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  1. Yes it is, compared to how things used to be. The general idea back in the day was that all the games took place on ONE world; the classic games, the modern games, the games featuring humans, the games not featuring humans. But now it's all messed up and stupid beyond belief. Take a game like Sonic Adventure and try to have it make sense when taking the current approach to the Sonic universe into account. It features the modern versions of the characters but you have characters making references to things that happened in the classic games ("Knuckles, don't tell me you let Eggman trick you AGAIN?"). The game features humans, but also features Angel Island, a location from the classic games which did not feature any humans except Eggman. So, which dimension and which planet does the game take place in? See, it's confusing and stupid.
  2. I know I'm late to reply for this topic, but I wonder what will happen to her Simpsons characters. Unlike her Disney characters who will obviously be recast, The Simpsons has a tradition of retiring characters when their voice actor dies. And I'd really hate to see Martin Prince go...
  3. If we were still in 2009, I would have just said that I consider all of the games except Spinball and Mean Bean Machine to all take place in one big uber-continuity. Bu alas, here we are in stinking 2019 where we have to accept the insanity that the classic games and the modern games take place in different dimensions... except that the events of the classic games did take place in the modern games dimension as well but perhapes witrh slight differences. Oh and also, there is one planet with furries and another one with humans and some games take place on one world and others on the other world. And then there is Boom. Basically, the world of Sonic is now so screwed up that I personally no longer bother to think in terms of canon anymore.
  4. Dude, I was intentionally using the words that others use when describing the Sonic fanbase. They're the ones "wronly pairing" the fanbase with a real disorder, not me. Don't shoot the messenger. EDIT: Though to be fair, I will admit I should have used quotation marks to make my intended usage of the phrase more clear.
  5. That's absolutely true. However, the height of Sonic's online presence was probably the 00's. The internet simply wasn't that big of a thing yet in the early 90's when Sonic's true golden age took place. So while the amount of people who were into Sonic was at it's peak around 1991-1994, the amount of people who actively took part in the fanbase was probably at it's peak sometime around 2002-2008 or so. I think I myself is a good example of these trends since I was a huge fan of Sonic in the mid 90's but I only became a regular participant of the online fanbase in 2003.
  6. Well you all saw the title... The reason I'm asking is because personally, it really seems to me like the fanbase is neither as large or as active as it was in the 00's. It's just the impression I get. Back then, the fanbase was notoriously active all across the internet. Even non-fans were keenly aware of such phenomeneon as Sonic fan-characters popping up absolutely everywhere. I seemto recall a lot more young people (I'm talking 10-15 year olds) coming in to the fanbase than there is now. SA2:B and Sonic X were huge cataclysts for bringing new blood into the fandom, something that more modern games and the Sonic Boom TV show just doesn't seem to do as effectively. So what do you think? Is all of this just something that a nostalgic old fool like myself is imagining, or is it a fact?
  7. Honestly, judgning by Naka's comments on the original idea behind Sonic, I'd say that it's the complete opposite; during the early 90's, the western branch of SEGA is the one that kept his bad boy attitude intact, while the japanese branch took Sonic in a cutesy direction. Just look at any western Sonic commercial and compare them with any japanese Sonic commercial from that era. Sonic in the west was oozing with attitude while Sonic in the east at the same time was very "kawaii".
  8. I definitely agree that Sega's fumbles with the Sonic series over the past two and a half decade have negatively impacted the publics view of the company as a game delevoper in general. Sonic is the flagship series of the company after all, and it has a reputation as a terrible series that only weirdo autistic furries still cling on to.
  9. Since day one (in other words since the movie was first announced) I have felt that if the movie turns out to even be decent it would have to be considered a triumph. Let's be real here; we were never going to get a great live action Sonic movie, anymore than we were ever going to get a great Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. It just wasn't gonna happen. After the release of the trailer however I suspect that it won't even be decent. Everything in the trailer, to me, suggests a 30% at Rotten Tomatoes kinda movie (and several of those people that will give it a pass are probably only gonna do so because of Jim Carrey).
  10. Question: Is the brony fandom going to make the transition from G4 to G5? I mean, the fandom has basically prided itself on NOT being a general MLP fanbase (not being into the previous generations) but rather specifically a MLP:G4 fanbase. So once G4 ends, are bronies in general just going to stick with being into only G4 for all eternity, or are they going to migrate to G5? Obviously the answer is that it will vary from person to person but, again, I'm speaking in general terms... As for me personally, I actually belong to those few people of male gender who was into MLP even before G4 came along, namely I was into G1 for purely nostalgic reasons since it happened to have been one of my favorite shows when I was a small child. So I've already seen MLP generations come and go, and frankly I haven't been all that interested in any of the newer generations, instead mostly just being curious as to how much content from G1 will carry over to the newer incarnations (from this perspective G4 has been a mixed bag, sometimes going entire seasons without anything new from G1 being adapted, but with characters like Tirek, Grogar or the Smooze nevertheless popping up frequently enough for me to keep having an eye on the show). So when G5 comes along it will pretty much be buisness as usual for me.
  11. I miss the days when Nickelodeon cartoons actually had their own artstyle. Back in the 90's, there was no mistaking a Nicktoon from a Cartoon Cartoon (aka a cartoon fron Cartoon Network). But at some point around the turn of the century Nick began appropriating the CN style of animation, to the point where nowadays there is literally nothing that differences the respective channels output. And hell, even Disney has of the past 18 years or so dropped it's own traditional style in favor of the super-stylized CN look...
  12. Cream is one of the least interesting characters in the series, so I'm not opposed to doing something to radically change her. But to have a former main character, a six year old child at that, changed to permanently being a brain-washed villain? That's just a bit to dark for this series...
  13. Honestly, ever since the days of Sonic X, the franchise as a whole seem to have forgotten that Tails can actually fight. Sure he can of course still attack enemies when he is a playable character, but the narratives often seem to imply that he is just this weak little kid who can't fight anything unless he has a weapon at hand.
  14. One thing I can ay about the female characters in general is that, as with most japanese franchises, they are for the most part very stereotypically feminine, although in different ways. Cream is the "cute little girl", while Amy is the "lovestruck teenager", and Rouge is the "seductive woman". Blaze's personality is less stereotypically feminine, but then again, she certainly looks stereotypically feminine with her pony-tail and her purple color scheme. But like I said, this is to be expected from a japanese franchise. While western media have more and more moved towards portraying female characters whose gender is pretty much irrelevant, Japan continues to go by the traditional point of view that seems to be "what's the point of a character being a girl if she isn't girly?".
  15. So this youtuber called Max G created a video suggesting how the Sonic movie could have been made differently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvdRtsMxjmc As a 90's kid myself, what I dig most about his idea is the whole 90's angle he suggests for the movie, with the movie being set in the 90's, having a 90's soundtrack, Sonic having his 90's design, ect ect. That would be so awesome.
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