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  1. You're actually right, Sega could do that.... If Boom didn't, you know, totally fail as a game and medium to a beloved franchise. They would be better off engaging with the archie comics at this point, at least it's handled better.
  2. About the beauty products, it's not about Sega selling merchandise, of course they've always done that and it's obvious. It's them doing this and not handling the franchise right. It's kinda like how people have pointed out that Nintendo's Amiibos are selling more then their games. Not saying that myself, but what I've seen others talk about.
  3. Sonic was originally intended for all ages from the get go(though, he original creator though of him as mature), he was never aimed for "just kids" until Colors. There are these details you brought up but they brought them together to make the work well for all ages. In short, it's not a "kid's" franchise, it's for everyone. There's a huge difference, though one guy worded it in a sense that worked better, the theory that kids can be used as a term to apply to even adults, however, that's what makes it even worse when you make a series aimed for kids of a much younger age, it ruins it for EVERYONE. As far as caring for the franchise, I will until it ends, but I'm still gonna criticize when they handle it the way they are now, and still read the comics.
  4. -No need to be defensive. I doubt many people actually take the time to actually understand cool, so it's easier to just generalize it or ask what it is. Then again, I did post that Sly Cooper video for a good example of being cool. -True, but the fact of it is that it isn't that dark, and complaining about it while promoting the kiddeir side of things isn't doing the series any favors. -The fact of the matter is that it has accurate articulations on the subject, and to be honest, I never knew gamers ranting was a problem, it certainly never was when people talked smack about Shadow and 06, but as soon as it goes against the popular opinion, then people start to care about the posters attitude. I suppose I could translate it in a more, nicer, manner, but I'd still be getting the same point across, and you's still be asking what I mean since you have a vague understanding of what cool is. And no, when I say cool, it has nothing to do with popular trends in every few years, I mean characteristics, actions, tone, etc. in Sonic case, again, the balance, which we seem to have a certain level of understanding on. - Ironically, I was quoting Real Actual Princess Peach. You two aren't operating a group are ya? - Doesn't change anything. The game was out of it's mind.
  5. But when you have a series meant for a large audience that's meant to be cool and action-packed, you don't simply, just start making his games/other media, without it. You call it a box, but it's perfectly good one. And yes, I know this comment is not directed at me, but I'm use to being on forums where any and all posts are answered to. Good thing you brought up kids, Heru Sankofa actually played Lost Mind with a kid. Hilarity ensued. http://conflictingviews.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/what-one-kid-thinks-of-sonics-lost-mind/ "After more blood, sweat, and tears, we FINALLY got passed it, and went on to fight Zik. This fight was pretty tedious, but what tickled me was when Runt was going on about “Why does the old guy use fruit? I thought he was a ninja!” That he got from the low quality cutscenes they managed to shove into the handheld version. Blurrier than a youtube video."
  6. Sorry, my mistake, I didn't even notice his post, I saw yours after making a post, then refreshed the page after doing something.
  7. Just because you aren't the only one doesn't mean you're anymore right, just that you aren't the only one who reads what isn't there, not to mention there have been other times where people understood what I said clearly, the understanding is that Nintendo and their fans do pride themselves in that direction, most other gaming companies usually being more balanced or for the mature crowd, and you can't really approach Sonic from the mindset of anything having to do with Nintendo. However, you are right, they have baring on the subject, however, it's a point that mindset does not work for Sonic, and that's how a lot of fans these days look at him, making a topic about his characterization a jarring topic on the net, especially when you have people looking at Sonic Colors and other modern titles. Now, you and others may not being going off that mindset, so I'll try to digress from that point, and go back saying we should take the comics into account, since, most of Sonic's ideal characterization, lies in it. Yes, they have their flaws, but to look over them because it's not the games, especially with the way they've been handled, does not help in anyone's credit.
  8. I read the comics dude, so I can't see how you came to the conclusion, since the comics have all of that, WITH, better, less childish writing to boot. No where did I say I don't like anything with jokes, I don't like Colors, Lost World, because they are horribly written, go nowhere, and flat out lame.
  9. They and their fans attached themselves to that, I did not specifically say "Nintendo makes light hearted games", so there's no way to read that as such, or you would have to wonder how I got my avatar.
  10. I don't believe I said Nintendo only make light hearted games, but that's what they and their fanbase pride themselves on, and even as of late, their best games that actually are cooler end up being taken over by other devs, including Starfox, F-Zero, and Metroid, and we hardly see those compared to Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, and Anouma Zelda. Yes, there are light hearted games on other consoles, but they are hardly acknowledged by anyone in either the Sonic or Nintendo fandom. As far as Sonic Boom is concerned, yes, it's it's own thing, but that doesn't justify it's glaring flaws in writing. Can't even see how people ar eso quick to smack talk most of Sonic U.S. outings being seem to think we're suppose to give Boom a chance "Because it's different". This is directed at you, this what I generally see on some sites right now. A combo of that and having an extreme bias for light hearted games, usually, on Nintendo consoles, and one of their IP's. The thing people need to understand that, while SOJ run the company into the ground, Sega was about being cool first and foremost, advertising that they had the "big boy" games that people really wanted, with Sonic being marketed as a cool product for everyone to get into, not just another generic cartoon animal. Look back at the kind of games Sega has made over the years, then look at the ones Nintendo constantly made. Sega of made Streets of Rage to compete with Final Fight since Nintendo bought them out to be exclusive and still out did it, with one of the main turning points for this being Donkey Kong mainly because he was in 3D, which is pretty much the main game to get over Sonic, mainly for the graphics alone. Point is, you get a lot of people these days that think Sonic is suppose to be childish and "whimsical", when from where I'm standing, mainly one group of gamers actually giving a care about that aspect in general, while ignoring that even the classics were cooler and more balanced then the modern titles.
  11. While I have to agree on your last line, the whole thing about Sonic being a playful Loony Toon character is exactly why most of his copies failed back in the 90's: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MascotWithAttitude As much as you complain about the SATAM and Comics versions of Sonic, both are more well suited for most gamers these days then what we've got from Colors and Lost World, which is downright depressing to even take part in hearing, let alone in front of other people. Even then, Sonic would actually cut the "jock" whatever personality thing out and get down to business, but most of it came from confidence in knowing him and his team are able to pull through, and the banter that can sometimes come between friends, not to mention him being a teenager as well. However, if you take all that aside, even the tones of each version has a glaring difference, and the Western Sonic is for more dynamic and entertaining then the Japanese version, not just in characteristics, but writing, tone, music, etc. The Japanese version only seems to work with people who want to play it safe and may or may not have huge hate for any game "that tried to hard to be serious". While AOSTH isn't really that great of a cartoon, the westernization of Sonic is what really got people hooked, even if you say it's the games that attracted them and didn't have much of what we saw in SATAM, we still have Sonic's face in most of this box arts, which speaks a lot more then people would like to believe.
  12. But as I said before, I don't look at the mental barriar people put up between the comics and the games, I look at how they are begin handled, and the games are being handled much worse then they seem to think. We're not getting BS like that now. I mean, do you even know how long it's been since that happened, or anything like that? And if anything, I found it to be an interestingly funny isssue due to Tails kicking Sonic's a**, extra points with the banter from the bad guys back there in their cells. Also, underminding Snic's character? pfft, he's an even better and mroe dynamic character even under those circumstances. All I see here is you taking a personal issue you have and making it a bigger problem then it is, and I really can't see the big deal in the games taking some pointers from the comics when again, the games have been handled for less better. It may be the lesser of two evils but one that I'm sure most people would be better off with. That couldn't be further from the truth actually. Complex plot or not, the overall writing of the game was bad and "two best friends minding their own business" doesn't justify it, nor furthers it in anyway. Even at that point, they were there to investigate Eggman in the first place. or should I say, Sonic was and Tails being nieve about Eggman's plans despite the few years they've spent fighting him. Now, here's some good examples of "Two best friends", especially when a lot of it stems from the action or their own actions:
  13. I don't really look at that barriar people put up between the games, comics, and other media, all I see is who's handling Sonic better, and while the statesments are vague, I will link the whole article, though I do think they could give more detail then just being awesome in some points. Nevertheless, I had ot add that because the way Sonic's been handled in the resent games since Colors doesn't really sit well with a lot of people outside forums like this, the bit about Sega deciding to aim them only at kids and fanboys who have a problem with anything dark doesn't help, and people only seeming to like the humor for actually being there rather then actually being funny. While you do have a point that we can see in other media in what's posted in the picture, well, that's the point of posting it. It's not just because "IT'S ARCHIE" but because it can work for Sonic in general. Also, that article, which I do think could use more detail, if anything, the people it's aimed at don't do much of a good job in explaining why it's bad either: http://theezekiel300.deviantart.com/art/Pro-Archie-Sonic-To-the-anti-Archie-Club-383228845
  14. Replace that colors bit with this and we in business:
  15. This was why I brought up the archie comics before, they do a good job with this because the comedy isn't over baring and forced for kids sake. Sonic can be all that, but as far as comedy goes, the games have done a very poor job of that. In the comics? Sonic's remarks or more like quick quips, kinda like Spider-Man with more style.
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