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  1. Hey, so the survey is currently sitting at 49 respondents. I feel like we should try and drum up a number more, though. ...actually, I kinda wanna get 200, but let's see how far we can go until March 14th. Thanks, y'all, for your help!
  2. Oh, for any reason the baked-in Google URL shortening might not make it work, here's the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe40Cw4PLKejPIArJqCkZUWDkDvDpEf3GnSjsTQdgUC3oZW0Q/viewform
  3. Hey, y'all! \Lennox here, and hot DAMN, I haven't visited this website in almost TWO YEARS. I know that this board isn't active as it used to be, but there seems to be no mention of there being any active Sonic message boards that aren't Retro. That being, I need some help with gathering respondents for another survey, but this one's much more serious and forward looking as it attempts to determine where we as Sonic fans are right now pre-movie and where we will go from here. This survey will help me with my grad school application, but I feel like it will be even more helpful for people who were Sonic fans at some point in their life, if not the general gaming public. Click here to respond to the survey. I know this might be very long, but every single bit of all you say will help a long way towards better understanding of not only the Sonic fandom, but also the greater franchise (and perhaps even video games) as a whole! Take care, y'all, \Lennox (credited in this survey as Ry)
  4. I'll admit, the questions were loaded, but the Dreamcast-era being 20 years ago by now, I just had to capitalize on that (like an autopsy for an election loss). XD For the first point, I will say that the Adventure-era games (especially with their cameras that focus more on certain setpieces) are certainly linear in feel. The Boost format's linearity seems to be turned on and off 'at will' through the Boost function, meaning that it is produced by the player and not by the designers, and even then, during certain Quick Step segments--especially in Spagonia, there were other paths to choose from beyond simply maintaining your boost (as shown in this picture here). The second point is a very, very good point that I haven't been able to put into words, though. I've always wondered about how I always look for story and continuity--more importantly, the lore that they produce--in many high-budget off-mobile games I play. But would you say that with Sonic, its heavier approach to storytelling, continuity and lore is becoming lighter with each of the new installments?
  5. Would it be offensive if I crack open my PS4 today? D8

    1. Wil348


      Don't see why it would be. "Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone."

  6. Let's not forget the work he did on the Wii, being its lead designer, above all else. DDDDDDD8 I'm absolutely crushed, you guys. Let us pray for him and his family, and most of all, Nintendo. To those of you who own a Nintendo platform right now--play it. Play it hard, play it with power, play it loud, just play it.
  7. "She is FAT and also it is all CGI."

  8. Game developers: artists or bone-throwers?

  9. That could work, similar to Assist Trophies in Smash, co-op characters in Shadow and guest characters in FF games. With the M&L duo joining the papery plumber, though, it seems to me that party members may take much less of a spotlight for narrative reasons. ><
  10. Star Fox Type-0

  11. Jumping back from the Final Fantasy VII topic, where I said something about a game being made just to pander to fans... ...about this, THIS is how you pander to fans. Giving them something completely original while at the same time unoriginal like FFXV's four crystals and semi-Active Time combat thrust into a new setting with a realistic context and characters that actually have lives. Something fans know is familiar, but translated into a new medium. Judging from the free-roaming gameplay alone, I can say that THIS is also how all Mario games should be played. It looks good enough for me to be the first pure Mario game I will have purchased in SIX YEARS.
  12. Is it just me, or is anyone getting the feeling that they're just pandering to fans by doing this? I know that this may be a very, very unpopular opinion, but the truly 'new' games--the XV, Type-0 and KHIII trifecta--seem like games that SQEX actually cares about. I'm worried that this effort will be shoehorned in just for the sake of shutting fans up. How sure are we that Nomura cares as much about this game as he does the end of the Xehanort Saga?
  13. OH MY GOD LENNOX IT'S BEEN A YEAR SINCE YOU'VE POSTED Alright. As much as I'm excited for this (I REALLY AM JDVSOIJUOWHWJEPFISFJSIJFSA), I feel that it's best that SE fans learn their lesson from FFXV and give it time. SE, even after A Realm Reborn's relaunch is still going through some tough times with the Duscae update. This proves that they're still feeling their way when developing large-scale titles for consoles. I worry that fans are going to go overboard with the development process, especially since this is overhyped, but I trust that SE knows their boundaries and their limits. At this point, I think that it'd be fair to even call Type-0 HD, Agito, FFXV and KHIII experiments that were leading closer and closer to a remake--the FFXV team learning to develop large worlds with a sort of 'lifelike quality' breathed into it, the Type-0 team re-evaluating the Final Fantasy formula beforehand, and the KHIII team themselves learning how to bring classic titles to high-def media. One thing's for sure, though. CRISIS CORE HD. I WANT IT. NOW. DDDDDDD8<

    1. Briraka


      bullshit :U

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