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  1. The beat of this song is the biggest reason why I love this song. The story of the song really relates to me since I have been getting ups and downs in my life, Also the artstyle, the simple drawing design is really charming and a joy to my eyes
  2. My Avatar is Salt from the recently updated version of maimai, maimai Milk. I would tell you about her, but her info is in Japanese and I can't read it https://maimai.sega.jp/chara/
  3. Man, I didn't expect that Seeing that teaser for the first time was really weird, that burning city and Sonic being really mad made me really intrigued. Classic Sonic being there really feel out of place, and IMO should be replaced by one of Sonic's friend, maybe Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Amy with her hammer, I dunno. And the 'join the resistance' line really felt weird after previous light-hearted games. And there's no gameplay, so it could mean anything can happen. Excited to see where this goes Watching this feels like that one gif of that guy who walked into an apartement with the pizza and seeing the room burn. I was like 'whoa, wut happened here?'
  4. Premise The Loud House follows 11-year-old Lincoln Loud as he navigates growing up with 10 very different sisters. Luckily for the lone boy, he has his best friend Clyde to help him figure out how to deal with life in a large, chaotic family—and dealing with any potential problems that might arise. Production The animated comedy is inspired by creator Chris Savino's (Powerpuff Girls, Rocko's Modern Life) own childhood growing up as one of 10 kids. The show is not only based on a short of the same name from the annual Nickelodeon Animated Shorts program, but it's also the first series to be greenlit. Chris Savino pitched the idea to Nickelodeon in 2013 as a 2½-minute short for their annual Animated Shorts Program. In June 2014, Nickelodeon announced that The Loud House had been picked up for a season of 13 episodes. The episode order was later increased to 26. On May 25, 2016, Nickelodeon announced that the series had been picked up for a second season of 14 episodes. Characters Episodes (Extended) Intro Shorts Behind The Scenes Nickelodeon site: www.nick.com/loud-house/ Social media: Tumblr, Twitter
  5. Sonic20th twitter showed the physical CD
  6. The sprites in Dash 2 are useful, but they're nothing memorable tbh, probably I only remember the one that revives you Original Dash did have a Chao system, but i think they just move in to Dash 2
  7. At least please put the chao system in Dash, the chaos in Dash 2 is nothing special at all
  8. Rest in Peace, Sonic Runners Except that roulette wheel, I'll never miss that May you be rested next to this game
  9. Sonic Boom will be available to stream at Hulu (just like the US Toy Fair said) http://www.gonintendo.com/stories/257603-sega-announces-hulu-as-exclusive-streaming-home-for-sonic-boom-se
  10. New buddies, Zomom's boss stage, Zomom's meat, and a projectile
  11. Look like there's another Sonic-themed party at Joyopolis for the 25th Anniversary on June 25th http://sonic.sega.jp/25th/
  12. What about this text behind the picture, I mean you don't just put that and don't have a reason for it
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