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    DLR_Nexus reacted to Indigo Rush in Season 1 | Sonic Boom: TV Series Discussion   
    By request of DarkLight, have some storyboards:

    Source currently unknown, snagged from the Sonic Wiki.
    The file name refers to it as "Episode 11"
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    DLR_Nexus got a reaction from Alternate Evolutions in What music are you currently listening to?   
    I'm really an EDM fan tho I have so much songs on EDM. One of them that I listen to is Porter Robinson's Language.
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    DLR_Nexus reacted to Sami in Should PS3 sonic Games be on PlayStation Now?   
    All of them. Ideally the service should include as many games as possible.
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    DLR_Nexus reacted to Amomynous in Should PS3 sonic Games be on PlayStation Now?   
    Wouldn't porting Sonic Unleashed to PS4 fix the lag issues?  A part of the problem with Unleashed was that the Hedgehog engine took up so much on the ps3's processing, surely for Ps4 that won't be a problem?
    Sonic Unleashed's levels and the hedgehog engine have been ported into Sonic Generations in the Unleashed Project and  when running on high-end computers, lag is significantly reduced and the hedgehog engine runs at even higher capacity.
    For example, Savannah Citadel in Sonic Unleashed vs Savannah Citedel in Unleashed Project.
    Uncropped version


    I'd say a Sonic Unleashed port or even better an Unleashed DX would be worth it, that said, an actual PC version would also be nice.
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