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  1. I agree that shoving Silver back into the party now wouldn't be received too well... But a Team Chaotix game would be defiantly something I'd play!
  2. Yeah I think I have 7/8 Choas Emeralds. I have had the disc since like 2005. I'll give it a clean and see what happans
  3. I don't have a clue why but I am unexplainably excited for Sonic Boom! Even though I will only be able to play the 3ds version, I am very,very excited to play this game! But I'm not sure why? Can anyone else relate?
  4. I agree, Silver was the most enjoyable story from 06 *excluding the ball puzzle* An Eggman game would actually but amazing Like really. Like, -throw-my-money-at-the-screen amazing!
  5. I think Silver would benefit from a game dedicated to himself, however, I would go insane over a new game staring Knuckels Then again I'm still waiting on "The Adventures of Marine the Racoon!" (That was a joke...) Anyway...what do you think?
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