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  1. It will indeed be interesting once more of the children who grew up with the meta era start making their voices heard in Sonic discussions on the internet. I wonder what their relation to Adventure/dark era fans and classic era fans will be. Like, if meta era fans generally feel that Sonic should have a light tone, since that is the Sonic they are used to, then maybe they will join the remaining classic fans in their dislike of the stories and tones of the adventure/dark era?
  2. I love Sonic Heroes, but I probably shouldn't.
  3. Young people in general place way to much value on popular culture these days. They act as if movies and video games are the primary battlefield where the fate of peoples well being is being fought. And rest assured, I'm talking about both the left AND the right wing here. Left-wingers act as if someone just suggested we should kill all jews if they see a female cartoon character whose tits are too big, while right-wingers act the exact same way if they see a cartoon character whose tits are too small. They're both equally ridiculous overreactions. It's just cartoons. It's just tits. I know that we all love to think about cartoons and tits, but in terms of the welfare of human beings there ARE more important topics to think about. And just to be clear I'm not saying that pop culture in unimportant. But if a societys popular culture was what truly shaped that society in real life, then Japan would have by far the highest murder and rape numbers in the world considering what kind of hyper violent and hyper sexual popular culture they produce and consume, but yet they obviously dont. Please people, first try give just a little more thought and energy to how human beings can help each other live long and healtly lives free from violence and oppression, even if that means spending a little bit less time thinking about cartoon tits.
  4. Same here. Although in my case part of it has to do with the fact that I personally DONT like the movie.
  5. Nah, if it would have happened at all it would have happened already. We've lived through Sonic 06 and Rise of Lyric. We can live through anything. Also, it seems to me that nowadays when fans decide to boycott a franchise or products it usually has to do with real or imagined political issues relating to that franchise. Like how a lot of right-wing oriented Star Wars fans decided to boycott the franchise on the grounds of a percieved progressive agenda. That's one thing I like about the Sonic fanbase; we have a ton of issues with each other, but those issues are rarely political. I guess there were a few right-wingers who didn't like when the Boom subfranchise decided to make Amy less stereotypically feminine, and there might be a few left-wingers who have a problem with Rouge's boobs, but those are very marginal and individual examples.
  6. When it comes to video games, I have the attention span of an ant, so a speedy game with near constant action is my cup of tea. Also, platform games are my favorite genre by far, so a speedy platformer is basically the ideal kind of game for me. Due to this, I'm usually able to enjoy even the sub-par Sonic platform games (with exceptions of course).
  7. Indeed. Honestly, this might sound excessive, but I believe that in order for Sega to truly build up Sonic's reputation again they would need to make great games consistently for somewhere around 10-15 years, in other words long enough for en entire new generation of gamers to grow up in an era where Sonic games are acclaimed as opposed to mocked.
  8. If the Sonic franchise had ended in 2004, it would probably on the whole have been fondly remembered despite already having made questionable steps. The good would have vasty outweighed the bad. If it were to end now however... it would already be way way way to late to save the series reputation. An entire generation of gamers have grown up with the idea that Sonic is cringy and terrible and has a cringy and terrible fanbase. I'm sorry to have to put it that way, but that is the image associated with the series. I swear to god, I can't count the number of times I've casualy mentioned Sonic in online conversation and some young whippersnappers spontaneus reply have been something like "Sanic is the cringiest thing in all of gaming!". Sigh.
  9. My only wish for this movie is that it, unlike the first one, isn't garbage. I'm holding my thumbs. Seriously. the first one was as good as the live action Garfield movies. I'm not saying I'm expecting the next movie to be great or even particularly good, just that they raise the bar from that absolute lowest-common-denominator dreck that that the first one was and make something with a hint of personality and originality. Good children's movies are coming out all the time and I see no reason why a Sonic movie can't be one of them.
  10. That's from the racing portion of the Twinkle Park stage in Sonic Adventure.
  11. Well, my friend had a miniature Sonic themed pinball machine back in the 90's, which is an object I don't think I've ever seen being brought up in online Sonic discussions.
  12. For me personally, the peak of the internet was the 00's. And part of it was the fact that at the time, the internet was still seen as something fundamentally different from real life. Basically, people didn't take the internet seriously; it was a fun toy that you used on your spare time. This means that the internet as a social platform wasn't considered to have the same stakes as real life. Someone saying something stupid on the internet wasn't considered the same thing as saying something stupid in real life. This created a playful and iconoclastic internet culture where being funny was basically the end point to everything. Meanwhile nowadays, there basically is no difference between our internet identities and our real life identities. People percieve their lives on the internet to have the same importance as their lives in general. This means that people are expected to behave essentially the same on the internet as they do in larger society. Basically, the internet is "serious business" in a way that it wasn't 15 years ago. The internet of 15 years ago was like a raunchy Las Vegas Casino "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". I miss that anarchic spirit.
  13. Trust me young ones, as bad as being on the internet can be nowadays, it's nothing compared to being on the internet in the 90's, when you seriously had to wait 45 minutes for a single image to load.
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