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  1. And the strange part of Forces' failure is that unlike most of the big flops in this franchise, the game wasn't some kind of bold new experiment. Most of the time when a Sonic game fails it's because it tries something totally new for the series that end up just not working, like the Werehog in Unleahsed or the slower pace and spherical level design of Lost World. Forces on the other hand was at it's core simply yet another instance of a gameplay that Sonic Team has already done successfully in Colors and Generations. It's such a tremendous shame, and it came so out of the blue, that the developers so completely dropped the ball on something that they by all accounts should have been able to do well.
  2. About Sonic Forces, it makes me genuinly as that it turned out as bad as it did. Because prior to the games release, it really seemed like the game that might appeal to the majority of the fanbase instead of just a part of it. Think about it; it featured the boost gameplay that modern fans enjoy, it fetaured classic Sonic in 2D levels for classic fans (and we could all at least hope that they might have actually improved Sonic's physics since Generations) and the games presentation seemed to appeal to the long-ignored Adventure fans, with it's more serious tone and vocal music tracks. And then there was the concept of players being able to make their own avatar character, something that seemed like the perfect gift for the fancharacter obsessed Sonic community. But then the game got released and it all just came crumbling down when it turned out that the gameplay was bad, in extremely sharp contrast to Colors and Generations, which is something that I for one definitely did not expect. And so the game that was supposed to unite the fanbase turned out to be nothing other than yet another in the long line of sub-par Sonic games. Like I said, it still makes me sad thinking about it.
  3. Nothing Disney has done to the series is anywhere near as bad as The Phantom Menace...
  4. Anyone else remember the Sonic Zone forums? I'm sad that it's gone forever, since that's where I spent my teenage years. I would love to be able to go back and read my posts from those days and just cringe at them.
  5. batson

    September 11

    I have the same morbid fascination. I think it has to do with the fact that, in retrospective, there is a definite "before and after" 9/11 in terms of world politics. The 9/11 attacks singlehandedly ended the 1990's (much more so than new years eve 1999 did). The 1990's was a "breather" decade after the cold war ended, but then 9/11 came along and made the world aware of another schism, that between western civilization and islamic fundamentalism.
  6. batson

    September 11

    So it's that time of the year again. I've made topics like these on various forums for a lot of years, because it never cease to interest me to hear about people's memories of one of the most significant events of the 21st century. So let's once again share our recollections of that day. As for me, as a 14 year old in Sweden, when I first heard of the attacks I didn't at all realize that magnitude of the event and could'nt even begin to realize the effect that it would have on world history. To be honest, I largely saw the attacks as just yet another "tragedy in another, far-away part of the world" that you heard about on the news all the time. However I soon noticed how the adults around me talked about the attacks as something absolutely incredible, and i began to dawn on me that things were not going to be "buisness as usual" in the world. The day after, my friend and I even began to speculate whether this was the starting point to world war 3. What are you're memories of September 11 2001?
  7. Nah, Tails has had a pot belly ever since his redesign in Sonic Adventure. It was especially noticable in Sonic X.
  8. Really? I have to disagree on that. As far as I remember, the chasm between classic and Adventure fans was huge at the time. I actually feel that this conflict have somewhat lessened over time if mostly just due to the fact that most of the original classic fans have left the fanbase at this point...
  9. As someone who used to have vivid discussions about Eggman with you back in the day, it's kinda interesting to see you say that. Because yeah, I remember your opinions regarding the characters depth of personality. You really saw something in Eggman that I didn't, that's for sure! I should say though that I am in the same boat as you, since I also used to have rather strong opinions on the franchise that I've lately loosened up on. I guess once you reach the age of 30, somehow a fictional universe and the fictional people in it doesn't seem quite as "serious" a thing as it did back when you were a young lad with a head full of imagination.
  10. Yes it is, compared to how things used to be. The general idea back in the day was that all the games took place on ONE world; the classic games, the modern games, the games featuring humans, the games not featuring humans. But now it's all messed up and stupid beyond belief. Take a game like Sonic Adventure and try to have it make sense when taking the current approach to the Sonic universe into account. It features the modern versions of the characters but you have characters making references to things that happened in the classic games ("Knuckles, don't tell me you let Eggman trick you AGAIN?"). The game features humans, but also features Angel Island, a location from the classic games which did not feature any humans except Eggman. So, which dimension and which planet does the game take place in? See, it's confusing and stupid.
  11. I know I'm late to reply for this topic, but I wonder what will happen to her Simpsons characters. Unlike her Disney characters who will obviously be recast, The Simpsons has a tradition of retiring characters when their voice actor dies. And I'd really hate to see Martin Prince go...
  12. If we were still in 2009, I would have just said that I consider all of the games except Spinball and Mean Bean Machine to all take place in one big uber-continuity. Bu alas, here we are in stinking 2019 where we have to accept the insanity that the classic games and the modern games take place in different dimensions... except that the events of the classic games did take place in the modern games dimension as well but perhapes witrh slight differences. Oh and also, there is one planet with furries and another one with humans and some games take place on one world and others on the other world. And then there is Boom. Basically, the world of Sonic is now so screwed up that I personally no longer bother to think in terms of canon anymore.
  13. Dude, I was intentionally using the words that others use when describing the Sonic fanbase. They're the ones "wronly pairing" the fanbase with a real disorder, not me. Don't shoot the messenger. EDIT: Though to be fair, I will admit I should have used quotation marks to make my intended usage of the phrase more clear.
  14. That's absolutely true. However, the height of Sonic's online presence was probably the 00's. The internet simply wasn't that big of a thing yet in the early 90's when Sonic's true golden age took place. So while the amount of people who were into Sonic was at it's peak around 1991-1994, the amount of people who actively took part in the fanbase was probably at it's peak sometime around 2002-2008 or so. I think I myself is a good example of these trends since I was a huge fan of Sonic in the mid 90's but I only became a regular participant of the online fanbase in 2003.
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