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  1. Stout with hazelnut coffee inside huh.

    The more you know.

  2. Playing Persona 5 and seeing Mara for the first time. Heh, Thought this dude must join my team.

  3. happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday.

  5. was not expecting Sonic news today. Damn you Persona 5!

    1. TCB


      More like 

      Bless you Persona 5


  6. I had a ton of fun with the first Runners, which I've never paid a penny to lol. As long as they get rid of the roulette and the always online requirement, I'll try out this game. This being made by Gameloft worries me a bit.
  7. Playing Persona 5, my first Persona game. Pretty good so far, but the plot reminds me of Sly 3 lol

  8. Does swearing make you cool? No, it does not.

    1. Diogenes


      yes it fucking does B) 

    2. Blacklightning
    3. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Hey! I'm not a fucking child anymore!

    4. JayRaR


      Sigh. *rubs temples* I thought SSMB would be above this.

    5. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      SSMB above swearing? This place is like a sailor's bar.

      Not a fan of swearing myself, but I tend to overlook it on here.

    6. CottonCandy


      You know what, dude? I don't I give a flying fuck! Shit, I can do whatever the fuck I want! If you don't like it, then get the FUCK out of here!

      Um..but you're right. Cursing doesn't make you cool. :3

    7. Gabe


      You made a goshdarned declaration about swearing being friggin' bad, what the flying heck did you think was going to frickin' happen?

      Frickity frick fuc-I mean frick.

    8. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Ironically I actually don't swear too much irl. I do want to keep my job and look like an outstanding citizen. You just catch me on my downtime.

    9. Falonso14


      Cursing doesn't make people cool, but i'd be lying if I said I didn't do it a lot lmao.

    10. JayRaR


      Whoa, this status blew up. I was half joking when I made this status.

      And I get people swearing up a storm in my face, jeez

    11. Blacklightning


      Do you think I wasn't? =V

    12. Polkadi


      No, it definitely doesn't make you cool.

      But, swearing like a sailor is normal for Aussies :\

    13. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Ps. I could do this all day if I wanted to :D

    14. JayRaR


      Some of you are passionate lol

    15. Kiah


      Swearing is an absolute no-go for me as I don't think it makes you cool but I know that's definitely of the minority so I just deal with it.

      However I can't lie when I say I feel very tempted to do it as angry as some make me at times...It's hard to refrain but I'm determined to do so. 

    16. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      @Kiah Respect. Right there with ya.

  9. Whenever I get jumped at in BotW, hearing this theme makes me roll my eyes when I try to explore at my leisure.


    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Could be worse

      But being serious, that's probably my favorite dynamic battle theme I've heard in a video game so far, tbh. The start can get annoying hear when roaming about sometimes, sure, (a little variants could of helped tbh) but the way it's playful for short battles, starts getting more serious and focused halfway through, and then outright becoming an epic battle theme for the fights that last longer than normal and even stronger than that for Lynels and the like... It's a really dynamic system that fits the mood of what's going on in the world really well, and I don't think I've ever heard that pulled off well with a single, focused track till now. Gotta give it props for that, at least.

    2. JayRaR


      I've not played Unleashed yet (well the Werehog stages), but hearing it every time I do battle might get annoying lol.


      I do like the start of this theme and hearing it play while I fight Lynels, but not when I encounter the Yiga Clan while I'm not trying to pick a fight lol.

      But to be honest, I focus more on fighting than the music since most of the music seems mellowed out and not quite bombastic enough to keep me captivated.


  10. That stinks, not even local multiplayer is being considered.
  11. Reaction: Sonic and the Black Knight was remade in BotW's style

    1. Zaysho


      Except the Knights of the Roundtable are all replaced with other Sonics.

  12. Had high expectations for Yooka-Laylee, but feared it would be too bloated like DK 64 and Banjo Tooie. Looks like my fears were not unfounded

  13. Beat BotW. Could possibly be the best Zelda game I've ever played.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Hands down the best game I've ever played with Zelda in the title, but some of its structures make it so different to a typical Zelda games that it's really hard to compare it directly to previous entries. 

      Either way, I can't argue for a second that it's one of the best games I've ever played, and it's not likely to be topped any time soon.  

    2. JayRaR


      Indeed. BotW has elements of my favorite Zelda game MM (Sidequests, every "main" dungeon being Stone Tower Temple-like, atmosphere, likeable side characters), TP (great "main" dungeons, kinda realistic art style) and ALTTP (open world, freedom, challenge). I've never played the orginal LoZ, but I haven't enjoyed a Zelda game in a long time so it would be pretty hard to top this one I agree.

      The one thing I'd want more of is big dungeons even if optional but maybe the DLC could give us more of that.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I think if there's one thing that I do particularly dislike about the game, especially when compared to other Zelda games, then it would be the main dungeons. They all use the same aesthetic and are very, very easy. I appreciate that they are open-ended, but it came at the cost of any challenging or meaningful puzzles. 

    4. JayRaR


      If you didn't like the aesthetics of the main dungeons, then you must not like the shrines either lol. I thought the main dungeons were decently challenging with some puzzles that did stop me for a bit, but that kinda varies depending on what order you do them. I did them out of order and did the "hardest" one first which ended being my favorite in the game. 

      There are several things I dislike, like the existence of shrines, lack of more big dungeons, horse controls, and the weapon durability but they don't really take away my overall enjoyment of the game.

  14. This one BotW shrine is giving me flashbacks of SLW 3DS special stages, lol.