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  1. Yo. So, y'all enjoyed SoS? ;)

    1. TheOcelot


      I did indeed. Was my first SoS, was really fun. Hope there's one again next year!

    2. Speeps


      Yeah, I got to meet somebody there and we all had fun.

    3. FriendBot


      Technical issues aside, watching the event on the stream was great! Helps that Jay, Poxxy and Matt hosting the stream and being over all fun guys! Send my praises to them, they deserve it!

  2. Roll on the weekend! One last busy hurdle of a week before SOS

  3. Got the season finale of Community Spotlight ready to go next. Gonna be 2 hours of awesome.

  4. Whoops. What turned out to be an intro post, turns out to be rather Wall-o-text-ish. XD!

  5. Roll on the wekend! Next 4 weeks are super busy though...

  6. Should really post on SSMB more :)

    1. Nemain


      SSMB needs your sexual Peteyness. POST MOAR!

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