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  1. I just finished watching the finale. I have to say, it was pretty fun, and I'm kind of relieved. Anything could have happened with Shadow and it could have easily gone wrong, but it was fun and lighthearted instead of being either too serious or "offensive" to fans. Even when there's valid criticism to throw at it, the episode was so over the top that I find it easy to forgive.
  2. Crap, now we are one year closer to SEGA repeating the same mistakes again.
  3. I find it rather concerning that they're now focusing on Sonic in particular with their statements. Back when Haruki's article came out he spoke of letting down fans but didn't name any franchise, and now it appears they really have they eyes on Sonic and it makes me uncomfortable. Under normal circumstances it would be a good thing for someone to say that they'll focus on improving something, but the trust is just not there for SEGA. The fact that they say "we might lose some fans over this!" out of the blue doesn't help a single bit. I have no idea why he would even make that remark, it only serves to grow more concern and uncertainty.
  4. Oh wow, I really wonder what's going on. If they're actually going to release it next year, between what Sonic Team has been working on for so long and whatever else the 25th anniversary brings to the table, this is going to be more overlooked than Sonic Dash Boom.
  5. Well, fuck. I hadn't spun the roulette since Classic Sonic was on it, and with the RSR I had saved I got 17 "rare" eggs (I don't know why they're called like that if they're actually the most common kind) out of 18 spins, and no character egg.
  6. Keep in mind that I have no idea about any of this, but according to this, Haruki Satomi has been the director of Sega of America since 2012. Wouldn't that mean he had a part in Boom since its beginning?
  7. Yeah, same thing happened to me. No league notification, reward, or promotion. At least before when league promotions got bugged you still received your reward I think.
  8. I've been having trouble playing for the past few days and more lately it got to the point where the game wouldn't even go past the first loading screen. Strange I saw no one complaining about those problems too, was I the only one? I hope the maintenance... makes it at least playable again.
  9. Given how likely they are to actually follow through with what they've said, maybe they just needed to make their periodic statement of apology and chose to put the blame into something most people would agree with. Personally, I'm not sure what to make of this. I don't believe it would take anyone so many years and failed tries to realize what they are doing wrong, and as people have said, it's not the first time they apologize and then proceed to continue screwing up as if nothing had happened. Both things are kind of offensive, to be honest, but in the end it's not like they owe me to make good products. On the other hand, while the comment in the interview isn't really reassuring because of precedent, it doesn't really hurt anyway. I just really hope they don't screw up the anniversary next year.
  10. Original Film was mentioned in the original article here. Unless I missed something it sounds like Original Film is involved as well.
  11. So... Omega and Rouge are now available. Do you think they'll release Shadow soon or will they save him for later? I'm wary of spending my red rings.
  12. I have wanted to watch the traffic from the game for a while but I'm way too lazy. Why? It's just a bunch of HTTP requests. It not really performance intensive and doesn't even begin to compare to the performance requirement of running the game itself. Also, do you have the reponse packets to the requests? How much do they weigh?
  13. I got the same bug as some other people where the game hangs at several different places: title screen, when loading notification popups in game, when loading a level, and so on. It's not that it "hangs" actually, you still hear the music correctly for instance, it just never finishes whatever it is that it's doing and just stays in the same screen forever. Honestly, I think it's for the better, it makes the decision to stop playing easier, I don't think it's worth the grind to get the rewards.
  14. Huh, pretty cool that they call him Classic Sonic. It would've been kind of lame if he was called "Legacy" Sonic or something else. Anyway, on my end it keeps crashing and there's no update according to the Google playstore. I guess I'm gonna have to wait.
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