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  1. I never said it was a main series release. Keep in mind, Sonic Runners was released worldwide in June. Honestly, with cryptic hints like this to work with, I think a little conspiracy theorizing is required at this point.
  2. This seems really important. I think we should be focusing more on this. In the top-right corner of the image, you can see a sequence of numbers and slashes that look like this: 4/ / / /00 If we fill this in with the two sequences of numbers we've been seeing over and over, we get: 4/1/16 3/21/00 The code in the Madeon Tweet said to add the numbers, so if we add these vertically, we get: 4/1/16 +3/21/00 ------------ 7/22/16 Maybe this is the date when the game they're teasing will be released?
  3. Has anyone considered, you know, politely asking Michael Nagy for further details?
  4. As awful as Sonic '06 was, I really liked how they handled the multiple playable characters in that game - three main characters, with other characters becoming playable when it's appropriate within the story. I'd like to see that return. If it were done right, it would be a great way to handle a large number of playable characters without forcing the player to replay levels as each individual character. Also, can we please have a serious storyline again? Something like Sonic Adventure 2's story. That would be great.
  5. Out of sheer curiosity, I averaged the amount of time between a previous main series game's release and the next main series game's announcement to figure out when the next game is likely to be announced. I did this for all of the games since Sonic '06. To simplify things, I counted Sonic 4 as a single game when I calculated this (in other words, I ignored Sonic 4: Episode 1, but took Sonic 4: Episode 2 into consideration). I came to the result that the next game will be announced sometime around July 2014. Obviously, this is a very, very rough estimation, but I thought it was worth noting nonetheless. Tl;dr, it's very likely that the next main series Sonic game will be announced at either E3 or Sonic Boom this year.
  6. This has been my favorite Sonic remix since the first time I heard it.
  7. You might be right. I still don't think it's entirely out of the question, though. Incorporating the characters' original designs and personalities into an episode would definitely make for a fun episode (it would really help them appeal to the people who have expressed dislike for the Boom designs, too.) But, really, there's no way to tell at this point. There's not enough information available to know for sure.
  8. This is what I was thinking, as well. It seems like the most likely option. If this is really the case, then I'm going to be really hyped for this episode. Seeing the two versions of the characters talk and interact sounds really fun.
  9. At what point in development did you decide to include multiple playable characters? Or was that the plan from the beginning? What are the biggest challenges that you have faced while developing the game?
  10. (Sorry for the odd screenshot, but this text is only visible when it's fading into the next image, so this is the best view of it that we have.)
  11. Ha, good point. You might be right. Regardless, though, I do think that we can glean at least one bit of information from this. The list very clearly mentions a "Battle Mode" (possibly a gameplay mode for multiple players?). Even if they did make this list just for this video, I'm sure they wouldn't put something on it that wasn't actually in the game. It's a very minor thing, sure, but I think it's worth noting.
  12. I studied one particular shot very closely, and tried my best to read what it says. A lot of the text is really blurry, and some of it is completely illegible, but I did my best. (Note: The shot pans slightly, so not all of the text is contained in this one screenshot. For this reason, a few lines of the text that I wrote down do not appear in the image below.) The original image The "translated" text
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