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  1. How about an episode on where sonic keeps all of his rings? That would be very interesting... I mean where the hell do those rings go? I have always wondered that. How about another episode about where egg man actually beats sonic and he sends him to a different dimension where sonic encounters blaze and sonic talks blaze into staying in his dimension. That would be a great way to introduce blaze so she can make more cameos and be canon too. And if Stephen frost is reading this then I want to say, have a great day dude and special thanks for creating the game too. Keep up the good work!
  2. How old are you then? In your twenties I guess. 25, 26? Anyway of course sonic attracts younger audiences, why do you think he's there? Lol Thinking of sonic being canceled(no more games, tv shows and comics)is very terrifying. I'm pretty damn sure I won't go out of sonic again but if I do I will come back most likely. Anyone suggest I buy sonic unleashed? Looks great
  3. Mine is city escape, Live and learn, Endless possibility, Green forest. In his world, Reach for the stars, Open your heart, Sonic lost world windy hill zone 1
  4. I got into sonic in 2002 when I was 3. I completely loved the heck out of the blue hedgehog but sadly forgot about him after sonic 06. I missed out on all the games between sonic 06 and sonic generations. Few the years I saw all of the trailers on tv and just didn't have that spark for sonic. I saw sonic colours tv ad and I was kind of impressed. I told myself I would give it a try but forgot about it and then last year in 2013 I got into sonic when I was looking through the wii u games and saw sonic lost world. I said hey that's sonic I remember him and then I started to research sonic on the internet everyday and remembered more games and stuff. My spark for sonic had then come back. It sucked on what I missed. I still haven't got the games between sonic 06 and generations. Because I was pumped for sonic lost world to come out I bought sonic generations and when I played it I remembered a lot. Green hill zone, Chemical plant zone, Sky sanctuary, I didn't remember the zone after that(the sonic adventure one) City escape! Remembering that song again was just so awesome. After all of the remembering stuff I got even more pumped for sonic. And to this day I'm really excited. As to what lies in store for sonic! I still need to watch some of the sonic cartoons. Last year in November I joined this site. I like sonic! He's awesome
  5. Actually in heroes Amy, Shadow, Espio all had the same abilities as sonic because they were the speed characters in there teams
  6. Damn... Seeing that sonic heroes gameplay really brings back a lot of memories. I miss that game alot
  7. Should I be worried if live in the uk? I can't get the Cartoon Network app, It's region locked
  8. All I wanna know if the 3ds version will be any good or as good as the console version. Lost world kinda sucked for 3ds. I hope it's open world.
  9. Sonic and the black knight was quite good They should do and open world RPG where you have to goto the missions. I dunno
  10. Oh yeah I forgot, one character that I didn't like was mephiles the dark. He scared me quite a lot if I played the game on the night. I don't think he's scary now but come on, could you blame me? I was 7 at the time. We'll if you count the part where you have to jump from plank to plank quickly, I did kinda suffer a glitch. I jumped and I went through the plank and fell to my death.
  11. I remember playing sonic 06 when it came out, I was 7 and didn't even know it had released. A few months later my dad took me to blockbusters and I was looking at the ps2 games and then something caught my eye and what do I see? Sonic 06. I begged my dad to get it me. And he did . When I got home I was so freaking excited to play it. AnD some people would probably think I hated it but no, I loved every single bit about it. I was a bit disgusted by the kissing part at the end but not because of beastallity but because of just kissing in general lol. I loved it all. Sadly after that game I forgot about sonic completely. But I got back into sonic last year. I didn't suffer any glitches apart from disappearing for like 3 seconds when I got hit. The music just made me so darn happy. It was truly the best feelings I had for a sonic game.
  12. I'm a 14 year old boy and I haven't met a single person aged 10+ that likes sonic and that's through school, family, weddings, and all sorts. What I want is a friend who I can play sonic with because everyone my age at school just seems to play cod.
  13. I'm 14 and everyone thinks I'm too old for sonic. I do wish I had a friend who I could play sonic with, I do have friends but they all play cod and gta and stuff I do love gta. cod kinda sucks but they will never beat my childhood hero sonic, he owns those games like a pair of dogs. Everyone in my family(apart from parents)liked sonic as a kid but they have all grown out of it. My friends when I was a kid all loved sonic but I didn't think it was great at the time. I used to get up in the morning on Saturday and me and my brother would either watch sonic x, Satam or adventures of sonic and then play so Sonic 3(didn't have knuckles one.)those were some awesome times. Me and my brother when we were little were huge sonic fans but now my brothers 16 turning 17, he has grown out of it. He doesn't insult me for still playing sonic. But he said I will defo grow out of it which will be a never. Sonics awesome and my childhood hero so I'm not gonna drop him like all the other kids did and I don't think anyone else should either. Heck, when I have kids they are gonna become sonic fans(I hope) My little brothers 2 so I will try and get him to be a sonic fan. Don't worry! Your never too old for Disney and the same for sonic/anything else. You can be too young but never too old to watch/.play something. Just go play sonic generations to feel better.
  14. Mephiles is my favourite villain besides eggman(gotta love the big egg), simply because, he's the most demonic and creepiest villain in the sonic series, and hello!? HE IS THE ONLY VILLAIN WHO KILLS SONIC ever!! He is surely one of the best villains I like his personality and I think he is quite smart as he manages to manipulate silver. I also like how he has no trouble killing sonic unlike every other villain. He just blast him, pretty much just gets shit done. Eh Tikal is ok-ish, not really interesting, I only like how she tells what happened to the echidnas. Chip is ok- ish too but his voice got annoying.
  15. To be honest I thought sonic 06 was good, I didn't suffer any glitches apart from disappearing when I got hit and the story might of been a bit crap but the gameplay was A-ok to me. They need to make a game with the boosting and the exploration with the adventure games which is why I think boom is a good direction.
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