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  1. Happity birthday!

  2. Are the sonic boom icee cups out yet?

  3. I admit I liked kenders work but he still acts like an idiot. The worst part is the "Echinda Holocaust" poem in my opinion. It is a blatant rip off and is just plain wrong. Especially in a kids comic.
  4. I think cartridge games can just be kind of wacky at times. I never had a sega but I did have a gameboy. I used to have weird crap happen in my old pokemon blue. I once came across an electabuzz in the ghost tower that once I defeated it froze the game. My friends had similar things happen. I don't see why similar stuff could not happen with the old sega carts.
  5. This just makes me happy http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2013/03/the-taco-that-built-15000-jobs/
  6. The only shipping that bugs me is when people ship incest or characters who clearly hate each other. It doesn't work and it annoys me that so many people have to sexualize a series in such a way. I'm not dissing any particular ships nor am I trying to tell anyone how to ship. I just think the ships themselves are odd imho. Two characters that are enemies just don't make sense to me. How can someone want to fight someone and then fall in love?
  7. Yup. I took a break around 2005 to 2013. I was more interested in girls, raves and busy with college. Its a good thing I boxed up my sonic stuff instead of donating it right away. I did that with some of me LEGO thinking that it was babyish and I had to get rid of it because I was going to college. Its not the things you like that make you mature it is the things you do. So what if I like playing Sonic over more "adult" games sometimes? Anyone I trust enough to invite in my home should respect the fact I am an AFOL. So I let go of my ego and gave myself the freedom to like what I like and do what I do. I handle the other areas of my life like any other adult and that is the only thing that matters when you are an adult.
  8. I can see that. If every plot he is in is about the master emerald having something happen to it, it seems like an excuse to bring knuckles into the game rather than an actual plot point. I would miss Knux because he is my favorite but making his plots cheesy and over done would not make me happy either. I want to see more of him in games but I want it to be a quality story is important to me. One of the biggest reasons Knux is my favorite is because he has a rich story and character. I would like to see a game based on playing as Knux defending the Emerald from attackers with intense fighting combos. It would be hard to make but if done right would be a hit.
  9. My point being that I think its a bad setup. When I buy something I want it to function as long as I own it. I cannot stand a lot of the run around with technology these days. Maybe I am old fashioned but I just cannot understand why they do things like this. If I buy something it should work with all the features that it is designed to have. If I wanna send some pokemon to my friends in other states I should have that because I paid for the DS and the games. Why not set it up in some way where it uses the internet to send data just like an email? I think all this tech stuff is sometimes to blind us so we pay more.
  10. I don't dislike Charmy, just his voice. He made me crazy in Heroes. I actually like Big his fishing levels just sucked and I never had the patience to clear them. It makes me sad because I won't get all the emblems because of it.
  11. Damh the bard- Brighid Irish folk music. Because its calming and I am of Irish heritage.
  12. *gets a beer and some nachos* This is gonna be good *reclines chair*
  13. I had an animal in chao gardens that let me use it twice on the same chao. Not sure what happened there but it has not happened since. I think it was a bat.
  14. Crazy Gadget you hurt my head.

    1. JAiRO


      Same here. I've always had trouble with it.

    2. PharoahBeast


      I beat it finally, its gravity gimmicks and colors make my head spin.

  15. That is as dumb as Toshiba not letting my laptop connect to wifi because they released newer models. And I thought Nintendo was supposed to be the good guy when it came to customer satisfaction.
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