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  1. I think it just developer's lipservices. Actually. According to vgstation review. This E3 demo is just a final product source http://www.vgstations.com/en/news/item/1150-sonic-boom-was-the-worst-sonic-game-i-ve-ever-played.html Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2
  2. If you really want to find this source Check out ruliweb and 2ch. Plus. I can't understand why you didn't refute my post's main part of article. Actually you have refuted just my post script. Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2
  3. 1. Many people needlessly bashing this game. It means. Many normal people are just following reviewers opinion and then, Bashing Sonic Boom is one of the public opinion. And bad design and gameplay make negative review and public opinion. 2. 4 Playable characters itself isn't make interest 3. Even if many stage is exist in Sonic Boom. If game quality is as bad as E3 demo stage. Many stage is just useless thing. Why? Because Sonic Boom itself is boring. 4. many Sonic fans doing double standards. But many normal gamers HATRED Sonic Boom and Sonic series and they even want abolish Sonic for their memory. Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2 P.s in asia. Many people calls Sonic Boom to Sonic Poop, Sonic Bust, and Sonic Bomb
  4. Currently. Many Normal Gamer think Sonic Boom is awful now. They(reviewer and normal gamer) think Graphic is just same as Early PS3~Late PS2. Game system is horrible (I mean. Gameplay system ITSELF is horrible.(reviewers already blame this part. so. I skip it) In this situation You have Any Realistic method to improve Sonic Boom?? Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2
  5. W.. Wait. It means iizuka doesn't like Sonic Boom either?. Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2
  6. Ok. I will anyway on topic. I won't buy ANY Sonic Boom related merchandise if Sonic Boom game review score(metascore) is under 78.00 Because in my country, buying bad game related merchandise is one of the ridiculous, awful, and stupid behavior. Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2
  7. 3. http://ruliweb.daum.net/search.daum?nil_profile=vsearch&nil_src=ruliweb&q=%EC%84%B8%EA%B0%80+%EC%A7%80%EC%97%AD%EB%9D%BD Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2 i want to back a main topic now. Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2
  8. Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2 1. that post is just replied Someone opinion. 2. OK Even if I can't understand finance. Who understand it?. 3. Actually Most of Asians hate Sega because of Steam locks. Not just my personal reason.
  9. Oops but I replied just hogfather's post. Plus other people post non-Sonic Boom gameplay too. Why are you blame only me? Sent from my SHW-M250S using Tapatalk 2
  10. 1. Hmm.. Source? I think only sonic fans are used to the designs 2. http://metro.co.uk/2014/06/27/hyrule-warriors-hands-on-preview-plus-the-misery-of-sonic-boom-4778036/ http://www.vgstations.com/en/news/item/1150-sonic-boom-was-the-worst-sonic-game-i-ve-ever-played.html More? 3, Oops I misunderstand previous post, but Sega's Steam lock is one of the worst thing in game history, they locked ANY PC games in Asia because, they think "PC games didn't sold in japan, = PC games won't sold in Asia"
  11. This, ok. What's mean Warmed? Nope, I tested screenshots and youtube video, and Reviewers played Sonic Boom but they think this game graphic is still PS2. Plus, according to this Demo part is included directly in final version No. http://www.segasammy.co.jp/japanese/pdf/release/201403tanshinhosoku_final_j.pdf
  12. Ton of lies? what is it? if you think some part of article is lie, Please Proof it. and I honestly can't be bothered to give you the time of day anymore too.
  13. 1. you should know gaist crusher and Hero bank, their franchise made TVA, Toyline, and Even Comics but It was ALL flopped Sonic Boom isn't different. Game quality is as same~bad as Gaist crusher and Hero bank and marketing strategy is almost same. 2. oh. people already hate Sonic? wow. you are making your tomb If people already hate Sonic now. Sonic Boom's sales is worse and worse. and then Sega abolish Sonic Boom franchise and even Sonic Series. and Touhou project is one of the biggest franchise in Asia 3 Today's kids are know game quality and gaming journalism, Answer : yes. Because, this game doesn't have any possibilities to improve game quality. currently, E3 demo is just a trash, but BRB says E3 demo stage is final version. so... we don't have any possibilities to improve game quality and graphics. and Sorry any game isn't perfect, but Pokemon, Mario is ALMOST perfect. of course some people are blame or criticize in some part, but no one blames pokemon whole game quality. Actually, when Sonic 06 was released, Sega's situation was very good. they still make a lot of good titles . But current Sega's status is very BAD. Sega Sammy already did restructuring Sega's employee because of Sonic generations flopped. and Sega Sammy moved package game business management resources to casino and mobile games. Besides, they established Restructuring in 5/9 because of Package game business low profit.(many people assume it) If Sonic Boom will released and flopped Sega will lost a LOT of money, and restructuring headquarters would be abolish Sonic franchise. and fired Sonic team employee, Fy2012 Sega Sammy's 4Q financial report. http://www.segasammy.co.jp/japanese/pdf/release/1203setsumeisiryo_j_final.pdf Plus, Digital sales isn't counted even NPD sales results.
  14. Anyway, even Newspaper blames Sonic Boom, This is True. and many readers think "oh,,Sonic Boom is So bad game" Even if they didn't have high standards of professionalism, they can make a public opinion.
  15. haha, Don't believe VG chartz. Sonic Generations sold just 1.85M copies. Christmas? Many AAA titles will be released and Sonic will be forgotten. and Trash guaranteed, actually In Asia, They assure this game will be trash. one game will release on Christmas. So.. Sonic Boom's sales won't be increased because of other pokemon title will be released on Christmas Yeah reviews aren't anything, But most of Normal Gamer thinks Sonic Boom is trash. Design? it's warmed?.. oh.. Stop. Design is horrible. really..... really,,,, horrible. , At least in asia, They hatred this game design, and many reviewers hates this design either. That's why this game graphic is soooooooooooo bad. Today is Early 8th generation. not a Early 7th generation. and I try to blind test to this game graphic, and many people think this game is PS2~Nintendo 64 game. (Compare to DMC3 and Sonic Boom Please) Bad marketing strategy, Steam Locks, That proofs Sega's marketing ability isn't good. Bad Sales estimate Source - Sega Sammy's 4Q financial report.
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