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  1. And for those who want to watch it on SSMB rather than going to Youtube


    Oh....eugh. Thank god I lost interest in the movie and changed the channel before this point.

    The comments section makes me want to facepalm. People are trying to defend this, and their defense? To show how things have changed since then, therefore everything has to sound modern.

    Well, here's the thing: Modernizing classic things isn't always a good idea. I mean, it can be done well, but as shown with this...yeah, most of the time, it leads to bad results.

  2. Well, seems more like they're thinking about it. Even if it's true, I can't imagine what the plot would be.


    Hopefully not the "characters are taken to the human world, they gotta find a way home, but at the same time, they are ruining some guy's life" plot, with realistic versions of the characters. Ew, no.

  3. I do have a few, but most I don't really want to share. But, here's one that's been lingering on my mind.


    An open world game featuring a lot, and a lot of playable animals. It's exploration-orientated, as well as a battle system and NPCs. You can play single player, multiplayer, and multiplayer servers with many different world layouts to choose from, each separated and rooms with a number limit. Also, map creator.


    Though, your character's appearance isn't automated. Obviously, character creator that would probably have too much things. Not sure if there would be an unlocking system for more animals.


    I haven't really thought much about gameplay, like I said earlier, it'd be a exploration game. Now there would probably be some hidden lore hinted by NPCs as they mention some...strange things. But as well as hidden to other things in the game, such as things like...temples?


    About artstyle, it'd probably look similar to a Studio Ghibli film, or whatever my artstyle will look like in the future. I really don't know. :P

  4. Stephen Frost said that Sonic has that loner attitude and really doesn't work as a team yet until he got his friends in danger because of it. The game follows his journey that his friends are important to him and he's stronger with them as a team.

    i wonder if it's the robot worm that puts them in danger....

  5. More footage of the boss battle and dialogue between Eggman and Sonic's team.

    It's kinda hard to hear, but it seems Eggman is after Lyric too.

    "Welcome Sonic. After I crush you, I will defeat that rotten Snake"

    is it like the other way now? Eggman betrays Lyric instead of the opposite 

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