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  1. Unpopular: I don't care about multiple playable characters Unpopular: I don't even like Silver and Blaze interacting. their relationship dumbs down the characters too much and I don't see why this pairing is so popular. Unpopular: I like Sonic better when he's a mute character, or atleast have a bit dialogue here and there. Unpopular: I can't be the only one who thinks Roger's voice for Sonic sounds like he's shouting all the time?
  2. Well Sonic Central is a dead website so I can't source that As for the Sonic 06 article. Erm... I can't find the article. It used to be somewhere in Sonic Retro. It was colored and it had a big Rouge picture in the background. The end of it said something like she likes Knuckles and Shadow and then said "That's a love triangle. That might put out some sparks." Sonic Adventure 2 - Knuckles saves Rouge's life when she falls from a height. The two share this awkward gaze, Rouge breaks it off and starts behaving ungrateful and rude. When the two turn away from each other, Knuckles shyly says "I'm sorry... if I hurt you...", Rouge doesn't respond to this, but instead has a smile on her face (but he doesn't notice it) Sonic Rivals 2 - Sonic teases them asking if they're "on a date". Despite Rouge's rudeness, Knuckles starts acting caring and protective of her later on in the ga,e. Thus, somewhere around the end of the story, there was a point in the story where Rouge thinks Knuckles ditched her and she pretends that she saw it coming - "I knew he would do this to me". This could imply that she trusted him to some extent but doesn't want to admit it. I also have a speculation that she teases Knuckles to get his attention (because she likes him) and she thinks it's the only way to get his attention. She does this unnecessarily in Sonic Colors (DS) just to get a react from him. note that Rouge is very reluctant to admit she has even the slightest interest in Knuckles therefore she starts acting ruder just to make it seem like she doesn't like him. Knuckles on the other hand is a little better in showing how he atleast cares for her safety Though he wouldn't admit he likes her, he doesn't openly act rude to make it seem like he doesn't. He just keeps his feelings for himself, Rouge does the opposite of this. Which is also why I speculate that Knuckles may or may not have feelings for her because they don't seem clear. It is Knuckles nature to be rather caring and heroic. For Rouge, it's very clear, they way she is with Knuckles is different from the way she is with other characters. I really doubt she's any interested in the Master Emerald, and just uses it as an excuse to tease Knuckles.
  3. I kinda lost interest after Generations. 2011 - 2014. Until the Sonic Boom announcement. That got me into it. And no I'm not talking about the game, not hyped for that.
  4. I'm not too fond of shipping, in a way that I don't take it seriously. But I know a ship-tease when I see one, even when I am not particularly fond of the couple. And I have no problems admitting it. I am not fond of it at all, but Knuxouge is an official, canon couple there's no doubt about it. Infact I kind of dislike Knuxouge because I find it annoying. There used to be an official website called Sonic Central. Somewhere at the end of her biography, it said that she has a crush on him. It also said that she is secretly impressed with his devoted personality but will never admit it. Her Sonic (2006) biography mentions that she has a liking for both Knuckles and Shadow and calls it a 'love triangle'. Thus, there is some pretty obvious, undeniable ship-teasing particularly in games like Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Rivals 2. SEGA did intentionally put in those Knuxouge and Shadouge moments. Shadouge is very strong in Sonic Battle. The Sonic (2006) biography proves that they meant to portray Rouge's liking for Shadow romantically. Therefore, the fans of these pairings make sense. Especially, Knuxouge which is by all means official. There's no denying it. (btw I have noticed that there are alot of Sonaze supporters on SSMB)
  5. I personally think red looks a little flashy on him and that brown gives more of a classic, adventurous look. But I respect your opinion, it isn't irrelevant. To each their own!
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