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  1. Classic sonic fan here(used to complain about green eyes lol...), and I think they look fine. Actually sonic 4 kind of destroyed all care I had for the designs so i'm fine with whatever. More concrete, tails and amy look better. Knuckles and sonic only look good in the concept arts but bad in the cg models. Hope they take the concept arts more seriously because the cgi models aren't accurate.
  2. I think the explenations were always pretty stupid anyway. S3k with not much story, no VA still did it best. Screw emphasis on stories. Just give me good presentation and i'm down.
  3. Reading this makes me regret cancelling my pre order. I'm not very active here but i've always somewhat agreed with you on previous games. A 3d game where i'm fully involved and where my input means more than pressing boost most of the time is something I had been longing for a long time. Maybe the demand has simply changed throughout the years because reading this makes me feel like it's done "well enough" to be enjoyable. Maybe for a person like me a lot more than previous games. I had a pretty good pre order discount so i'll be waiting for another discount once I see one. If not I may just take it like a man and order it soon
  4. A failed execution of a pretty solid concept and too much mario. Sonicteam seems incompetent in making new stuff working. Boosting gameplay only started to feel right in generations, and that was after how long? Boost gameplay has become kind of stale though, so i'd rather them trying something new and fail at first instead of putting another booosting game out there that'll start to feel the same apart from structure and aesthetics. I don't see much possibilities to add enough variety with that type of gameplay anymore. The real problem here is simply the team's incompetence imo. And I know saying things like that is wrong(because who am I to say that), but I really feel that's where it comes down to. SEGA needs to consider reforming ST otherwise they'll have 0 strong iconic IP's left here in ze west, and that would be sad
  5. Besides it looking more appealing to the eye for me personally. 60fps as a trade for less detail = /thread
  6. This game looks soooooo good. Please let them polish it up to perfection.
  7. yeah i feel the same way. Id describe it as them taking 3 steps forward and 1 step back in comparison to others where its usually the other way around. Its so close, the more reason u want it to get there. its really just very minor things holding it back and fixing it seems less a matter of time or skill but more a matter of awareness I really hope they are and are still polishing the gaem. Also well said Blue blood. you basically summed up exactly what i think about the game
  8. I'm surprised you haven't given up the series already .
  9. hmm. Well u cant blame someone to wanna keep pressing the run button as thats naturally what u wanna be doing mostly in a sonic game. It is just too instant for my taste. Other games that have run buttons like rayman and mario do it a little bit better. In rayman it requires u to stand still for a few seconds while pressingthe runnig button to go instantly, but regularly it has a few "startup" frames before he reaches speed. Same goes for mario Edit: spelling correction. Damn phone
  10. It is kind of noticeable how this instant accel parkour button screws up aaron twice in the 2D zone. http://youtu.be/v7nweiUGh-g?t=8m7s http://youtu.be/v7nweiUGh-g?t=9m27s Don't take it the wrong way. Just some food for thought
  11. Haha actually, that would be a lot more apropriate. Kind of makes you wonder whether it's a typo or some translation miscommunication
  12. I just noticed that sonic doesn't get lives from 100 rings anymore. For the amount of rings scattered through the stages, that is a very good decision to compensate that. I am also glad sonic loses all his rings when he gets hit, and thank god they still fall on the ground. I think ring placement can play a huge part on the game's difficulty. How frequent they are placed and how far apart can play a pretty big role in a stage's challenge and on the intensity of the player's experience. I hope it's something they are actually keeping in the back of their heads as they are designing the stages.
  13. I respect your strance nepenthe. I'm always nitpicky like this and i'm aware of that. And some may apreciate it or not. But I think little things like this can mean a lot to a game. Whether 1 way or the other is the better way is totally subjective however. I jsut read some people are happy with the instant accel as that's the part they liked about the boost. It's all good ^^
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