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  1. The film will have some references to later games here and there. But since it's an origin story it will mostly have classic elements from the game(s).
  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to that! The female character is named Maddie she is based on the Madonna concept that Sega of Japan had. The guy's name Dr. Willis he is a original character.
  3. Thanks,but the artwork posted in this post is not mines. I'll let you know about VA's soon as possible! Oh! but I did design the logo,lol silly me.....
  4. Hello,everyone! I could not find the best place to put this but here goes. Let me introduce myself. I'm the producer/director of this project. We are working on 2D animated Sonic fan film, titled Sonic Origins. It is an origin story of Sonic and how how he came to be. It takes place before the events of the first game. Read here about the talent behind this Fan film! : http://sonicoriginsdev.blogspot.com/2014/03/hello.html The main cast in the animated fan film:(Character concept art by Henri Loitere) We are currently looking for more artist and animators! This is all volunteer work ...but the people who helped out/worked on the film will get a free DVD copy of the film,this is if our future fundraiser is successful. Note: WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR VOICE ACTORS. NOT UNTIL THE SCRIPT IS FINALIZED. ONCE THIS IS DONE WE POST VOICE AUDITIONS IN OTHER FORUM,NOT HERE ON SSMB. So if your interested and want to be apart of something big/awesome! Here's what we are looking for: Character artist for final character designs (going for a disney-ish meets anime style) Background artists (for concept art only) Storyboard artist (Note script is still in the works so it will be while before you can do anything) ANIMATORS AND VFX ANIMATORS!!!! We really need more animators on our team! Again it will be awhile before we can you you. Thank you so much for reading! For more concept art check out my studio's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/shyartstudio and our development blog for updates and progress of the project: http://sonicoriginsdev.blogspot.com/
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