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  1. Geno costume escapes my reach once again

  2. Isn't Ken's Hadouken chi based too? Unless I'm missing something. I'll concede that Mario may be American, but he still looks Italian to me. But it IS a fighting game, not a martial arts fighting game like most SNK titles. In Smash, you use whatever tools you have to win like Snake says in that one codec. So again, I have no idea where you're going with this.
  3. ...at least he's not using a sword? There are characters in Smash that don't punch or kick (like Rosalina or Marth). What's your point?
  4. Well I see punches and kicks, fire in his attacks, and a projectile (ground-based but still). In other games he's got a Shoryuken-like move so he does remind me of Ken in many ways. How is Mario "sometimes" American? He's Italian. Unless you're talking about the movie in which case lol.
  5. Mario hails from America? At least read before insulting me in about it.
  6. They are similarities nonetheless but there are other "non-vague" things they have in common (like that they're humans or that they both hail from America). Again, I'd rather have someone else from SNK imo. And this guy is DLC, so I have my right to complain about it . If Sakurai can convince me otherwise in 45 minutes, more than Banjo and Hero's demo times combined then I'll ease my thoughts on him.
  7. Both fight hand-to-hand and use fire as part of their attacks. I mean I get why Fatal Fury is popular and beloved by so many people, but I'd rather have someone else represent Fatal Fury and/or SNK than Ken 2.0. I guess Terry's like Ryu and is the "face" of SNK or whatever since he appears in so many SNK games and as a guest of other fighting games.
  8. 45 minute Smash demo huh? Well Sakurai's got 45 minutes to impress me on Terry and why he's not an echo fighter of Ken.
  9. Nobody Ever Really Dies


  10. No Geno Mii costume announced yet makes me feel hopeful and fearful of disappointment


  11. The DLC so far can be a mixed bag for many. The revealed characters are all 3rd party, but 2 of them have been prominent on Nintendo consoles in the past and 1 used to be 1st party. DQ, while not beloved in the West, is very much wanted by Japan so its inclusion makes sense for DLC. And I mean who honestly saw Joker or Banjo coming? I've not followed any leaks past the game's launch, but Joker and Banjo I never saw coming (heh). Persona (well at least 3-5) never saw any games for Nintendo except for Q and somehow Nintendo wanted to add Joker for whatever reason (there's also that Persona 5 Musou but that was announced after Joker's reveal trailer). For Banjo, I honestly gave up hope since I thought getting the rights to him would be a nightmare, but apparently not and Nintendo snagged him easily. I agree it'd be boring if the rest of the DLC were 3rd party, but if their gameplay is fun or their reveal is unexpected or a popular pick (Geno for me), I'd be content with it. I bought the season pass not knowing what was to come, but I'm happy with all of them surprisingly but I could understand if other people didn't feel the same. The other spots could be Nintendo reps, but they'd have to "matter" for me. I wasn't happy with Piranha Plant, and I'd be darned if we get another FE character but after Banjo I don't really care who Nintendo adds.
  12. Here are some of the levels I made: Mystifying Mire Zone: 1MS-L0H-9QF First level I made with some inspiration from 2D Sonic. Sky Scramble Cruise: C7J-0MC-2JG An autoscroll-esque level that's fairly challenging I'd say. Toad Rise Rooftops: BVL-DHS-QGF The level I put a lot of time into and my biggest level I made. I'm pretty proud of this one, as there are a lot of optional paths. Other levels I made are for Multiplayer VS levels if you want to check them out.
  13. I'm finally glad that Banjo is finally in Smash, but the last challenger that will solidify "Everyone is here!" for me would be Geno. I don't think he's gonna come as DLC since that character only appeared in 1 game like 20 years ago, he's more niche than Banjo, and there's already Hero as the Square Enix rep. Guess I'll just stick the amiibo outfit when that eventually comes. Other than that, I'm perfectly content with whomever Sakurai or Nintendo chooses to add in Smash whether that be Crash, Rayman, Shantae, Frisk, Steve, Doomguy, Ryu Hyabasa, Tales of rep, Heihachi, or even Sora. (But if possible I'd like them to add Shadow as an echo fighter please).
  14. I give the SE conference...

    a 7/10

    1. Tatters


      I say a 6 out of 10 for me.

  15. Not gonna lie, I attended that concert last night and felt a bit gipped I had to sit through several minute breaks of watching playthroughs and amvs of FF7 and not watching the orchestra do anything. I thought I was getting dizzy from being slightly inebriated when the audience clapped after a scene from the game or amv scene ended. At least with the KH concert I didn't have to wait between stretches of videos to see an orchestra actually perform but I guess I'll stay away from FF concerts in the future (and Dolby Theatre is a pain in the ass to get to and park by). And while I was expecting an FF7R trailer, I was immensely disappointed at the lack of no Tifa. Maybe that changes tonight idk.
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