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  1. My favorite Sonic tidbits: 1: Vector believes in God. The japanese Chaotix manual mentions that he thought that the sudden apperance of the new island was a miracle from God, so he went there as a sort of a pilgrimage. 2: Blaze is embarrassed over her small chest size, as mentioned in a leaked production document from Sonic 06. 3: And finally, pre-pubescent/infant Chao can actually breed, but when they do, the offspring is stillborn. This actually happens in-game in Sonic Adventure during the right circumstances (the game ourright tells you "the Chao is still"). So there you go, the Sonic series contains religion, body-image problems, pre-pubescent sex, and stillbirth.
  2. I can't help but notice that a lot of people AREN'T mentioning Sonic 2, even though that is the most critically acclaimed game in the series. Not trying to put anyones opinion down, but it's an observation.
  3. All of the Classic Mega Drive games, CD, the two Adventure games and Heroes are the ones I keep returning to again and again, year after year. Oh and also Mean Bean Machine. The multiplayer is addictive and I'm sure I'm going to keep playing it with my brothers for the rest of my life.
  5. I'd call the past six years or so the schizophrenic era. Say what you wan't about the Adventure era but at least it had a somewhat grasp on it's own identity in terms of general style and "feel". The past few years however have been a complete mess in that regard. We've had weird experiments like Lost Word, Classic nostalgia pandering like Mania, half-baked adventure era fanservice like Forces, and a completely failed sub-franchise in Sonic Boom, all at once. And the only thing that seems to work is the classic nostalgia pandering, Everything else just falls flat on it's face. In short, the current era is a mess that doesn't know ANYTHING about it's own identity other than the fact that Classic Sonic sells.
  6. I'm not surprised this exists. Sonic was a PHENOMENON back in the day, all over the world. As someone who was around back then (born in 86) I honestly find it difficult to express to younger fans just how big a deal Sonic was at the time.
  7. I will say this: I do miss the days when the Sonic series was written by japanese writers. Stories like the ones from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 simply doesn't come from the western writers that have been running the show for a while now.
  8. Sonic was so explosively popular among gamers in the early 90's that some of that popularity still lingers among those who grew up at that time. That's why every video game store still sells Sonic t-shirts and other merchandize despite the fact that the actual Sonic GAMES as of late have a hard time Selling (and also why so much merchandize is based on Classic Sonic as opposed to modern Sonic). Basically, people pf a certain generation still love the IDEA of Sonic because of what he once was, even if they have since long stopped giving a hoot about his new games. It's the same deal as with certain other characters like for instance Pac-man. Everyone wants a cool Pac-man cap or mug, but nobody cares about his new games.
  9. Yeah, Sonic's universe as of Sega's current canon is a complete mess. I'll never be able to get over the fact that we are now supposed to accept that the Classic games didn't even happen in the same universe as the modern games... Sigh, it makes me nostalgic for the days when the biggest continuity screw-up we had to wrap our heads around was the whole "is Blaze from the future or from the Sol dimension"-thing. That issue seems downright quaint compared to what we have to deal with now.
  10. batson


    Fun fact: I started watching the series back in 2004 with the intention to watch the whole show... and I STILL have episodes left. Over the years I've sometimes gone months without watching a single episode and then suddenly started watching it again when i feel like it. So yeah, this show has been on my constant to-do list for 15 straight years. When I started my journey with it I was a teenager and now I'm a 32 year old man. The day I finally watch the last episode of it is actually going to be a bit sad, since it will feel like a really really long chapter of my life is finally ended.
  11. Darkseid and Freeza would turn Sonic into dust in an instant. These are guys that can go toe-to-toe with Superman and Goku, respectively, after all. I doub't even Super Sonic would last a single moment against them, but I'm not really certain. As for the Joker though, Sonic could kick his ass with ease. Joker is just a regular human after all, and the usual technology he has at his disposal tends to be well below that which Eggman usually offers as resistance.
  12. That would be an excellent excuse to get rid of some of the "shitty friends" that people outside the hardcore fanbase always complain about. And as for which ones would be the ones to go, it would probably be smartest to just get rid of the ones with the most haters. That would probably mean Shadow (core fans love him, but casual fans and non-fans see him as everything wrong with the series), Amy (she has her fans, but most people seem to find her annoying), Big, Silver, Cream and Charmy.
  13. I don't like Mike Pollock's Eggman voice. I remember hearing a few voice clips of him way back when Sonic X had just premiered in the US, and I thought he sounded too much like a typical "big strong angry" type cartoon villain, not like an intelligent and devious scientist. This was of course back when we still had the magnificent Deem Bristow doing the character in the games, and Pollock just couldn't compare. Then in 2005 when Bristow sadly passed away and I started hearing rumors about Pollock taking over his role I was not happy about it. I actually briefly chatted with Pollock online about the possibilty of him taking over the role, and obviously I kept my feelings on that matter to myself (I didn't wanna be a jerk) but in the back of my mind I was really hoping that Sega would settle with someone else. Then of course things turned out to be infinitely worse than I ever would have imagined when the ENTIRE CAST from the games was replaced with the 4kids cast. It still kinda breaks my heart thinking about it. Over the years I have grown to accept Pollocks Eggman, but I'm still not a fan. I will say however that I definitely think he has improved over the years. He no longer SCREAMS out his lines in a shrill voice the way he often did in Sonic X. I also think this is one of those cases where the actors natural ageing makes his voice for a character sound more natural as he can probably no longer strain his voice in the way he used to, which ends up being a positive thing. It's similar to how the woman who voiced Bulma in the japanese version of Dragon Ball started out with a really high pitched and annoying voice for the character but by the time Dragon Ball Super came around her voice her changed to the point of being really pleasant to listen to.
  14. Jim Carrey as Eggman sounds pretty good to me. Some might say that this choice prevents the movie from having a darker tone but, let's be real now, the movie was never gonna be especially dark anyway. There is just no way that we were ever going to see something like Batman Begins featuring a cartoon hedgehog. And speaking of Batman, Jim Carrey did a fine job as The Riddler in Batman Forever, a movie that balanced bewteen relative darkness and complete goofyness. So having Carrey play the main villain in a movie is not a guarantee that the movie is going to be ENTIRELY silly. We can probably asume that Eggman will be a silly character, but that doesn't mean that other parts of the film can't be played somewhat seriously.
  15. Yes, but the MAIN Marvel universe remains the same even though it has been presented in about a billion different artstyles and has had tonal shifts that makes the Sonic series look consistent by comparasion.
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