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  1. I don't watch superhero movies (well, except for Big Hero 6 and The Incredibles, but I think those are different), but I'm gonna have to make an exception for this one, because this looks freaking hilarious. Like the guy above me, I can safely say I'm sold. In fact, now that I can actually afford to go to theaters, I might even make this one of the few I will plan on seeing on the big screen (along with Trolls and Moana).
  2. I know the dark tone of this trailer has got people excited/interested, but I guess I'm just gonna have to wait until a gameplay trailer (and maybe some story details) comes out, because the dark tone does nothing for me. I suppose fans of the darker stuff deserve to be thrown a bone, like the Classic fans, but I just feel "meh" on this trailer overall. It looks cool, but with no gameplay, I've just got nothing to get excited about here. I'm not gonna lie, I'm disappointed. Huh, so this is what it feels like. Eh, well, until more details come out, I guess I'll just have to rediscover the Classic fan in me and get hyped for Sonic Mania.
  3. Yeah, and it sucked (like, the tone of that game sucked, it didn't feel remotely Sonic-like at all). Like I said, Unleashed did a good job of making things fun and lighthearted throughout while still having an epic and serious finale that didn't feel like mood whiplash. If this game can strike a balance similar to that, then it could be fine. I'm not really saying the only time a Sonic game can be dark is at the end, but, at the same time, things shouldn't be "dark and serious" the whole way through, like 2006 tried too do. To me, that's just not what Sonic is, and "a break from all the sunshine" doesn't mean anything anyway if there isn't some of that sunshine in the game itself.
  4. I had a post detailing my thoughts on this trailer all typed up, but something went wrong and I lost all of it, as always seems to happen when I've got a lot to say. I refuse to rewrite it, so I'm just going to sum up my thoughts like this: The trailer looks cool, but it's got me a bit concerned about what kind of tone this game is going to take on. If the tone is like Unleashed (mostly lighthearted, but knowing when to get more serious), I'm fine with that, but I hope this game doesn't go full on Sonic '06 or anything like that. I definitely prefer the lighter and brighter stuff, with lots of humor, so I hope there's still plenty of that in the new game. If nothing else, the darker stuff will have much more of an impact that way.
  5. So, Sonic Generations 2, pretty much

  6. They cut off Sonic Boom...

    Image result for sonic boom gif


  7. "I have a feeling modern fans shouldn't give up just yet..."

    That makes me feel much better.

  8. Between the Sonic Boom sneak peek and the "make history" bit, it seems all the really good stuff (for me, anyway) is going to be 11:30 onwards, my time.


  9. Uh... not really? They pretty much all want something different. I know, for example, anyone who wants multiple playable characters in a main series game haven't gotten that since frickin' Sonic'06.
  10. Welp, I guess I'm just waiting for that Sonic Boom season 2 sneak peek right now.

    1. SonicWind


      Same here, man.

  11. I'm just gonna say this: Sonic Mania looks great, and I'll definitely be picking this up, but, if this were the one Sonic game coming out in 2017, without a new 3D adventure, I would be incredibly disappointed. Yes, I saw the schedule, so I'm still holding out hope for a new 3D adventure, but I can't pretend I wasn't a little underwhelmed. Now, if/when the new 3D game is unveiled, then I'll get hyped for Sonic Mania.
  12. Okay, they need to get on with it. This song stopped being fun when Dancing Sonic disappeared.

  13. Less than seven hours to go...

    Image result for sonic generations s rank dance gif

    My body is ready.

  14. Honestly, as much as (a rather large) part of me wishes the new game had been leaked by now, I'm actually kind of glad it hasn't. I think it'll really be something special to experience the announcement tomorrow during the party, and if the game itself turns out to be something really good, then I think it'll be worth it.

    1. Zaysho


      I'm actually pretty glad nothing's been leaked. I haven't been a fan of Webber's Twitter shenanigans, but I'm looking forward to the surprise.

  15. I know probably no one cares, but, whatever, new Trolls clip from Comic-con which displays one of the film's many musical scenes:


  16. Maybe it's just because I didn't grow up with them, but, while I do consider them to be decent games, I just can't quite fully understand the love for the Adventure games, and the demand for a third installment.

    1. TheOcelot


      Because Sonic likes to take a shower!



      Those games have great atmosphere, creative stages, killer music and good control.

    2. Kiah


      I was out of Sonic when the Adventure games were a thing so personally I would love to experience everything with a fresh new Sonic Adventure game in real time. Not many years after the fact. 

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Even though I did grew up with the Adventure games (as well as the tailend of the classics), I strangely feel the same as in that they are decent games that I enjoyed and even got Adventure 1 twice (DC and GC) but not enough to have the same favorite feeling.

      My guess is that for the demand that there are multiple characters to play as with their different ways, story focused with a bit of maturity plus a bit of childhood memories (for some it was their 1st Sonic game). Some are fed up of Sonic only and want to play as their favorite character again, doing anything to achieve that goal.

    4. Hyper Enesephus

      Hyper Enesephus

      I think the Adventure games are extremely solid from a Sonic gameplay standpoint (I just wish they were a bit less linear), and the music is, of course, awesome, especially the songs, but I take issue with just about everything else, from the stories, to the characterization, to the alternate gameplay, to the writing, to the art style.

    5. Hyp3hat


      It's pretty nostalgia based for me, but I don't want Sonic Adventure 3, tbh. 

  17. What kind of visual style are you hoping the new Sonic game features? A more realistic design with more muted colors ala the Adventures, the Pixar-esque style featured in Unleashed, a more colorful, stylized look like Lost World, or something else?

    1. Osmium


      I'm kinda hoping for the more colourful stylized classic styled shit I guess. 

    2. Gregzilla


      Colors pretty much nailed the art direction imo, I'd like more stuff like that.  I'd also be alright with SLW's art style if it was used in bigger, less boring environments.

    3. N000


      Lost World's look with a bit more detail (so, Classic basically) with Unleashed's lighting would be really nice to see.

    4. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Let's go for the Pixar style from Unleashed.

      I'd love to see that again.

    5. Briraka


      Heroes/Colours/Generations plz.

    6. Speeps


      Lost World spams green hill walls too much for me.

    7. Kiah


      Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors' styles are amazing for totally different reasons so I would be happy with either one of them. 

      I'd be okay with Sonic Lost World's style too.

  18. Okay, normally I try to avoid seeking help with games, especially simple platformers like Sonic, but screw it, how the heck do I get past the torch puzzle in Lost Labyrinth (act 2, I believe)? This game is already getting on my nerves.

    1. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Do you remember a place where you lit a tourch and a wall came up? Don't light that tourch and just go straight and that's the shortcut around the puzzle.

      If you need help with the puzze, you light the fourth, the second and then the third after 2 seconds

      this is an old video as i am better now but here's how you do the tourch puzzle

    2. Hyper Enesephus
  19. Well, I finally put out the money for Sonic 4: Episodes 1 and 2. Time to see how good or bad they really are for myself.

    1. Indigo Rush
    2. FriendBot


      Both games are generally ok but leaves a lot to be desired for a game called Sonic 4

    3. Speeps


      Play as Tails 50 times

      That's all I can say

    4. JezMM


      They're decent as platformers.  Just don't try to play them like the classic games, rolling will get you nowhere and the game expects you to hold the direction you want to go in mid-air, only a handful of very rare scripted moments will have you travel along an automatic arc from a ramp or spring or whatever.

      As a final tip, special stage entry works like it did in Sonic 1, but when you collect an emerald, the level you entered the special stage from becomes permanently tied to that emerald, and you cannot use that stage again to enter a special stage.  I.e. you want to try and enter the hardest special stages from the easiest zone, so it's not too painful to re-enter if you mess up the special stage.

  20. I have seen Zootopia, actually. I finally got to check it out a little after the Bluray was released. Freakin' amazing movie, and it did do a good job of immersing myself in its world, which was masterfully crafted unlike any other anthropomorphic animal world I've ever seen. However, I can certainly tell you that Zootopia's trailer didn't particularly grab me. The movie, and its world, looked solid, but I didn't really become interested enough to go out of my way to pay money to see it (as opposed to waiting for it to show up on TV, because we're not swimming in money) until the reviews and audience impressions started coming out. My above post (and, by extension, the rest of this sentence) may actually say more about me than it does about Trolls or its trailer, but I can definitely say that, at least from a purely visual standpoint, this trailer appeals more to my sensibilities than Zootopia's did. Now, I'm not saying that Trolls will be better than Zootopia (not sure that's even going to be possible for any animated movie, at least not for a while), or that it will be more immersive, but I can safely say that this trailer makes me want to immerse myself in its world more than the trailer for Zootopia.
  21. New trailer out for Dreamworks' Trolls. Go watch it now. It's awesome. I'm not even kidding.

  22. Well, here it is, at long last, the first real trailer for Trolls. I've been very curious (and optimistic) about this movie for some time now, especially since the Cloud Guy clip, despite there being a lot of hate surroumding this one, and, I have to say, I'm very impressed by this trailer! Watch it, it actually looks amazing, and I don't just mean from a visuals standpoint: Though, something must be said about the visuals. Whatever the quality turns out to be for the writing, this is already one of the most gorgeous and visually creative CGI movies yet, not just from Dreamworks, but in general. The designs, the animation, the textures, the colors, everything here is incredibly well done, and this trailer is simply a treat, nay, a feast to look at. Dreamworks have really outdone themselves here. With that out of the way, this trailer is just plain fun. The music isn't some crappy contemporary song like in the last trailer, it's actually one of the songs from the movie (yes, Trolls does feature a few original songs, not just preexisting music), and I quite like it, it really seems to fit the movie and the party-like tone it seems to be going for. There are many different characters and enviornments on display here, and it just makes the movie look fun and exciting. The world really looks like one we've never visited before, and I actually really want to immerse myself in it in a way no other animated movie has in quite a while. There are also a few actually funny jokes here, and there will probably be at least one that gets a chuckle out of you. Hopefully, this trailer will convince those that were skeptical towards Trolls after January's teaser to give it a real chance, because it really does paint this picture that Trolls will just be a really fun, colorful ride with likeable characters and great music, rather than Dreamwork's take on Smurfs.
  23. Soooooo...



    Dammit, Sonic, first Crash and now you? 

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