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  1. I know that people are upset about the music not being particularly catchy or even having any substance to it, but when it comes to the stages we saw at E3, whether it's just placeholder music or not, catchy pieces might not fit for the adventure-type stages. I personally couldn't imagine music reminiscent to what we've heard in past Sonic titles playing in the adventure stages we've seen with Sonic+Knuckles or Sonic+Amy without it being totally distracting and/or ruining the mood. However, I do think the music should change to a more appropriately exciting and less barren track when they're actually fighting enemies. Though, I must admit that I liked the music that played during more exciting parts, like the Guardian chase, the second part of Sonic/Knuckles' stage and Eggman's boss. As for speed stages, that's where catchy, "Sonic-y" music would make the most sense. I'm hoping those stages don't disappoint as far as music goes.
  2. He only provided his voice for Skyrim. In his Kickstarter, he introduced himself as the composer of Unreal and Deus Ex, so I'd assume those are the biggest games he's done music work for.
  3. At around 7:50, Bob Rafei mentions Richard Jacques. Guess that means he's composing for both games.
  4. He mentioned around the 7:50 mark that Richard Jacques is composing the score for the Wii U version as well. Hopefully that's a relief for some of us who were worried about the music.
  5. Oh my god. "Nice scarf, LOSER" made me laugh harder than it really should have. I LOVE how immature Eggman is in this game. He's easily the most hilarious character so far.
  6. Just because it's titled as a "Racing Stage" doesn't mean you're racing against the other characters. It could simply be called a racing stage just because it's more speed-based and is on a racetrack that has more obstacles and platforming sections than the adventure levels.
  7. Call me crazy, but I think that most of this footage is from the same episode.
  8. There's one important character we've been overlooking this whole time...
  9. This is probably obvious, but I'm curious-- has it been decided which controllers will be supported for the Wii U version? Aside from the GamePad, we have the Wii U Pro Controller, your standard Wii Remote Plus with nunchunk, and Wii Classic Controller. Any confirmation on which of these controllers will be compatible with the game, or is that unknown at this time? I'm mostly asking in terms of playing co-op with friends, so I have an idea of what works and what doesn't.
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