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    Well, im just a huge sonic fan! xD Played every game that was out, gonna play the newer ones as well! :D
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  1. welcome to the SSMB!

  2. What sonic character do you guys wanna see comeback? Plus why do you guys wanna see them comeback?
  3. I love the SSMB everyone is so nice! ^_^

    1. Shikushi
    2. JAiRO


      Fuck you.


    3. Conquering Storm’s Servant
    4. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Everything is awesome!

    5. Ruby Havoc
    6. spinny


      is it april fools day

    7. Kiah


      Guys don't knock him for his first impression of here...he will figure it out eventually.

    8. w00tkins


      you guuuuuys

      I think it's nice here too

    9. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      PRESIDENT CROW is always nice.

    10. MegaMonster54
    11. Johnny Boy

      Johnny Boy

      Welcome to the forums!

    12. JAiRO



      Except that one time you said Felix II was always sucking Felix's dick.

    13. Kiah


      @JaiRo: No calling out other members in the status updates. It's against the rules for one thing, and totally uncalled for as another thing.

    14. YoshiUnity


      *Pulls a gun out at you*

      Your money or your life. Your choice.

    15. Enderwoman
    16. .   .

      . .

      I feel sorry for new members.

    17. JAiRO



      I'm pretty sure him saying that was breaking the rules.

    18. Kiah


      @JaiRo: I'm not seeing how Crow talking about himself is against the rules even if the statement may be false. Now you talking about someone else, especially like that, IS against the rules.

  4. What the heck?! I would never do this to my kids. NEVER. GOD! This just makes me mad. -_______-
  5. Yea, If that don't work, I suggest playing on PC. Or buying another copy. Wish you luck with it!
  6. You made a good point. We don't know much about BRB. Plus, why arent they with sony? You made good points. Just checked their site, I think this is their first game.
  7. Hopefully this game will be good. Lost world had some major frame drops. -_______- Short, felt slow (after a week). I had high hopes for Lost world. But it was just let down. Its not that bad. Its kinda fun. Plus playing 2 players.... that felt like 30FPS. Maybe this game might run at 60fps? I don't even know. But if this does..... this game will be amazing. I dont really care for the designs, as long as I can play a sonic game to enjoy, I'm fine with it.
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