 2 is honestly my favorite. Mostly because of the size and shape, but I don't really care about the hardware unless it has a BIG difference in something other than video and sound. And just to let you know, I have checked out Sega-16, but I haven't signed up yet.
  6. Thanks man. I'll try it and see if I can get come help over there.
  7. Currently praying that somebody has the knowledge of older consoles to help me with my problem.

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