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    Video games, anime and manga. Currently most excited for Cris Tales, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Final Fantasy XVI, and, in the anime world, Komi Can't Communicate.

    Favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII Remake, but Gravity Rush 2, Sunset Overdrive, Crash 4, Catherine, Celeste, Rayman Origins, Cuphead and Danganronpa are all super close.

    Top three anime are Assassination Classroom, Prison School and Saga of Tanya the Evil, in no particular order. I love each of these dearly for very different reasons, they're pretty much each an anime for a different mood of mine. If Spy family gets adapted it'll probably be up there, too, it's my favorite manga currently.

    Outside of media, I am learning to cook. I'm still pretty novice, but I'm always pushing to improve both the healthiness and flavor of my meals, though finding the energy and motivation can be a bit of a bitch.

    I also love languages. Have yet to learn any but my native English, but I love and am trying (on and off) to learn Japanese. I'm not big on watching anime in Japanese, but the language does interest me and I love Japanese songs, mostly from anime but I've been branching out. I'd love to be able to understand them in real time, as well as actually speak the local language when I am finally able to visit Japan.

    Finally, while on the subject, I dream of travelling. I've been stuck in the same part of the same state my whole life and am just dying to get out and see the world, including more of my own country. I most want to visit Japan, Greece, Russia, India, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Money has been, and continues to be, the big barrier to all that, but I should be able to start saving soon.
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  1. I'll go a step further and say that they should've saved something huge like that for a big multi-game project, like how Ratchet and Clank had the Future trilogy. Sonic games, even with game-lengthening elements like they had in the 2000s, are just over too quickly to really do a story like that justice. They could've easily dedicated a full game each to the rise, reign and fall of the Eggman Empire.
  2. I was in a pretty terrible mood, to be honest, but this Symphony has actually lifted my spirits a fair bit. The power of great music, man, it works wonders like nothing else. 

  3. I'm so mad they skipped most of 3&K, man. I know there are music rights issues but they could've played more than they did.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      They did Hydrocity dirty by not including it.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The Sonic franchise's music will never be given justice if you condense them all into medleys in a single concert.



      Every Sonic game OST deserves their own symphony

  4. Geez, I've been one of the people wishing for an Adventure Remake, but maybe it's a good thing we'll never get one if Boost-ifying it would be his idea of an update.
  5. The Nintendo Direct was pretty good, about on the level of the XBox showcase for me. There were a few things that piqued my interest, but nothing truly hype-worthy (no, I'm not a Nintendo or Zelda fan).

    That said, it kept a good pace, showed a good variety of things and ended on a decent note (biggest disappointment was no "one more thing"). Metroid Dread was definitely the biggest announcement for me, if only to see Arlo's reaction. That's going to be great.

  6. Also really pleasantly surprised FF Origin is coming to last-gen as well as next-gen. Since FF7R: Intermission, FFXVI and Forspoken are all next-gen, I was so sure this would be too, so this is great since I have no idea when I'll be able to get a PS5 or Series X.


    Man, Square Enix may have just won E3 for me. So hyped!

  8. Only disappointment with XBox was that no one game was as hype as Elden Ring, but this was just an all-around better show than Summer Game Fest and definitely leagues ahead of Ubisoft just off the pace alone.

  9. XBox was really good this year. The pace was great, the games were nice and varied, and a number of them looked really cool, and at least nearly everything is either exclusive or hitting Game Pass day one, instead of padding out the show with games that really have nothing to do with XBox beyond simply being on the platform. I'm pretty damn satisfied.

    1. VisionaryofSUPER


      It was a solid show.

  10. Mario & Rabbids looks good, though. Probably wont play it, didn't even play the first one, but the trailer was genuinely entertaining and they even showed some gameplay, so I'll give props for that one. Shame it leaked beforehand.

  11. My god, UbiForward is painfully boring. I don't know why I'm subjecting myself. XBox/Bethesda and Square Enix can't get here soon enough.

  12. Planet of Lana looks so good. Definitely one of the highlights of Summer Game Fest.

  13. I just played Sonic Rivals for the first time and it's one of the lamest Sonic games I've ever played. 

    I remember playing Rivals 2 as a kid and enjoying it just fine, but if it's anything like this... jeez, I guess my standards really were low back then.

  14. Toshiyuki Nagahara directed the Wii version of Unleashed, though, and as far as I can tell, nothing else at SEGA besides Sonic 4. Yoshihisa Hashimoto directed the PS/360 version most people seem to favor and that most people are referring to when they refer to Unleashed. He also had more of a history with Sonic Team according to this page. Unfortunately, he left after Unleashed to go work with Square Enix, so your overall point still stands, but I'd still say Dimps is more directly responsible for Sonic 4.
  15. So I've been replaying Sonic '06 for the past few days. Gotta say, as rough and messy as it is, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having any fun going for those S-Ranks. 

    Still can't stand Silver, though.

    1. T-Min


      The Sonic levels have some okay level design (sometimes) if you're feeling generous. I can dig levels like Tropical Jungle and Kingdom Valley. I think I actually managed to fully S-Rank Sonic's story as a kid. Silver and especially Shadow are abject torture, though, even if I don't hate Silver as a character at this point lol

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