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  1. Yo. So, y'all enjoyed SoS? ;)

    1. TheOcelot


      I did indeed. Was my first SoS, was really fun. Hope there's one again next year!

    2. Speeps


      Yeah, I got to meet somebody there and we all had fun.

    3. FriendBot


      Technical issues aside, watching the event on the stream was great! Helps that Jay, Poxxy and Matt hosting the stream and being over all fun guys! Send my praises to them, they deserve it!

  2. Hey all, Pete "TitansCreed" Nethercote here. I just wanted to go and thank everyone who made it to the Community Panel first thing in the morning. Considering we started late, and were first in there, it was a scary prospect as too how many guests we'd have (especially as the Mike Pollock Q&A was on the main stage at the same time)! I want to give a shout out to all the guys who worked both the Mania line and the signing lines, they worked hard all day with extra signings on them, and it's an extremely hard job to do, especially with having to turn folks away to cut a line. Many, many thanks to everyone who noticed me and got a second to grab me for a hug, handshake or hello as I was dashing around the floor all day, or came and said hi upstairs after we all finished. It's a very difficult thing to get to see everyone you see who posts on the forum and online in general, but it is especially rewarding to put faces to names. So, many thanks for that. A note on the cosplay contest, it was EXTREMELY hard to judge this year. With returning winners from previous years (Evie with her Blaze Boba Fett) or to fantastic fursuits (Manic) and voiced big bads (Sally as Perfect Chaos). Overall, we think we picked a good winner, and I hope you all agree. To everyone who sent in entries for the "What Summer of Sonic Means To You" video, I wanna thank everyone here as well as others who submitted stuff. I had to unfortunately cut the video down to 3 minutes for the event. The good news however, is that I can submit the "Bigger, Longer, UNCUT" version to The Sonic Show and they'll be hosting the final version down the line once it goes through some minor changes. So, please, look out for that. I also hope that everyone saw their name in the Kickstarter credits video before Club Sonic To everyone in attendance, and to the hundreds who viewed at home, thanks for watching, and I hope I did you alright on stage towards the end. Especially when seeing a relative unknown with Gavvie from Club Sonic towards the end. Although, the entire crowd being super loud for Team Chaotix and Endless Possibilities was fantastic, so thanks for that. I hope everyone had a good time and got home safely. Peace out, and mucn love <3
  3. Just a head up, you still have 3 more days to get your submissions in.
  4. I'd say it looks more like the Raging Blast series with Battle of Z textures/models. By the look of it, since we won't get any new DBZ storylines until this eluded Battle of Gods arc, or the story revolving Goku's mother, we'll see something akin to what they did with Dragonball Online/Shin Budokai 2, and have timeways based stories and alternate "what if" storylines. Which can be good, as long as they aren't particularily dumb. But I imagine with this sort of thing we'll see the return of SS3 Vegeta/Broly as well as a cavalcade of extra things. Basically, I'm expecting this to be a fan fiction wet dream.
  5. This isn't in any way news. The subscriber count has been slowly dipping for the past three expansions, and it's been well documented by each and every sales report to the board at Activision/Blizzard. If you want to look at it from Blizzard's side, yes a great amount of losses could possibly have been from China and the East in general, because Korea and the majority of the eastern board DO get substantially more MMO games over there and have their tastes catered to in a different way. If you want to look at it from a players side, Mists of Pandaria has been more focussed on "Have everything for the player to do". Which caters to both a casual and hardcore players of all degrees. But sometimes there is TOO MUCH content and as such a casual player will do what they want to do in the game and go occupy their time elsewhere. Whereas a hardcore player will do all the things as they have more time to do it and go elsewhere. Can the surge of F2P games be responsible for this decline? Maybe. There are and always have been a large amount of people who want to play MMO's but don't want to play a subscription fee. There are also a large amount of people who have played the game for X amount of years, and just want to move on. At the end of the day, the game has been going for 9 years. I personally have played the game for about 7 and a half of those. I find various things to do in there, and the raiding scene I have with my guild always makes me go back for more. I don't spend every evening in there. Maybe about 3-4 nights a week. But in this recent expansion, we have had more content patches over a shorter amount of time keeping the general player playing. I have seen comments and arguements from both player and outside viewer alike, which complain that this is too much content, whereas in prior expansions there have been complaints that there hasn't been enough. Where do Blizzard make the line with this? Personally, I like the changes that Mists of Pandaria has brought the player, and no I'm not all about the "herp derp, kung fu panda" ideal. I play the game because I like it. There are varying things to do in the game on a daily basis, and for a monthly subscription of £7.99 I don't have the need or neccessity to go and buy the newest £40-50 game every month.
  6. A multiple tier ticket system is perfectly fine to use, and infact alot of bigger conventions do the same thing. The only thing that could possibly change a rush on tickets would be to start charging or start hosting the event in a large ass venue. Even then, I presume they'll still go as fast. The problem with ticket charges, is that they come with an ever annoying part of terms and conditions, which then would need to be verified through several means. This also brings about an extra set of headaches regarding liability and other such circumstances. Regarding getting larger venues, while it is a possibility I imagine, you cannot ever tell how big a gathering will be on the following year. You can only ever go off the previous years numbers. Plus there are several other items that impede just straight up booking a venue. It requires funds, area planning, making sure there are no other events happening in that area at the same time. Long story short, while there are always solutions, more often then not they bring more problems. Nothing is ever cut and dry.
  7. My point is that this isn't the first of the Social games to have gone. To the best of my memory, Zynga didn't refund anything when they shut their services down. So, why is a public outcry needed now that a different company has done the same thing? And I'm not just talking about PC based games either, similar console games have had their servers/services shut down after people spend hard earned money on the game/service, and yet this simple thing of a game being shut down is recieving a public outcry and people flipping tables and various other instruments of choice. It's unnecessary needling and people just jumping on the bandwagon of EA's recent poll of being a "bad company". Please, there were several more people on that so called list who should of been higher, but this is the internet, eh? A podium for every anonymous voice.
  8. I think it's the same with any forum really. There will always be certain things that crop up. The repeated topics being the most noticeable, because people are either too lazy/busy to use a search function, or want to be the "I found this guys, look" person. Either way, most times all it takes is common sence, more often then not. But unfortauntely, due to the nature of why most of us are here, and the age range more specifically, unless we are the ones that grew up with said icon from birth, then naturally, the majority of the audiance here will be younger, and more likely newer to a forum in particular. And yes, while you can say that the rules are there, and should be read before anyone posts, we ALL know that they are rarely read, and more skimmed over if anything, and the younger people will be more "AMG Sonic fans", and share their excitable passion, because atypically, they won't know better. That'll be where they learn, and if it takes a locked topic or two, or a quite word from one of the moderators to do ti, that's what'll happen, but from experience, they'll be all excitable until shown the proper way. If the topics, of anyone, are deemed "valueless", then no-one will post after giving it a read/skim through. Or, they'll post, saying WHY it's valueless, but oly, and hopefully, with additional feedback to say where X post can be improved upon in content.
  9. Got the season finale of Community Spotlight ready to go next. Gonna be 2 hours of awesome.

  10. Whoops. What turned out to be an intro post, turns out to be rather Wall-o-text-ish. XD!

  11. It occurs to me, that I've never FORMALLY introduced myself here. But here goes... Hi all, I'm Project Phoenix, or as you may know me by my more known name on the internets, Titans Creed. Been lurking on the SSMB for a LONG time, and always said to myself to actually post more, which I'm doing slowly, but surely. For those of you that'd like a bit of background on me, I formally got INTO the community back at SOS '09. I didn't know anybody, and I met up with a whole host of folks in the queue, who were super friendly, and made me feel that I belonged. those people were, to use their internet handles, Cpn Cloudchaser, Dartanian, ForeverSonic, SonicMark and Dan Dyer. i hung around them mostly for the entirety of the event, and got to know them, and through them, stayed in contact with the community. Come SOS '10, I again met up with all the afore mentioned people, but because I had time and got up there on the previous day, I got to meet a whole host of new faces, like Nemain, Hogfather, and loads others to even mention. In the queue the next day, I officially met Gavvie and Mena, who have remained close friends to this day, as well as Graham (FastFeet) and Claudia, who even though we don't manage to stay in contact as much, always talk as much as we can, when we see each other at SOS and other gatherings. but this was also the first SOS where I met up with Andy (Tall-Guy), who, it turned out, also lived in my tail end of the country. It was also at this event, that I got to know Gareth (FTA) Spriggs, and we found out existing love for The Megas. Again, spent all day with the faces, new and old, and with this, I went to the first non-SOS, although Sonic based meetup in London in February, and met and got to know the Emerald Coast crew, consisting of Vger, Urtheart and Nemain properly, Stayed in contact with all but Urtheart, unfortunately, but they are my firm and stout friends, who I always turn to for advice. Soon after this, and while in talks with Gavvie, I was offered a reviewer position over at Radio SEGA, mainly due to the fact that no-one had the ability to run Shogun 2 at time of it's release. So I grabbed it with open arms, and proceeded to write the requested review, as well as a few "retro" and at-the-time new PC titles for Radio SEGA. Then we come to SOS '11. Due to Shadzters illness, I volunteered to help out on the day, and was accepted and ending up helping Blake Draco on the gamepods with the Shadow the Hedgehog speedrun and the SA2:B competition. While I met a great many people that day, it was so difficult to keep track of everyone, so I'm glad I met you all! Post-SOS '11, I was in talks with Vger, to do some posting on his site, Emerald Coast, which he eventually allowed me to do, and to which I started with two reviews of community driven music album reviews. The second caught the eye of Sonic Wrecks head honcho, Kevin (AAUK) Eva, and asked Blake to bring me aboard. What happened next, is what has driven me to the current point in the community in terms of content. I proceeded to create an article called "The Community Spotlight", which, while was written in it's original form, I interviewed, for lack of a better word, several artists from around the Sonic/Sega community, including, but not limited to Syaming-Li, Imagni, Feniiku and Darkspeeds. While this was continuing, I was in talks with Andy pre-SOS'11 about a Portsmouth meetup. What happened next set in place a chain of events that I didn't realise would get so popular, and even ended up treading on the toes of the Sonic London meets, for which I most humbly apolagise. On August the 19th 2011, Myself and Andy would pleased to present: Operation Portsmouth (Yes, you can laugh, we really couldn't think of a better name ). The main objective of this, was to be a group up of friends, without the worries of planning an event, or any other stress, and see some of the sights of Portsmouth and just generally have a good time. Thank goodness Kev had brought a camera for that, there were some spectacular happenings throughout the Saturday evening. Since then, it's kind of become a staple, every six months or so, to meet up and relax for a weekend of fun and shenanigans. Now, while I know some people call it a bit clique-ish, but there were several issues with inviting extra people to the 2nd event, it ended up being just a sit and chill event, which was just as good as a gaming one! Post the second OP event, I have since left posting duties at Radio SEGA, Emerald Coast and Sonic Wrecks, to continue work on producing my second season of The Community Spotlight. Which, as it happens, is rapidly approaching it's climax in 2 weeks. Which I do have a special set of videos lined up for. But, I wanted to take it in a more audio way. the main reasoning for this, was due to the fact, that, while reading a large post is informative, I felt people could get the same information in an audio source. "Something like YouTube was perfect for this," I thought, "I can gauge the views and promote the content in an audio form that people can listen to. On the move, or just while doing other things at home by the computer." That's how it began, and while it's moved away from it's weekly format to a fortnightly one, I released my first video with Sonic Paradox on April 11th, and with thanks to the concerted efforts of Paradox, Wrecks, Emerald Coast, SEGA Driven, Radio SEGA and of course, The Sonic Stadium, the project got off the ground running. Now, as I look back at the video, I see so many issues that I have now improved on going forward, and I keep putting improvements as each video goes forward. The biggest one you will see in the finale. But, we all get better at things over time, which mean I can only progress and get better! But, that's me, from joining the community, to becoming a part of it. I know it's a bit wall-o-text-ish, but I hope you enjoy the read, and I hope I get to know you all a bit better going forward!
  12. Roll on the wekend! Next 4 weeks are super busy though...

  13. Should really post on SSMB more :)

    1. Nemain


      SSMB needs your sexual Peteyness. POST MOAR!

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