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  1. After being an avid fan since Sonic Adventure, I did lose interest after Sonic 06 & the slew of games that came out on the Wii afterwards just didn't interest. I didn't play Sonic Unleashed upon release because of that lack interest, same thing for Sonic Colors, Rush Adventure & Dark Brotherhood. In spite of that I did purchase Sonic Riders, but the sequel threw any emergence of interest down the toilet. Sonic Generations looked promising & after getting it for my birthday in 2010, it fully re-energised my love of Sonic; which has only grown stronger since.
  2. I would as well as many others, but I can definitely see Batista winning just as well. The unpredictability is exciting to see.
  3. Indeed! *high fives* Good to see some wrestling fans represented here along with the Sonic faithful! Should be fun!
  4. All in all, I'm just really happy that Wrestlemania has now picked up some steam with this whole Daniel Bryan situation. Up until this past week, Mania just set to be uneventful, so thank god we have something to really salivate over, too bad they waited too long for it to occur though. Would've like 6+ weeks from match announcement to event for it really heat up. Hopefully the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal will give us a few surprises.
  5. I normally stick with Kirby, Toon Link, Marth, Game & Watch & Pikachu on my usual outings with SSB. Am interested to see how Little Mac & Villager play, characters I've wanted in & can't wait to start using. Am unsure on Rosalina, hopefully the physics of the character & seeming complexity of the moves won't prove irritating.
  6. After spending some time being nervous about what to say upon my registration. I now feel the time to introduce myself & start applying myself to this place. I'm Freddy, better known as CreamCrazy. I've been a Sonic fan since playing Adventure in 1999, playing a majority of the games I can find. While like many, I did suffer a lull in my fandom after '06, I fully got back in thanks to Sonic Generations. As you can also tell, by my name & banner, I'm a massive fan of Cream The Rabbit. Not something you see a lot around these parts. I'm from the UK, splitting my time between East Bergholt, a villiage in East Anglia & Penryn, outside Falmouth where I'm currently at University. I'm also a big fan of WWE & professional wrestling. I do analysis & reviews on my Youtube channel, a link to which can be found in my profile. It's been many a year since I was on a Sonic Forum of any kind, so it's good to be back in the game.
  7. welcome to SSMB!

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