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  1. I feel like Infinite's power is dimension-based, considering both the perturbed nature of reality present throughout the levels (e.g. Green Hill but as a desert) as well as the fact that the cubes which infinite summons in the E3 trailer bare a striking resemblance to hypercubes or tesseracts. Compare: Notice the inner cube or "core" surrounded by a larger cube. Hypercubes or Tesseracts are geometry in the 4th Spatial Dimension and beyond. Since Infinite is able to summon these it makes it seem like he's an extradimensional being or creature, and can manipulate and perhaps even destroy other dimensions. Again this could all be an artistic choice etc. but the structure of these projectiles seems very deliberate to me. If this is the case infinite could be one of the most powerful Sonic villains (next to Solaris) which also fits with Mr Nakamura Shun's tweet about Infinite: Which leaves the question... how in the hell did Eggman come across this foe, and how are we going to defeat them?
  2. Not sure if anyone caught this but there's some interesting details in the "Happy 26th Birthday, Sonic!" video SEGA posted: There appears to be a code next to the infinite sign, as well as some "FY 18 Project Death Egg Sigma". Circa 0:30
  3. I liked the trailer, old enemies coming back and bonding together to defeat sonic is pretty cool, I'm guessing either because of Infinite's dimension merging capabilities all the different iterations of shadow and chaos temporarily existed, but Eggman / Infinite selected the iteration before the end of SA2, so he still has it out for sonic. Same for Chaos. However, this is Pontac and Co. so I doubt anything that complex was even considered haha (would be cool though). It would make sense given his title, Infinite, ie either his power is infinite or he can control everything and so decides to merge dimensions to aid Dr Eggman for... reasons. More than likely either brainwashing or Infinite promises the two something for their cooperation (e.g. Chaos -> Wellbeing of Chao, Shadow -> Maria despite the fact that Shadow accepted her death so if continuity meant anything that wouldn't really work lol). I hope they give Zavok a better backstory or at least a 3D personality as he was easily the best of the Zeti. And what's with the weird 8 and infinity at the end of the trailer? Obviously, infinity could represent Infinite but what about the 8? Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald? New magic plot McGuffins? Both Forces and Mania are looking pretty promising I just hope Sonic Team focuses on a cohesive, interesting narrative considering how much emphasis they are placing on it. What's happening on Friday?
  4. Any idea what this means? I'm concerned this means that this game is going to way more cheesy and light-hearted then what the teaser (and first modern sonic level) let on.
  5. Oh, so no trailer released today? Rip. I am somewhat intrigued by the fact that SEGA stated that the new character would be "someone unexpected". What's particularly interesting is the fact that it is unexpected even though it's a brand new character, so how could anyone expect it?
  6. I wonder whether we'll get any more new or trailers from SoS later today...
  7. So, with Summer of Sonic coming up soon, what's the likelihood we're getting a trailer or some form of gameplay teaser there? Has SEGA advertised at that event before hand (I'm sure it has, just can't remember what games it was for lol). In terms of what I think about the game itself, it's too early to say. I like the darker tone they are going with (hopefully it doesn't end up at Sonic 06 levels of dark/cringe), The setting looks interesting enough, whole trailer gave off a very "meh" feeling to me, but that might just be how vague the trailer seemed to be. I'm not sure what to think of Classic Sonic showing up, I'd honestly rather Sonic Friends actually play a part in the game (though considering the line "Join the Resistance" we will most likely get friends anyway, which is good) I just hope they get good writers in this time (please not Pontac and Graff for the love of all that is holy) get a nice balance of dark/serious humor vs WITTY humor (not slapstick please good lord) good level design, polished gameplay and good setpieces and I'll be happy. Like I said before I really want some gameplay and more content on the game before I can decide how I feel towards the game but at the moment I feel mixed.
  8. I very much doubt this. In all sonic games there is not just one area for each Chaos Emerald. So I assume that it will be the same for the Chaos Crystals. However, whats interesting is that Vernon mentions that there are "guardians" so could that mean that there may be a LoZ dungeon system to it. However, I doubt that every area has a Chaos Crystal. Stages have past and future version of themselves. For example (mining level): Past or Present Version: Future Version: Hmm... I wonder if this just applies to strength. Could it also apply to other stats such as speed?
  9. Interesting story idea, however I think that Lyric's tribe is not just snakes. Why, you ask? Look at the pictures below. A concept art of what appears to be some giant robotic armour. What does Lyric have? Robotic armour. Secondly look at the armours helmet and compare to the image below: The logo seems to be very similar to the helmet of the armour. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!! Also, Lyric's logo appears different to this one, with a hook instead of horns as shown below: Actually, looking at this, it looks like this is a manufacturing plant for Lyric's army or even some kind of giant robot.
  10. Hopefully the repetition will be toned down a bit in the final product?
  11. Okay guys, I have been analysing the trailer for Sonic Boom Wii U and have found what seems to be 2 new combos (possibly even 3). One for Tails, one for Knuckles and one for Amy. Sorry, I don’t know how to upload pictures from my computer though I do have screenshots:( Tails: Around the 1:22 mark we see a new combo for tails. It appears to be some kind of machine-gun. No idea how it functions, but it most definitely is not a buddy bot (which we have seen). Knuckles: Around the 0:55 mark we see what is the most interesting of the new move set for Knuckles. I am not even entirely sure what it is. It looks like a shield that Knuckles conjured up at the beginning of the clip. It also appears to block the enemy attacking him. Amy: 1:02 mark. Amy ferociously attacks the enemy and sends it flying. Now this move itself looks like her tornado move but much faster. What this means is that I believe that not only will you unlock new combos, but you will also be able to upgrade them.
  12. No, Frost has not provided any details except that Lyric is collecting them to power up his robot army. Thats all we know. However, I am sure that these chaos crystals have another purpose which will be reavealed. Perhaps they are where there is a large amount of Chaos Energy located. Otherwise I am unsure.
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