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  1. Lost world had something that was more of a modified homing attack. It was not just useless it was awkward and just felt bad to use. You can have a move in a game that is shitty but still feels good to use.
  2. Zeena was cute. and I suppose since it's common to make female monster characters more human she turned out to have the most appealing design out of the bunch. I remembered her being more annoying but that clips actually wasn't that bad. Sonic was written worse than she was to be honest. Anyway, I stick to what I said before. All they have to do is write good and act good. Whether they are using old characters, new characters, Comedy or or edge, simple like colors or complicated like maybe 06 seems irrelevant to whether the story is enjoyable. Sonic is perfectly capable of having a good story no matter which direction it goes, as long as the writing isn't shit. If they can't manage to have good writing, good acting and good animation the least they could do is go back to the genesis days and make it pretty much non existent. Right now all I really want gameplay wise is sonic to have a proper kick. I don't like that he always has these strange feeling rough house kicks or awkward sliding dash. I'm not asking for a beat em up but if you are putting in a melee attack why not make it one that doesn't feel like shit. On another random note since this post is already long if I were in control of this game I would put the jump and stomp button on the bumpers so you that you can utilize proper camera control.
  3. Do you want them to put "real time reflections" up on the screen and them zoom in on the puddle? What game trailers are you thinking of that put more emphasis on the engine than this one does?
  4. What are you talking about? Did you not watch the trailer? They showed off the new features in the trailer. I mean it pretty much opens by showcasing some realtime reflections.
  5. Except we do? They said it will have better global illumination along with screen space reflections and better post processing. Also, better optimized. I don't know what else you would expect them to tell you about it without going into the nitty gritty with stuff nobody actually cares about.
  6. Right now sonic is teen titans go and I want him to be regular teen titans.
  7. i think we will be getting more than what we saw in the trailer tomorrow The way that it faded to black just felt like the sorta cut you do when you are showing a piece of a much larger trailer. I see no reason to "wait for them to learn what to do with the characters they already have" for them to add more characters. If the writing is bad it's probably going to be bad whether they add a new character or not. If they have trouble adding a character or 2 to the story you might as well give up on the story right away. People keep saying "they don't know what to do with sonic" like there is some single right answer. Making a new game with 3 separate but similar playstyles is what they have decided to do even if some are not a fan. It's also using play styles that have been common for about a decade now aside from some tweaking. I don't at all get this impression that they are at all confused or just figuring things out based on this game. I like the boost formula and will enjoy it even if it's the same as it's been for a while but I would enjoy more open stages if they can think of a good way to implement them into this game. I found it cool how the robots were not just attacking but there were random things shooting back. I don't know if this is just some sorta city defense force or if Sonic's Forces are already around the town. In universe explanations for Wisps would be neat but I personally don't really care.
  8. New characters are cool. most franchises add maybe about 20 big character per installment. I wish that adding characters didn't becomes this taboo. Hell I would actually be interested in seeing a new human villain or otherwise that could manage to fit in just as well as eggman does. I'm happy that we are going back to to boost formula. I love classic but unleashed and even modern generations far surpassed anything those games ever brought so I'm still hoping the classic segments have been changed quite a bit. Story wise I don't care about the general plot I just want something where it's entertaining to watch the character interact.
  9. The sonic series would really benefit from a level editor. even if the graphics of user created level couldn't be that impressive at least we could have much more content.
  10. I am okay with being constantly disappointed, I don't see what the big deal is. Me being disappointed is me taking a minute to say oh darn and then moving on. I'm not going to stop getting excited because oh something as minor as disappointment. Being excited is fun and disappointment in a video game is too petty an issue to care about. I understand why you would tell other people not to though, There's always kids freaking out in the youtube comments when a game turns out bad. I think learning to deal with a little disappointment is better than not getting excited. I only buy sonic games that I think look awesome after watching a quarter of the game.
  11. Seems pretty clear that the trailer is trying to tell us it will be going for a generally darker tone. Not to a stupid level like shadow or an R rated "SERIOUS BUISNESS!!!" movie but it will be darker than usual. They wouldn't have revealed the game in that way if it wasn't. That said you can be dark and have terrible childish jokes and cheesy dialogue (look no further than 06 and shadow). Those are things that aren't really affected by your tone. I'm not really a "Keep your expectations low so you don't get disappointed" kind of guy I want things to live up to/blow past my expectations and if being disappointed it the price to pay for the joy of looking forward to things then it seems worth it to me.
  12. Doing that would put a huge amount of limitations on what you can do and gives tons of extra work to the developer to make sure it's fun from both perspectives. Also it seems very likely to become a huge focus of the entire game which does not seem like something most fans would want. They certainly "could" do it< I don't think they should.
  13. Gameplay and level design can not be separated. Game mechanics and abilities decide how you design a level. Just because a character can finish the level does not mean anything. The level was made assuming the player would boost to take shortcuts, would homing attack to do the platforming and would have levels built around that it would be made so that sonic has to stomp with precise timing and then use a boost for instant speed. The level is designed to facilitate things like this(those were basic examples) and have platforms,enemies,gimmicks placed in areas that make it fun to go through when using those abilities. Just saying "Well classic sonic can get through the level too" does not change the fact that the ideas the developers had for what would make it actually fun are not being put to work. yes I did.. I stated I disagreed and gave reasons why I disagreed. What are you talking about? Anyway I'm just gonna stop talking about this and will comment when If I have something to talk about that is a little more relevant to this game.
  14. I have been arguing specifically against the total removal of modern 2d for the last day, just think about the context next time. I responded to your entire argument and took out the end to save space while still making it obvious which part I was respondingd to. It did not hurt my case at all. You said "given the possible direction the game would take" to which I responded "unless we are going to assume he will play more like modern sonic off of a 30 second trailer.. I fail to see how having half the gameplay be with classic sonic makes my point any less fair. " Your response is indeed quite the joke. If you don't see it you are either not looking or not thinking. The fact that he can get through the level changes nothing since it plays totally different than someone playing as modern sonic would get through it. If you really think that removing 5 moves from a characters repertoire is not going to change level design then you are just being silly.
  15. Was it challenged? I said that I didn't want it to be removed entirely and that I agreed I want more 3d but I also think MODERN 2d can be fun and there is no reason to have it totally disappear instead of just very toned down. Ideas will go to waste since there are tons of level designs that don't work with classic sonic unless we are going to assume he will play more like modern sonic off of a 30 second trailer.. so I fail to see how having half the gameplay be with classic sonic makes my point any less fair.
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