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  1. In terms of game quality, the worst era was probably the mid 00s. However, as others have pointed out, that era ironically happens to correspond with a sort of golden age of the online fanbase. Nowadays we live in an era of mediocre games and a dwindling fanbase, to the point where if I am to be completely honest I actually feel a large dose of nostalgia for the aforementioned 00s period...
  2. One strange aspect of "mobian" culture is that kids seem to move out of their parents home and live alone before they are even in their teens.
  3. I'd take away the rule that females in the series must always be fully clothed and males must never be fully clothed. It's such an insanely arbitrary and weird rule and (especially in regards to males not being allowed to wear clothes) it limits design choices for characters.
  4. The credit for the idea to this topic goes to marco9966, who casually mentioned the idea in another thread. So what canonical elements of the Sonic universe do you wish didn't exist or were different? For me, the number one thing is totally the "the classic games are a different dimension" thing, but I've already went on about that in other threads recently... I also kinda wish that the characters official ages could have been different, by which I mean they could have been older. As a rule of thumb, I feel that most characters could have easily been 10 years older than they are. Sonic would have been 25, Amy 22, Vector 30, ect.
  5. So, have you guys seen the leaked final episode or what?
  6. I think it's fair to say that they ARE pandering to classic fans, they're just not doing it WELL.
  7. So like the narcissist I am, I was going through old threads that I've started on this board over the years, and I came upon a thread from 2009 where I pointed out how the new Sonic games neglected to make references to the classic games. And my, how things have changed since then. Here in blue is my original post from that old thread: You know, sometimes it almost feels like the post-Sonic Adventure games take place in a completely different continuity than the 16-bit games. The entire world of Sonic looks and sounds so different. And even if Sega insists on doing the new games in a different style than the classics, couldn't they at least insert a few more references to the old games storywise? The first Sonic Adventure is the only 3D Sonic game that, in my opinion, actually feels like it takes place in the "old" Sonic universe, despite the graphical changes. For one thing, the story largely concerns elements introduced in the classics, like the whole thing with Angel Island, the Master Emerald and the lost echidna race. And also, Gammas story expands on the iconic scenario of Eggman imprisoning animals inside robots (which was such a major part of the classic games, and in fact pretty much the entire story behind the first game). And there were also so many little things, like Sonic's classic jumping sound-effect, the capsules with animals inside at the end of every level, ect. And to this day, this game remain the only 3D Sonic game where the characters make direct references to specific events in the classics namely Amy remembering the events in CD and Sonic commenting that Knuckles had been fooled by Eggman before. Also, there was Tails flashback to when he first met Sonic, which was pretty much a re-enactment of a scenario mentioned in the Jpanese Sonic 2 manual. Oh, and lets not forget Metal and Mecha Sonic's cameo. I just dont get it. Why dont any other new games reference the classics like this? I mean, they often reference events that happened in other new Sonic games. Why cant they ever have Sonic mentioning Green Hill Zone, or Eggman re-building his Egg Robo's? The only other new Sonic game that had a mentionable number of references like these was Chronicles, and that wasn't even made by Sega... ...and then here we are, a decade after that post was written, and we now live in a world where SEGA can't get ENOUGH of references to classic games. Sonic 4 and Sonic Mania are just the tip of the ice-berg, since there are also the countless re-visits to Green Hill Zone, the re-emergence of the Death Egg and Classic badniks, ect ect. References to the classic games went from being neglected to, if anything, being over-used to the point of exhaustion. Back in the day we had classic fans (such as myself) feeling neglected while nowadays the classic fans are pandered to while the Adventure fans are feeling neglected! I dunno, I just find this complete shift to be interesting. Thoughts?
  8. What? I'm just pointing out the circle of life!
  9. Oh. Well then, the premise to this whole topic was sorta went out the window.
  10. Charmy hasn't been playable in 16 years. Not in a spin-off, not in anything. We all have our favorite characters and we all wish that they would make more frequent playable appearances. But I think we must all agree that the fans with the worst luck are Charmy fans. 16 YEARS. A baby born on the same year Charmy was last playable might have already lost his virginity. God damn...
  11. I agree 100%. Like, what's up with coming up with a new comedic duo for every continuity instead of just keeping the originals.
  12. You saw the title. For me, I kinda wish that Cosmo was part of the game canon. Or more specifically, Tails' history with Cosmo. I just feel that Tails' character has more depth to him if we consider the whole storyline with Cosmo as something that happened. Another aspect of Sonic X that I wouldn't mind being in the games is Vectors crush on Vanilla. It's just a fun and endearing little detail.
  13. Considering that, accorading to that leaked Sonic 06 production document, Blaze is actually embarassed by her flat chest, I think she herself wouldn't mind artists drawing her with a more voluptious body. 😆
  14. That's what I try to do. But, in the immortal words of Silver the Hedgehog "it's no use". I just can't let it go. Like I said, it completely ruins the Sonic franchise as a work of fiction worth being invested in. I can still enjoy Sonic as purely a game series, but I just can't muster up any kind of excitement for the world that they take place in anymore. And the sad part about that is that, like I said, I've spent decades pondering the Sonic universe. For God's sake, a lot of members on this board were toddlers back in like 2003 when I debated with people on how to interpret the cutcenes in Sonic Adventure and how they differ between character's perspectives. And I dunno, somehow the fact that something I've been doing for so long suddenly becomes completely disinteresting to me because of one lousy corporate decision on SEGA's part just makes me really frustrated. It's such an anti-climax to such a long road.
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